Bad Girls Club Season 12: Where is the Cast Now?

Season 12 of Oxygen’s hit television reality series, ‘Bad Girls Club,’ premiered in 2014 and is called ‘Bad Girls Club: Chicago.’ The last season to be hosted in Los Angeles, the series follows the cast as they take residence in a northern Chicago suburb. Throughout the season, the girls are frequently joined by life coach Laura Baron, who helps them navigate their lives on the show. With non-stop fights and bickering dominating the series, the original cast of seven also sees three replacements walk in at different points to add spice to the show. With a decade since the season wrapped up, genuine fans can’t help but wonder where their favorite castmates are.

Alexandria Rice Has Been Maintaining a Low Profile Off Late

Alexandria ‘Slim’ Rice from Sherwood, Wisconsin, is the daughter of renowned Notre Dame quarterback Tony Rice. She had lived her whole life in the shadows of her father. But now, Slim, a stunning model who always dressed to impress, hoped to use the season to show the world more of her. Having dealt with severe trust issues, she wanted to utilize the opportunity to further her confidence. While she stayed till the finale, Slim was eventually booted by castmates Loren, Jonica, and Jada. She has since returned her focus on her modeling. Even though she has a social media presence, Slim, who now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, keeps her accounts private and somewhat inactive.

Alyssa Carswell is Now Flourishing as a Digital Creator

Fort Lauderdale, Florida native Alyssa ‘Redd’ Carswell is known for her impeccable comic timing and fearful demeanor. However, within her is a vulnerable Redd that she yearns for the world to see, and so chooses to enter the show. Despite her intimidating persona, she wanted to utilize her experience inside to calm her temper and create a more approachable image of herself. Even though she voluntarily left the house in episode 8 owing to a family emergency, she returned in the next episode before eventually being removed in episode 11 due to a physical altercation.

Redd now runs a successful YouTube channel, ‘Us Outsiders,’ with her long-term partner, Junie B. Jones AKA Lil Bit. The pair have been together since 2014. They became engaged in 2021 when Redd shared a video on her YouTube covering her proposal. The much-in-love couple now reside in Atlanta, Georgia. Redd has also been working on her fitness and health. While her social media profile is an adorable picture book of her and Junie, she also posts all sorts of fun videos to keep fans entertained.

Brittany Britton Now Has a Happy and Fulfilling Family Life

The Country Hustler from Louisville, Kentucky, Brittany ‘Britt’ Britton, had quite a memorable stint on the show before things went a little too far. She was asked to leave in episode 12 after getting into a physical altercation with Dalila, which left the latter injured, too. Since her reality show stint wrapped up, Britt changed her life entirely. She married her long-time partner, Johnathon Jennings, on September 6, 2019.

The couple’s first son, Kolby, was born in July 2016, while their second boy, Romyn Jay Jennings, was born on December 16, 2020. Their third son is set to grace their lives in May 2024, as shared by the excited mother-to-be. In February 2023, Britt lost her mother, and the loss left her absolutely devastated, as she was extremely close to her. On the professional front, she has been working as an aesthetician for eight years and has been associated with Mokara Spa in Louisville for close to five years as their in-house aesthetician.

Jada Cacchilli is Now a Proud Mother to a Baby Boy

Queens, New York’s Jada Cacchilli is an original bad girl. Having been rejected in season 11, Jada was determined to make her mark this time. She loves attention and never steps back when it’s time to have fun. While in season 12, she managed to stay till the end, Jada decided to relieve the experience again by participating in season 13. This time, she was removed in episode 8 after a physical altercation led to a fellow castmate getting injured.

Jada’s personal life witnessed tragedy when she lost the love of her life, John Eric Payne, on May 29, 2020. While the loss was beyond tragic, the former couple weren’t together at the time of his death. Jada found love and comfort with her long-term partner, and the two got engaged on New Year’s Day in 2022. The couple welcomed their son, Roman Anthony Grasso, on October 13, 2021. Jada is also a dotting mother figure to her partner’s son from a previous relationship, and the family seems like a close-knit, fun bunch together.

Jonica Booth Has Forayed Into the World of Entertainment

Jonica ‘Blu’ Booth AKA The Chick Magnet, from St. Louis, Missouri, is known for her larger-than-life personality. She’s highly competitive and was known in college for playing basketball. However, despite seeming fun and perfect, she struggled with commitment issues and hoped to address them in the house.

