Bad Girls Club Season 11: Where is the Cast Now?

The reality television series Oxygen’s ‘Bad Girls Club,’ which first premiered in 2006, follows seven loud women with severe control issues as they stay together in a lavish mansion with several strict rules. Season 11 of the show, titled ‘Bad Girls Club: Miami’ or ‘Bad Girls Club: Back in Miami,’ premiered in 2013. It was the second season after season 5 to have been filmed in the location. The series, which started with 7 original bad girls, had 6 replacement girls take on the reigns. As it’s been quite a while since the season wrapped up, viewers of the reality show must be wondering about the current whereabouts of the 13 bad girls.

JazMone Adams is Now the Mother to a Young Girl

Glendale, California’s JazMone “Jaz” Adams, also called The Misbehavin’ Model, could change personalities within seconds. While one moment she was the life of the party, fun and loud, the next moment she’d turn unfiltered and aggressive. She was one of the original bad girls to have made it right till the end of the show. Jaz now spends most of her time collaborating with a variety of brands.

Jaz also models and has put together a collection of her service offerings on the page, ‘House of xO,’ that she runs. She is also a TikTok celebrity and often shares glimpses of her videos and reels on her other social media profiles. The entrepreneur is a mother to an adorable young girl named Phoenix. The mother-daughter duo are inseparable and often enjoy fun moments together, which Jaz keeps her fans informed about.

Milyn Jensen is Thriving as an OnlyFans Star Today

Nursing student Milyn “Mimi” Jensen from Los Angeles, California, was given the name of The Star Chaser. She became quite famous for allegedly getting physical with several top celebrities, including Justin Bieber and Rob Kardashian. A fan of Los Angeles’ glitz and glam, she hoped to fit into the elite Miami crowd. Throughout her stay on the show, which was rather short since she was asked to leave in episode 4, Mimi was seen as an instigator of fights and caused a lot of trouble for the other girls. Mimi is now the mother of a baby girl named Bailey. She has a thriving OnlyFans career, and her social media profile is filled with her exciting getaways with her girlfriends.

Sarah Oliver is Now a Published Author

Riverdale, Georgia’s Sarah Oliver AKA Bootylicious Blondie was known for being short-tempered. Having previously modeled and acted, Sarah was used to acting first and thinking later. However, her repeated outbursts and violent physical altercations eventually saw her get booted from the show in episode 4. After her time on the season wrapped up, Sarah has been keeping busy donning several hats. She runs a YouTube channel under the name, ‘Sarah SO Oliver,’ and went on to publish her book, ‘Queen of Receipts.’ She is the founder of her business, SO Enterprises, and the owner of EmojiMe.

Sarah, who is one-third Japanese, has also been keeping busy working on her fitness and maintaining a thriving OnlyFans profile. She went on to star in quite a few other reunion series’ of the ‘BGC’ franchise. While she came second in season 2 of ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle,’ Sarah was on ‘Season 13: Redemption’ of BGC and ‘Baddies ATL.’ In both cases, she managed to stay till the end of the show. She was also on ‘Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars Season 4.’ Sarah has now shifted her focus from reality television and is looking for scripted television content. She has signed up with Alan Artists and is working with GregAlan Williams for the same.

Stephanie Rivera is Now a Fitness Enthusiast

The Sultry Siren Stephanie Rivera from New Haven, Connecticut, is half Columbian and half Puerto Rican. The Latina was often bullied for her Hispanic roots, and having fought her way through it all, she wasn’t going to let anyone bring her down. She made it to the penultimate episode and was a part of a few ugly fights. However, once the reality show’s hullabaloo ended, Stephanie turned her life around. She graduated from college and has become an extremely spiritual person. A fitness enthusiast, she now enjoys putting up inspirational workout videos for her fans and also likes traveling with her girlfriends. The aspiring actress believes in working hard to achieve her dreams and hopes to inspire several other women like herself in the future.

Teresa Bordeaux is Now a Licensed Esthetician

Belonging to Newark, Ohio, Teresa Bordeaux AKA The Inked Queen, was a through-and-through rebel. A high-maintenance tattooed queen, she earned her living as an exotic dancer and refused to take any nonsense. Teresa was one of the originals who couldn’t last till the end and was removed from the show in the sixth episode after she got into a physical altercation with two of her fellow castmates. She is now an advocate of body positivity and speaks about the need for self-love and self-care.

In 2017, Teresa shared about a former physically draining and toxic relationship she was a part of in 2013, which had led her to have depression and had left her physically affected. She has since then turned a new leaf in life and now tries to motivate fans to love themselves and give themselves equal importance as they would to others. Teresa is now a Florida State licensed Esthetician. Like several of her castmates, she also has a thriving OnlyFans account.

Tess Mett Has Stayed Away From the Limelight

Louisville, Kentucky’s Tess Mett had one of the shortest stints on the series, one episode. While one never got to see her personality, she did admit to being bisexual during the casting special. Before appearing on the show, she had been in a near-death motor accident that had left her with a ruptured spleen and a shot-down kidney, which is why nothing scared her anymore. However, in the first episode of the series, Tess realized that she is unfit for the house and voluntarily chose to leave.

