Bad Girls Club Season 16: Where is the Cast Now?

The much anticipated season 16 of Oxygen’s ‘Bad Girl’s Club,’ titled ‘Bad Girls Club: Social Disruption,’ premiered in 2016. What set this season apart was that all the bad girls featured are renowned and prominent faces with a massive fan following on social media. While seven originals were cast, as the series progressed, four replacement girls were brought in for those who were asked to leave due to their unruly behavior inside the house. As a significant time has elapsed since the season wrapped, we can’t help but wonder where the castmates are now.

Adryan Jones is Now a Licensed Esthetician and Entrepreneur

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Adryan ‘Ryan’ Jones was a well-known radio personality before she set foot inside the house. Fearless with a massive attitude, Ryan wanted to learn ways to forgive and let go of those who had wronged her. Sadly, her stay in the house was cut short when a heated argument with the production team led her to get ousted from the show. Soon after, she moved to Los Angeles, California, to focus on her music career and released her first mixtape, “Different Now,” on October 31, 2017.

Over the years, she has frequently experimented with her look, particularly with her hair, opting to give it different colors and cuts. She became a licensed esthetician in 2019 and launched her newest business, Glo-Up Skin, in February 2021. She specializes in vegan skincare, advanced aesthetics, and custom facials. In April 2020, she shared about the passing of a close friend, Chynna, and how the loss had left her broken. Ryan has also been working on her fitness and health, and her social media profile gives a glimpse into the fun and adventurous life that she enjoys, often in the company of close friends.

Brynesha Seegers Has Made Progress in the Music Industry

Brynesha ‘Talone’ Seegers is a pint-size rapper who knows how to pack a punch. After a video titled “B*tch You Knew” was released online, she became an overnight internet sensation. A blunt girl who detests fake people, Talone hoped that being in the mansion would help set a better example for her twin daughters, who mean the world to her. After the reality show further propelled her to stardom, Talone chose to take her career up a notch and continued posting several music videos, focusing on rapping and singing, hoping to inspire fellow artists. Her songs are available on all major music platforms, such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes. The dotting mother also shares snippets of her twins and is very proud of how her girls have turned out.

Elliadria Griffin is Now a Proud Mother to a Baby Girl

Elliadria ‘Persuasian’ Griffin had a pretty short stay in the house after a physical altercation with Kaila saw her getting removed in episode 4. She then went on to do ‘Baddies South,’ where her strategy to play the game differently worked, and she managed to stick around till the end. Persuasian is now a proud mother to a 3-year-old girl named Ali Huntley. The little one has a social media profile managed by her mother. The page chronicles the youngster’s everyday life. Persuasian has been actively modeling and doing photoshoots for the last few years and is also the brand ambassador of Enemi Vapes. The company proudly presents different vape flavors, specially crafted with the best quality ingredients.

Kaila ‘Winter’ Wilkey is Now a Two-Time Published Author

Richmond, California’s Kaila ‘Winter’ Wilkey is one confident woman. Having dated high-profile men in the past, she could intimidate anyone by her sheer presence. However, after finding herself in an unfortunate argument with Kandyce, Winter voluntarily leaves the show in episode 7. After her exit, she has been in multiple bitter online feuds with several of her castmates and fellow ‘BGC’ alums like Natalie Nunn, Tabatha ‘Dreamdoll’ Robinson, and Kandyce ‘Kandy’ Hogan and Elliadria ‘Persuasian’ Griffin. She has since turned a new leaf in life and decided to focus on self-growth and healing.

Winter published two books, ‘See, I Was Right,’ in 2021, followed by its sequel ‘You Should Have Listened,’ in 2022. She and her best friend, Chy Fontenette, run a successful podcast called ‘Behind the Likes.’ It is available on all major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. The podcast follows the two women as they bring their individual perspectives on love and life through conversations, fun, and laughter. Winter now lives in Los Angeles, California, and is also quite active on the adult platform OnlyFans, where she has a thriving fan following.

Kailie Lima-Grossguth Has Been Making Waves as a Video Creator

Kailie Lima-Grossguth comes from the small town of Allenstown, New Hampshire. A former cheerleading captain, Kailie did not mind calling people out and broadcasting her rants on social media. She hoped being in the mansion would help her make better decisions and bring changes in her personality and demeanor. Kailie, who now lives in Naples, Florida, has a career as a video content creator. She also collaborates with brands like Susan’s Own CBD Bath Bombs and Flintt Mouthwatering Mints by promoting them on her social media profile. On the personal front, she has been in a happy and committed relationship with her girlfriend, Maegan Regal. The two have been together since October 2016. On November 26, 2021, Kailie shared a snap of herself grievously injured and a subsequent post about being in and out of hospital for some months while also adding that she was on the road to recovery.

Tabatha ‘DreamDoll’ Robinson is Now a Well Established Singer

The Bronx, New York’s Tabatha ‘DreamDoll’ Robinson is one of the originals. Known for her extreme love of all things pink, the former bartender and rapper was quite the diva back home and gained a following on Instagram courtesy of her musical beats. DreamDoll knows how to keep herself entertained and enters the house, hoping to show the girls just how one-of-a-kind she truly is. Outside the house, her love for music and a desire to spread it further eventually led DreamDoll to focus her entire career on rapping and acting.

