Bad Girls Club Season 15: Where is the Cast Now?

Oxygen’s television reality series, ‘Bad Girls Club’ follows the lives of several rough and boisterous women as they reside together in a luxurious mansion amidst strict rules. The first season premiered in 2006, while season 15 came out in 2016 and was filmed extensively in Los Angeles. This season shifted from the original format, as the entire cast featured sisters only, and was called ‘Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters.’ It has been quite some time since the show wrapped up, and genuine fans of the reality series have been wondering about the current whereabouts of twisted sisters featured in the season.

Angela Babicz is Now a Social Media Star While Kristina Babicz is a Fitness Enthusiast

Clifton, New Jersey’s Angela Babicz and Kristina Babicz AKA The Competitive Cuties, were trust-fund party sisters known for their temper tantrums and terrible attitude. After their parent’s divorce, the sisters had chosen sides, and while Angela had decided to stay with their mother, Kristina had moved in with their father. Not sharing the best of bonds, the sisters had also spent a few years not talking to each other after a rather intense argument. Despite the stiff competition between both, they hoped the experience would help control their anger and create friends instead of enemies.

While Kristina did manage to stick around till the end of the show, her sister Angela was asked to leave in the eighth episode after a nasty physical altercation. However, she made a couple of appearances in the last two episodes. After the series wrapped up, the sisters both went their separate ways. In one of her live video sessions, Angela confirmed that she and Kristina didn’t keep in touch and wished her sister well. Both sisters have made their careers as social media stars via different platforms like TikTok and Instagram. They also have thriving OnlyFans profiles and have been actively working on their fitness. Individually, Angela is also a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova and does a bit of modeling shoots.

Angela also went on to star in a few more reality shows, like ‘Ex on the Beach,’ in 2018 and ‘The Challenge.’ It was on the former that she was introduced to and started dating Nelson Thomas. The two had embarked on a whirlwind romance that saw their relationship go through several ups and downs before they eventually decided to part ways in March 2020. The pair had even gone on vacation a year after their split, sparking rumors of a possible reunion, but nothing of that sort materialized. Meanwhile, Kristina, who now lives in Las Vegas, is an avid dog mother who often shares fun moments with her beloved pet dog, Zeus. The estranged sisters also ran individual YouTube pages, but their profiles remain inactive.

Annalisa Giordano is in a Happy Relationship, While Jessica Giordano Has Gotten Engaged

The Staten Stunners from Arden Heights, New York, Annalisa Giordano and Jessica Giordano are two Italian feisty sisters who share everything. The girls hate being called materialistic and don’t have many friends to call their own. However, they hoped the show would help them deal with all their shortcomings. Sadly, the sisters didn’t stay long enough to see their expectations come to fruition, as they decided to voluntarily leave the show in the second episode after getting into arguments with Angela Babicz. The siblings also collectively decided to give the reunion episode a miss.

Jessica Giordano is now an entrepreneur and runs an event management business called, ‘Created With So Much Love.’ Her personal life has been going great, too, as she got engaged to her longtime partner, Mike Di Costanzo, in May 2023 and became a proud stepmother to Mike’s son, MJ. Mike and Jess run a fun and quirky couple’s YouTube channel, ‘Booty and The Beard.’ In October 2023, the family adopted a puppy from their friends and named him Ace. Jessica is currently preparing to get married to the love of her life, with her beloved sister acting as the bridesmaid. Meanwhile, Annalisa has been doing quite well personally and is in a happy and content relationship with Richie Ruiz, an NYC firefighter. The sisters are very close to each other, and their social media is a testament to their ever-strengthening bond.

Amber Thorne is Now a Lifestyle Influencer, While Asia Jeudy Maintains a Low Profile

The Sultry Sirens, Amber Thorne, and Asia Jeudy belonged to Houston, Texas, and Brooklyn, New York, respectively. The half-sisters are best friends and are the life of the party, no matter where they are. Amber’s military background made her a tough nut, while Asia’s free spirit often got her into tricky situations. The sisters were still in the process of knowing each other and hoped their time on the show would help them deal with their trust issues. Luckily, unlike several of their counterparts, the siblings managed to stick around till the end of the show.

Amber is quite the lifestyle influencer and content creator. She provides fans with health care and skin care tips and seems to enjoy freelance modeling on her social media profiles. Currently based in Dallas, the mother of one, Addisyn, loves twinning with her little girl. Asia is currently in Brooklyn, New York, and prefers to keep a low profile. Even though she does have a social media profile, she prefers to keep it private. Asia also has a YouTube channel, but the page seems to be a work in progress, as there is no content at present.

Olivia Adams is into Brand Marketing and Diamond Jimenez is a Thriving Musician

Allentown, Pennsylvania’s Olivia Adams and Harlem, New York’s Diamond Jimenez entered the show disguised as half-sisters who enjoyed pranking people. Even though they didn’t grow up together, the lesbian ladies hoped that they’d be able to work with a life coach to aid in dealing with their messy upbringing. While things seemed to be going okay, the alleged sisters were eventually booted from the show in episode 6, when it was learned that they weren’t sisters but were exes.