Tess was the only castmate who refused to return for the photoshoot and the reunion. Even though Tess did maintain a low profile, a Reddit thread hinted at the true reason behind Tess quitting the show in the first episode. While the chats indicated toxicity and bullying, another user, who was Tess herself, shared that her experiences were far worse. She also said that if her fans wanted to keep in touch with her, they could add her on Snapchat and TikTok, the IDs of both which she’d provided.

Tiana Small is Now a Happy and Content Mother of Two

Tiana Small was another one of the original bad girls. Having grown up with a troubled childhood in Harlem, New York, the Harlem Hothead was known for her larger-than-life personality and staunch attitude. However, her desire to stand by what she believes and to go after what she set her mind on, even if it meant bullying, thus made her one of the most hated contestants of the season. However, Tiana managed to redeem herself when she appeared in season 2 of ‘Bad Girls Club All-Star Battle’ and also won it. She is now a happy mother of two. Her first-born daughter, Rylei, came into her life in May 2014, while her second-born son, A’Mai, came into her world in September 2023. The dotting mother often shares snaps of her little ones on her social media, and it is quite evident how her world revolves around them.

Gina Lopez is Now a Promising Entrepreneur

Gina “Gigi” Lopez from Brooklyn, New York, was one of the replacement girls of the season and joined in place of Tess. Known for being a nice person, the gorgeous diva of Colombian descent loved clubbing and enjoyed loyalty and good looks. She was the first replacement who came to the photo shoot instead of Tess. What left fans particularly taken aback was that despite sharing a close bond with Stephanie on the show, she had allegedly snuck into her job shortly after the season ended. However, it seems like Gina has left her bad girl days behind, as she now has a successful professional and personal life. She got married to Anthony Kashman in 2017, and the couple welcomed their son, Giovanni, in August 2019. Gina is also the owner of a flourishing cosmetics business called Grandeur Beauty. The company specializes in acne and wrinkle treatment.

Janelle Shanks Now Has a Luxury Wigs Business

The replacement girl for Milyn, Janelle Shanks from Houston, Texas, entered the series in episode 4. However, her journey wasn’t very long, and in episode 9, she was asked to leave after a terrible physical fight with Tiana and JazMone. Janelle decided to redeem herself by participating in season 2 of ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle’ but was eliminated in episode 6 with Camilla. Thereafter, she went on to appear in ‘Baddies ATL,’ and this time managed to stay till the end. Janelle now runs a successful luxury wigs business called Crowned Luxury Wigs. She is a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova. She also appeared in another reality series, ‘Ex On The Beach’ in season 2.

Shanae Thomas Now Runs a Successful Business

Shanae “Nae” Thomas from Atlanta, Georgia, came in as the replacement for Sarah in episode 4. However, a physical altercation with GiGi and Stephanie saw her voluntarily exit the season in episode 12. After her stint on the reality show ended, Nae turned spiritual and took on several different roles. While she continues to act, Nae also does casting, is an open supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, and also runs a successful wig business, Mattie June By Nae. In 2023, she appeared on the podcast ‘The No Homo Show,’ the first LGBTQ+ show ever.

Andrea Bowman Now Maintains a Low Profile

Wichita, Kansas’ Andrea Bowman, another one of the replacement girls, joined the cast in episode 7 after replacing Teresa. However, she chose to voluntarily withdraw from the season out of fear of getting jumped. Thereafter, she joined the second season of ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle,’ but again exited the show in the second episode after feeling like she had gotten stabbed in the back. She now lives in Somers, Montana, and works with Flying Diamond Sport Horses. Andrea is also a service dog trainer and handler. She is an active advocate of mental health and unseen disabilities. Also, it seems like she still feels a little embarrassed about her time on reality television as the bio to her private account reads, ‘Formerly a cringe Reality TV Star.’

Mercedies Webber is Enjoying Married Life

Mercedies “Benze” Webber from Brooklyn, New York, replaced fellow replacement girl Janelle in episode 10 of the show. She studied Psychology & Anthropology in Syracuse and was a through-and-through athlete. Benze was extremely passionate about modeling. However, fans weren’t happy about her one-sided beef with fellow cast member Shanae. Even since her time on the show ended, Benze has gone on to do quite a bit with her life. She is now happily married to a Marine and continues to pursue modeling. She also seems to be following a career in dentistry while simultaneously traveling and enjoying life.

Hailey Wade is Now Focusing on Her Happy Family

The last of the replacement girls, Hailey Wade, came instead of Shanae and had a short-lived two-episode stint on the show. The Spring, Texas native, however, did have a few nasty fights on the show that left an indelible mark in the hearts of fans. Hailey has since left her bad girl image behind and has moved on to focus on her family life. She is now a happily married mother of one, Bella, who was born in 2015. Hailey currently stays in Kansas and raises her child with her partner and family, away from the limelight.

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