The reality show gave her quite an enjoyable life experience. Blu was in a brief relationship with ‘BGC’ season 10 winner Jenniffer ‘Jenn’ Hardwick. The pair split in December 2014. She subsequently received backlash for dating Aysia while in a relationship with Diamond. This led Blu to move away from reality television and influencer roles and focus on her acting career. It paid off as she was on-boarded as one of the main cast in HBO Max’s ‘Rap Sh!t,’ in the role of Chastity AKA Duke of Miami. She also made a guest appearance in Peacock’s ‘Mrs. Davis.’ Blu resides in Los Angeles and continues performing comedy sketches at The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, The Improv, and Flappers.

Linsey Berardi Sadly Passed Away in 2015

Linsey “Jade” Berardi, a native of Brooklyn, New York, had quite a short stint on the show. She was removed in the second episode after an explosive fight with Jada. She soon started her own couture and clothing line called Miss L J Couture. Sadly, around a year after her appearance on ‘Bad Girls Club,’ Linsey passed away in 2015. Oxygen and several castmates shared condolences for the departed soul. However, her family and everyone else related to her refrained from divulging further details about her sudden and tragic demise at the age of 22.

Loren Jordan Now Has a Career as a Thriving Entrepreneur

Mobile, Alabama native Loren ‘Lo’ Jordan was the last of the originals. She was part of the Fab 4, and they often fought with those they considered lame. However, the group eventually split due to growing misunderstandings, even though it didn’t affect Lo’s game. She managed to stay put till the end, especially after her cousin Raesha entered as one of the replacements. After season 12, she participated in ‘Baddies West’ and was one of the originals to reach the finals.

Lo now runs her business venture, Britley Branding LLC, which helps clients build brands through visual identity and marketing. She’s also a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova. Lo, who now lives in Houston, Texas, is quite the traveler and enjoys frequent vacations and getaways. She also has an OnlyFans presence and is quite popular there too.

Aysia Garza is Now a Mother and Focusing on Her Family

Aysia Garza is a gorgeous bisexual woman who doesn’t shy away from breaking the rules if needed. The Klein, Texas native was the first of the replacement girls. Her purpose in entering the show was to bring her anger under control and deal with abandonment issues. Aysia was one of the fan favorites and lasted till the end. Since her reality show stint, Aysia has focused on her personal life. In August 2020, she shared a post stating that it had been a year since she’d been free from alcohol.

The fitness enthusiast and her long-time partner, Donnell Alexander, a fitness trainer and entrepreneur, have a son, Dash Jayden Alexander, born February 4, 2021. They welcomed their second child, Dream Jai Alexander, on May 26, 2022. However, the family was left devasted by a heartbreaking loss when their youngest member, Dream, left them on October 15, 2022. The passing has left a gaping wound in the life of Aysia and her family, but they’ve been slowly healing together. On January 25, 2024, Donnell’s birthday, the couple happily shared that they were expecting a new addition to their family soon.

Dalila Ortiz Has Been Staying Away From the Limelight

Chicago, Illinois’s Dalila Ortiz, a replacement for Alyssa, stayed in the house for only episode 12 and left in the next after getting into a fight with Loren. She then appeared as a guest on ‘Bar Rescue.’ In a September 2014 tweet, Dalila shared that BGC had hired her to be an actress on the show. Dalila now prefers maintaining a low profile. While she does have a social media presence, her accounts are either inactive or private, suggesting that she wishes to stay clear from all the attention and limelight for now.

Raesha Clanton is Focused on Furthering Her Professional Life

The Alabama Slammer AKA Raesha Clanton, is the last replacement girl to grace the show. She joined in place of Britt in episode 13 and stayed till the end, with the finale revealing that she’d stayed in the house for a mere five days. Despite the limited stay, she had fun on the show and made quite a few fans, thanks to her chilled demeanor.

Raesha has been focusing on her professional life ever since the show ended. She dons multiple hats at once, with her social media profile suggesting that she’s now a skin care specialist, mortgage consultant, car sales consultant, television personality, and landlord. Raesha, who now lives in Mobile, Alabama, has been in a relationship since 2021 but hasn’t revealed any details of the person she is dating. However, her social media activity also suggests that she’s enjoying herself and having a good time.

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