Bad Girls Club Season 13: Where is the Cast Now?

The thirteenth installment of Oxygen’s hit reality series, ‘Bad Girls Club,’ is titled ‘Bad Girls Club: Redemption.’ Premiering in 2015, this was the first time that the entire cast of nine women consisted of alums from several previous seasons. Amongst the nine, one chose to leave voluntarily, while three got removed by production, leading to the introduction of one new replacement alum girl. Filmed in Los Angeles, the season had everything from spice, fights, friendships, unlimited entertainment, and most importantly – redemption. As several years have passed since the season premiered, fans can’t help but question – where are the castmates now?

Alyssa “Redd” Carswell Has a Flourishing Career in Entertainment

Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s Alyssa “Redd” Carswell had first participated in ‘Bad Girls Club’ in season 12. Her intimidating personality in the previous season had left people quite fearful of the comedian. Convinced that there was more to her than the cameras had shown, Redd joined this season, intent on redeeming herself of the antics she wasn’t particularly proud of pulling previously. Sadly, she wasn’t quite able to do what she hoped and was removed in episode 4 after she jumped on Natalie while having an altercation with Rocky.

Redd seems to have left her feisty reality show days behind and turned a new leaf in life. While she got engaged to her long-term partner, Lil Bit AKA Junie B Jones, in 2021, the pair now run a thriving YouTube channel called ‘Us Outsiders’ and discuss their life, fun antics, milestones, and more. She has also made a mark for herself as a host and emcee and often does photoshoots too. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Redd has been actively working on her fitness and health and has tried to motivate her fans through her inspiring journey. She has held onto her comic streak quite well, and her social media profiles have videos of her and her partner goofing around with each other.

Camilla Poindexter Has Made Quite a Mark in Reality Television

Camilla Poindexter, a season 8 replacement girl, was one of the originals in season 13. The Long Beach, California native arrived in the house with a motive — confronting Sarah. However, as she manages to sort things out with her, she forms other enemies and subsequent alliances throughout the season. After previously starring in several ‘Bad Girls Club,’ spin-offs, she decided to go ahead with another one and participated in season 4 of ‘Baddies East,’ which premiered in 2023. Having a thriving career as a model, Camilla decided to get back to her roots.

On the personal front, she is a mother of three, the eldest being Dylan Noelle Poindexter, born March 18, 2016 a second daughter, Bella Amor, born September 2021, and a baby boy, born August 2023. Camilla prefers to keep her kids out of the limelight, although she occasionally posts with her daughters on her social media profiles. While there were reports of Dylan being Washington Redskins offensive lineman Donald Penn’s daughter, it isn’t clear what role he plays in the child’s life. In a video posted back in 2017 by TMZ, Camilla blasted Donald and his wife for having accused the former of trying to exhort money in the name of her daughter. On December 8, 2023, Camilla shared a snap with her mystery man in a studio, sharing that she was looking forward to working with him.

Danielle “Danni” Victor is Now a Self-Published Author

Another season 8 original, Danielle “Danni” Victor from Methuen, Massachusetts, had appeared in quite a few spin-offs of ‘Bad Girls Club’ before eventually entering season 13. Despite seeming strategic in season 8, her redemption arc was quite impressive. She showed a softer and kinder version of herself, leading her to stick around till the end. Danni is now a self-published author of a poetry book, ‘Dear John.’ The book was released on November 19, 2023, and is available for sale on major selling platforms.

Danni also writes and posts her poetry and daily affirmations on social media under Danielle Victor Poetry. She and her twin, Gabrielle Victor, both digital creators in their own right, go by the name Victor twins and host their joint podcast, ‘Always Has Issues Podcast.’ She also has an individual YouTube channel where she discusses poignant issues such as mental health, connecting with the soul, healing, and more. The sisters have also created Trusted Intuition, wherein they help individuals find their way back to their souls through positive affirmations, selling healing products, and hosting sessions. Danni is a proud dog mother to Caesar The Frenchie and has kept a page on social media dedicated to his cute antics.

Jada Cacchilli Has Embraced Motherhood

Jada Cacchilli was a season 12 original. Hailing from Jamaica, New York, she was voted a fan favorite of the season. This had led her to relieve the experience again this time around. However, season 13 wasn’t as fun, as she was removed from the house after engaging in a bitter physical altercation with Camilla, which left Danni injured. Jada has since left her reality show days far behind. She now follows veganism and tries to keep herself happy by doing things she loves while being surrounded by those who matter. In a content relationship since 2018, Jada is now in a comfortable mental space.

She and her long-term partner got engaged on New Year’s 2022. The couple welcomed their son, Roman Anthony Grasso, on October 13, 2021. Jada’s life was struck by an unfortunate tragedy in 2020 when a former partner of hers, John Eric Payne, tragically passed away on May 29. The loss has left a gaping wound in her heart, which took quite some time to fill, as he was special to her. As Jada continues to heal, she looks forward to a happy and content life with her family, including her now fiance’s son, whom she adores just as much.