She joined the cast of VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York,’ in 2017 and became well-known for incorporating drill beats in her music. Thereafter, she was featured in BET’s ‘College Hill: Celebrity Edition,’ and is now one of the main cast on VH1’s ‘The Impact: New York’ which premiered in January 2024. DreamDoll has signed up with Warner Records & District 18 Entertainment. With an envious rap career that has been consistently growing, she is preparing to go on tour across several countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, and the Netherlands. To keep fans further abreast with her music scene, DreamDoll has been vlogging on her YouTube channel, and the growing fanbase is a testament to how much people enjoy her. She has also been selling exclusive apparel and merchandise under The Dreamers Merch tag on her website. Her social media profile gives a glimpse into DreamDoll’s fun-loving personality that goes beyond her music and art.

Zee Carrino is Focusing on Spiritual Growth and Healing

Zee Carrino from San Jose, California, is another original bad girl and alpha female to grace the mansion in season 16. Her claim to fame was when her sister, who was a former Playboy model, gave her a shoutout, leading her social media followers to skyrocket. Being a survivor of a rough childhood, Zee wanted to get herself back on the right track and hoped her experience in the house would help. Done with her whirlwind ways, she is now focused on changing her life and working on her mental health for her little boy Maveryk. The mother of one has embarked on a spiritual and fitness journey wherein she hopes to be able to do good for both of them. Her social media profile is filled with gym updates and occasional photoshoots. In July 2023, she tweeted a picture of a mystery man with a heart as a caption, suggesting that she may have found someone special in life, although she refrained from divulging any details about him.

Stephanie Tejada Has Forayed Into the World of Comedy

Replacement bad girl Stephanie Tejada from Orlando, Florida, came into the mansion in place of Tabatha and lasted till the end. Done with her reality television experience, Stephanie changed her career path. She is now making waves in the stand-up comedy scene of Los Angeles, California. Not only does she perform live skits, but has collaborated with comedians in quite a few shows as well. Stephanie and Jaclyn Passaro run a comedy talk show, ‘A Sociopath & A Psychopath,’ in the characters of Ratchetta and Angie on OFTV. The two have also started hosting a podcast, ‘We Don’t Give A.F.’

She and Grace Fraga host ‘The Tías Show’ in the roles of cousins Marisa and Consuelo, who attempt to rebuild their lives after getting abandoned by their husbands. Stephanie also runs the page, ‘The New Queen of Comedy’ on social media, where she keeps giving fans updates on her new shows and other hilarious content. Not just that, the gorgeous diva has also started to sell her exclusive merchandise, apparel, homeware, drinkware, accessories, and more under the banner The Queens Closet on The New Queen of Comedy website. When it comes to her personal life, Stephanie seems to be in a happy space, as can be seen through her mushy Valentine’s Day post dedicated to the special one in her life, Phil Snipes. She recently took up a 30-day dance challenge where she learned all sorts of fun moves and shared them with her fans.

Kandyce ‘Kandy’ Hogan is Now a Fashion and Lifestyle Creator

Kandyce ‘Kandy’ Hogan is a season 16 replacement girl. The Riverdale, Illinois, native had a healthy fan following when she joined the show. Even though she made it to the end, Kandy got into several ugly feuds throughout her stay. Now a thriving digital creator, she posts all about lifestyle and fashion. Under the modeling agency 10 Management, Kandy has been working actively on her creator and modeling profile. She has written e-journals under the heading ‘Uncomfortable Konversations’ currently available for sale. She maintains a written blog on Medium, wherein she covers a host of different topics. Her YouTube vlog under ‘Kandy in Wanderlust’ sees her talk about various aspects of life while covering snippets of it. Kandy, a proud queer artist, is in a happy long-term relationship with Haiti Baeb. The pair often do photoshoots together and post adorable loved-up snaps for their fans.

Kabrina Nashayé is Now a Celebrity Chef

Chicago, Illinois’s Kabrina Nashayé is another replacement girl who joined after Kailie left. After several fights and feuds, Kabrina has decided to change her line of work from unscripted television to something completely different. Having established a thriving career as a celebrity chef under the banner Brina’s Unique Eats, Kabrina also provides daily meal preps and in-home personal chef experiences and even caters for special events. Her social media profile gives an intriguing look into the kind of dishes she’s capable of whipping up and the confidence she exudes when doing so. In her personal life, Kabrina and her partner Myles welcomed their son, Messiah Nasir Morgan, on November 27, 2023.

Tiara Nicole Has Been Prospering in Both Her Personal and Professional Life

Tiara Nicole is a Memphis, Tennessee, local and the last replacement girl. While her experience was quite good on the show, her life outside has been equally good. Tiara decided to foray into the music scene and build herself a career as a singer. Her songs are readily available on all major streaming platforms. For some years, in trying to focus on her personal and professional life, her music career took a back seat. She started an entrepreneurial venture in 2016, The Beautie Junkies, where she hopes to provide her clients with the best quality hair that they can feel proud of. In 2021, after a gap of five years, Tiara released ‘Your Gift,’ as a comeback song. Her personal life has been equally beautiful. She got engaged to her partner Maxwell in December 2023 and shared a video of the special moment with her fans. The couple often post wholesome content together, along with Maxwell’s son Maddox. Tiara recently shared a glimpse into their housewarming celebrations and how thrilled everyone was to join in the fun at Maxwell Manor!

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