The exit didn’t go quite well when Diamond appeared at the reunion and dissed Olivia, along with Asia, Angela, and Kristina. However, all that seems to be a thing of the past now, as both Olivia and Diamond have moved on in their lives in varying capacities. Olivia’s social media suggests that she’s now working in Brand Marketing. Meanwhile, Diamond, who now goes by the name Dime Phrofet, has been donning multiple hats as a hip-hop artist, a creative director, and a fashion designer. So far, the musician has released the single “Trust None” and a couple of collaborations with Jack Harlow and Kaiya Wynn.

Amanda Hepperle is Now a Mother, While Victoria Hepperle is  Happily Engaged

Guttenberg, New Jersey’s Ghost Twins, had replaced the Giordano sisters in episode 3. However, the Hepperle sisters ended up having the shortest stay in the house as they voluntarily chose to exit within 4 minutes of entering after getting into a violent physical fight with Angela, Amber, Asia & Kristina. Even though they had a terrible experience on the show, the Hepperle twins are doing quite well in their lives at present.

Amanda is the mother to an adorable baby girl, Noelle, who came into her life in 2023. While it seems like she was dating Phil Kump, it’s unclear whether the couple are still together, as they haven’t shared any new updates together for some time now. Meanwhile, Victoria is also happily engaged and shared the happy news on her social media in July 2023. She has been working as a Nursing Technician at Hackensack Meridian Health since July 2023. Both sisters still share a good bond. They seem to enjoy traveling and have been giving wings to their wanderlust in their own individual capacity. Amanda and Victoria have stirred clear of reality television and instead chosen to focus on their personal lives.

Jaimee and Jazmyn Wallace Are Both Social Media Stars

The Queens of Twerkville AKA Jaimee Wallace and Jazmyn Wallace from Miami, Florida, were two replacement sisters who came in place of Victoria. The siblings managed to last till the end and got into a few nasty fights. However, once their season ended, the sisters went back to enjoying life as they were before. Currently based in Miami, Florida, both Jaimee and Jazmyn’s social media profiles suggest they enjoy their parties and fancy a rich and lavish lifestyle.

However, Jaimee did share the news that they lost their brother Von Cruise some time back, and the loss was particularly heartbreaking as the siblings shared a close bond with each other. In January 2019, Jazmyn shared that she’d ticked off one of her bucket list wishes by learning skydiving. While the sisters continue to be unfiltered, not much is known about them as they seem to have kept their socials limited to pictures of themselves and aren’t very active either.

Allison Green is Now an Established Photographer, While Melissa Green Continues Working With Her Band

Las Vegas, Nevada’s Rock-N-Roll Barbies Allison Green and Melissa Green joined the crew after replacing Amanda. They’d entered the show on episode 4, the same as the Wallace sisters. However, unexpected conflict soon broke out, and fights between the two newbies led the Greens to eventually leave the house in the eighth episode. Before joining the show, Melissa and Allison were already performing with their band, Millionaires. So, once the stint on reality television wrapped up, the sisters went back to shifting their focus to the band. In December 2015, they released the song “When I’m Single” along with a music video.

It was followed by another single almost two years later when they collaborated with Caked Up and released “Rich Girls.” In 2022, Melissa announced that she would continue working as a solo artist since her sister wanted to focus on working as a photographer and had decided to leave the group. In June 2023, two new members, Meredith Allen & Anissa, joined Melissa, and together, the reformed band performed at the music festival in Dallas. The band not only continues to actively perform and go on tours but has also started selling an exclusive collection of their merchandise. Both Melissa and Allison are also doing quite well in their personal lives. Melissa was previously married to Gavin, but the couple parted ways in December 2016.

Since 2017, she has been in a happy and secure relationship with fellow musician Calen. Allison, too, was previously married to Kade Holloway in 2020, but the couple seems to have parted ways sometime in late 2021 or early 2022. She is currently dating Brandon McCarron, and the couple seems to be in a happy space with their relationship. While her photography is coming off well, Allison has also been doing solo shoots of her own. In 2022, the sisters mourned the passing of their close friend, Daniel Lucas, and both put out posts commemorating the person he was before losing his life to cancer.

Hanan Ibrahim is the CEO of a Nail/Makeup Academy, While Suha Ibrahim Co-Owns a Tattoo Studio

Hanan and Suha Ibrahim from Covina, California, were called The Devious Divorcees on the show. They were the last of the replacement sisters to have entered the show in season 15 and had come in for Olivia and Diamond in episode 7. However, they were later removed during the series finale due to an ugly physical fight with fellow castmates Kristina and Amber. Hanan and Suha are both proud Palestinian/Mexican women and have been actively raising their voices regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Their social media is a testament to how passionate the sisters are regarding the cause. On the individual front, both sisters have been doing quite well in their personal and professional spheres. Hanan is the proud founder and CEO of Boss Nail Academy and Boss Beauty Makeup Academy, which she co-owns with her sister Suha. She is also in a happy marriage and the mother of a boy. Even though Hanan does share snaps of her family, she prefers to keep details surrounding them private.

Meanwhile, Suha is married to tattoo artist and creator Brandon Albus, and the couple together run their tattoo parlor, Sinners Tattoo Studio. The couple also owns a tattoo academy, Sinners Tattoo Academy, where they provide mentorship and apprenticeship as well. In February 2024, Suha and her husband welcomed their son, Laith B. Albus, into their lives. Suha was already the mother of Zaina Nureddin, her daughter, and Ziad, her son. The sisters are still extremely close to each other and continue to be actively involved in each other’s lives.

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