Judith “Judi” Jackson is Now a Successful Entrepreneur and Artist

Season 7 alum Judith “Judi” Jackson had made a few ‘BGC’ appearances before eventually choosing to come to season 13, hoping to redeem herself of her past possible blunders. However, the plan didn’t quite work, as she was removed in episode 6 after she unexpectedly threatened her roommates. Not done with the reality show experience, she gave one last shot and participated in ‘Baddies ATL’ but voluntarily left due to a personal emergency at home. Judi has since moved on from her wild child days and embraced her inner callings. She started her business, Vixen by Judi Jai, where she gives tarot readings and sells all sorts of customized feng shui products, particularly candles and perfumes.

A proud Créole, she also kickstarted her musical career by releasing her first album, ‘Superstitious.’ Since then, Judi has also released several singles, all of which can be heard on her YouTube. She has gone on to publish her book, ‘Fou: Til Death Do Us Part,’ and it is currently available on Kindle. In 2021, she appeared in the movie, ‘Hell in My Life: The Stacey Staxx Story,’ based on actual events. The same year, she was on Andy Cohen’s ‘For Real: The Story of Reality TV.’ The following year, she served as the reunion host on the television series, ‘Ruckus in Dutchess.’ As a radio personality who runs a show called ‘The Juice With Judi Jai,’ she has been keeping herself occupied doing everything she loves and enjoys.

Julie Ofcharsky Keeps Herself Busy by Fighting For Social Causes

Julie Ofcharsky, from season 9, is a Boston, Massachusetts native who had a decent first experience. Before appearing for season 13, she had already appeared in season 1 of ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle.’ In the Redemption series, Julie got into a conflict with almost every castmate but managed to last till the end. However, all those seem to be a thing of the past, as she has since dissociated herself entirely from her Bad Girl era. Referring to herself as a “retired bad girl” on her social media, Julie now uses her influence to stand up for victims of domestic violence.

Julie is also a sex worker advocate and has been using her account to expose a former boyfriend of hers. When details about her ex being a sexual predator came out in the open, Julie decided to stand up for the victims and speak out. She has also been advocating for the rights of sexual workers, trying to get a law to pass in California that will not differentiate between sexually abused victims. On the personal front, Julie has been in a happy and content relationship with her now boyfriend, Dicky, since 2016.

Natalie Nunn Runs a Successful Cosmetics Company

Oakland, California’s Natalie Nunn is a fan favorite season 4 alum. Being a mastermind when it came to ensuring things happened her way, Natalie didn’t mind getting into physical altercations if she wanted. This was one of the primary reasons she was ousted in episode 4 after getting into a fight with Rocky and Redd. She went on to appear in four different Baddies spin-offs. Having seen the world of reality television extensively, Natalie now focuses on building her own identity. After marrying her now-husband Jacob Payne in May 2012, the couple started Paynes Fitness in 2013.

The following year, the pair were expecting, but Natalie sadly suffered a miscarriage. On April 26, 2017, the couple were blessed with their daughter, Journey Payne. She started an extensive cosmetics line, Natalie Cosmetics, specializing in eyelashes that ship worldwide. Her daughter, following in the footsteps of her talented mother, started her own haircare products range in 2020 and named it Journey’s Hair. Natalie is also an executive producer on Zeus Network and has collaborated with Fashion Nova. Despite it all, her love for Baddies still lingers as she often hosts reunions and pop-ups selling Baddie goodies.

Raquel ‘Rocky’ Santiago Has Ventured Into Marketing

Raquel ‘Rocky’ Santiago from season 10 was known for speaking her mind and staying firm on her principles. In season 13, she was no different, and her positive attitude also led her to the finals. Done with all the glitz that reality television had to offer, Rocky has changed her path and carved a niche for herself in marketing and content creation. She also embraced motherhood in 2018 with the birth of her daughter, Noa Rose. She has been working on her podcast, ‘Baddy Lyfe w/Raquel Santiago.’ Rocky has even started working on content writing and influencer marketing, using her experiences over the years to help her clients build their unique brand voices.

Sarah Oliver Has Fulfilled Her Dream of Publishing Her Own Book

Season 11 alum Sarah Oliver was the ideal definition of beauty with brains. After having a rather tumultuous yet short-lived experience in her first appearance, Sarah decided to participate in season 13, hoping to let the world know there was more to her than petty fights. And this time, she managed to stick around till the end, despite the occasional friction. Having enjoyed her fair share of reality television, Sarah has shifted her focus to scripted content and is working with GregAlan Williams under Alan Artists.

Sarah is now a published author of ‘Queen of Receipts.’ She also has a YouTube channel under ‘Sarah SO Oliver.’ Her achievements don’t just end there, as she also owns ‘EmojiMe’ and founded her own business, ‘So Enterprises.’ She has actively focussed on her fitness and health and shares her workout videos, hoping to inspire fans to do the same.

Rimanelli “Rima” Mellal Has Embarked on a Journey of Spiritual Healing

Rimanelli “Rima” Mellal is a season 9 alum who was the first and only replacement girl this season. However, it seems like the world of reality television didn’t suit her much, as she decided to leave those chaotic days far behind and focus on her spiritual well-being. She relocated to Europe with her partner, Demonte Harper, and the couple’s three children, Ishmael, Hakeem, and Malika Bijou. Rima’s pursuit of divine healing eventually led her to start ‘Wild Child Healing,’ where she provides customized experiences to guide those seeking spiritual and divine awakening. Using her expertise as a life strategist, certified cosmic sexuality instructor, and relationship whisperer, she hopes to guide people to a happier and more profound lifestyle.

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