Bad Girls Club Season 14: Where is the Cast Now?

Oxygen’s reality television series, ‘Bad Girls Club,’ first premiered in 2006. The show follows seven loud and unruly girls as they reside together in a gorgeous mansion. Amidst rules and surveillance, the girls must control their anger and urge to get into physical confrontations. Season 14 of the hit series, ‘Bad Girls Club: Back for More,’ premiered in 2015 and was filmed in Los Angeles. The season saw 7 original bad girls and 4 replacement girls in total. As it’s been quite some time since the season concluded, fans of the show can’t help but wonder where their favorite bad girls are now.

Christina Aviles is Now a Proud Mother to a Baby Girl

Christina “Tina” Aviles, a Queens, New York-based Puerto Rican, was the center of attraction in any room. A fan of herself, she didn’t shy away from speaking her mind, irrespective of its consequences. In the mansion, she always ensured that she lived life unfiltered. The gorgeous diva’s world now revolves around her daughter, Lila Isabel Martinez, who was born on September 14, 2022. While she prefers keeping her husband’s identity a secret, the couple are hands-on parents to their adorable baby girl. Tina’s social media, in particular, revolves around content related to her daughter. She seems to have decided to flaunt a bit of her singing skills too, as in the same year that her daughter was born, she released a single, “Good Guys.”

Jasmine Carter is on a Journey Toward Self Growth

Chicago, Illinois’ Jasmine Carter AKA The Southside Slugger, was known for doing the exact opposite of what she would say. Her dominating personality was quite visible throughout the series, and fans considered her somewhat of a bully. However, once her reality show stint ended, Jasmine turned a new lease on life. As of 2024, the mother of a boy named Toshiro seems focused on personal growth. The Chicago-based nurse now looks to motivate people to become self-dependent and find ways to increase their earnings through insightful advice. She also has a YouTube channel, but it is currently inactive.

Jelaminah Lanier is Now The Owner of a Thriving Clothing Brand

Jelaminah “Jela” Lanier from Houston, Texas, was one of the original bad girls of the season. This was just the start of her reality show stint, as she went on to feature in ‘Baddies South,’ and was also the judge at ‘Baddies West Auditions.’ However, Jela didn’t leave her experiences to reality TV shows only; instead, she expanded her portfolio further. The model and seamstress is also a designer and runs her brand of clothing, Normal Culture x Jelaminah. The business has been featured in Forbes and British Vogue as well.

Jela also runs a weekly podcast called, ‘The Jela Show Podcast,’ where she talks about fashion, entertainment, and spirituality. She’s set to feature in another season of Baddies, ‘Bad vs Wild: Las Vegas,’ in 2024. Even though her time in ‘Bad Girls Club’ was quite rough, with her getting into some ugly fights, Jela has managed to turn her life around and focus on the good by growing exponentially in her professional life.

Kathryn Florek is Now a Television Writer

Zion, Illinois’ Lusty Loudmouth, Kathryn ‘Kat’ Florek was one of the originals who stayed right till the end of the season. Known for being extremely competitive, fierce, and feisty, Kat was a force to reckon with throughout the series. Since the season ended, Kat seems to have put her rough girl image to rest and now hones her skills as a television personality and writer. One of her latest projects to have wrapped up is ‘BLOODLINES.’

Kat works as a part of BrightCap Entertainment LLC, and her social media is a testament to how much she enjoys her job. She also does a bit of modeling from time to time. On the personal front, she got engaged to the love of her life in February 2023 but has preferred to keep the identity of her partner a secret for now. She was sadly left bereaved in May 2023 after losing her father, whom she was pretty close to.

Lauren Lewis Now Maintains a Low Profile

Lauren Lewis from Covington, Georgia, enjoyed hunting, fishing and wrestling. While she loved being the life of the party, she wished to find a way to balance work and play by finding a middle ground. However, her time on the show was anything but calm, as she found herself in quite a few nasty fights. But all that is a thing of the past now. The fun-loving girl who was given the nickname Red Hot Redneck on the show is now a mother of two boys, Jobe and Jonah, and identifies as Lauren Knight. However, she has maintained a low profile and has actively tried to ensure that the limelight stays away from her life by keeping her social media presence private.

Shannade and Shannon Clermont are Founders of a Charitable Organization Today

Shannade and Shannon Clermont, native to Montclair, New Jersey, are identical twins who graced the season. Having grown up in New York City, the sisters were quite used to a lavish lifestyle. Their temper tantrums were quite famous as well. But, the co-dependent sisters wanted to let their guards down a little. However, physical altercations on the show saw the twins get asked to leave in episode 7. Since then, the sisters, who do everything together, have started a high-strung fashion and accessories brand called Mont Boudoir.

Not just that, the model and influencer pair is also the founder of a non-profit organization called The Clermont Foundation, which helps youths from marginalized communities discover their true potential. They also own three adorable teacups Yorkies — Chase, Cash, and Chloe, with their friend, and the trio intends on opening a store dedicated to the three pups soon while their online store, Clermont Haus, functions in full swing. In 2022, they shared that Chase had gone missing and asked the public to reach out with any information. However, there has been no update on the same since then.

Jenna Charland Has Started a Video Production Company

Jenna Charland was one of the replacement girls of the season, coming in for Tina in episode 5. The Albany, New York native was called The Queen of Trash Talk on the show. She had several showdowns throughout the season but still managed to stick around till the end. Jenna now runs a successful video production company, J’Rae Productions. She also owns a successful lingerie business called J’Rae Intimates, which supports animal rescue and which Jenna had set up in honor of her deceased dog, Honey. She is also a model and her social media is filled with snaps of her fun get-togethers, modeling shots, and business offerings.

Beatrice Miller is Now a Proud Mother to an Adorable Girl

Beatrice ‘Ginger’ Miller from Yonkers, New York, was the replacement girl for Shannon Clermont. The gorgeous woman had a wild side to herself. While she loved partying and having fun, she was also fiercely loyal to the ones she loved and held dear, which included her boyfriend back home and her brothers, who treated her as a mother figure after their mother’s passing. Once the show and its experiences wrapped up, Ginger went back home to familiarity and comfort. She welcomed her daughter, Annabel, on September 24, 2018. However, Ginger was left bereaved when the love of her life passed away, and she shared the heartbreaking news with her fans in September 2023.

Amber Zadora is Prospering Professionally and Personally

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Amber Zadora joined the show after replacing Shannade. She managed to stick around till the end of the show and was known for being the biggest instigator of the season. She got into two nasty fights with Kat, which were some of the highlights of the season. All the fights and instigation are a thing of the past now, as Amber is going through fulfilling phases in both her personal and professional lives. Professionally, she is an esthetician and the owner of Lemon Squeeze, a sugar and facial spa. She is happily engaged to Tyler Pratt and is the mother of an adorable baby girl, Journie.

Alicia Ramsdell is Happily Married and a Mother of Two

Alicia “Ally” Ramsdell was the last of the replacement girls, coming in for Jelaminah in episode 8. However, in the next episode, she voluntarily chooses to leave the house after getting into an argument with Lauren and Jasmine. Ally is now in a happy space, personally. She welcomed her first child, Ryder Maddoxx Sanders, in 2020, while her daughter, Sailor Kennedy, was born in 2021. She and her boyfriend got married in December 2022, and while it was just the dream wedding she’d wanted it to be, Ally has preferred to keep the details of her partner private.

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