Bad Girls Club Season 17: Where is the Cast Now?

‘Bad Girls Club: East Meets West’ is the seventeenth installment of Oxygen’s hit reality series ‘Bad Girls Club,’ which first came out in 2006. Premiered in 2017, this season’s castmates consist of Bad Girls, all of whom either belong to the East Coast or the West Coast. It follows them as they reside together in a luxurious Downtown Los Angeles loft in an attempt to mingle, all the while trying to control their innate urge to get violent. As it has been some time since the season aired, ardent fans of the show can’t help but wonder about the current whereabouts of the contestants.

Deshayla Harris Has Tragically Passed Away

Deshayla ‘Shay’ Harris from Norfolk, Virginia, was one of the original bad girls of the season. She was a complete firecracker and diva, always ready to enjoy a good party. Being from the East Coast, she believed the West Coasters were boring, but that didn’t deter her from trying to get cozy with them. Even though she often flipped sides in the show, she managed to stick around till the end. However, she and a few other castmates decided not to attend the reunion. This was of course before she was tragically killed on March 26, 2021, as one of the two bystanders during a series of Virginia Beach shootings. A press release issued by the Virginia Beach Police Department stated that she was likely to have been an innocent victim who was hit by a stray bullet. Shay reportedly lost her life at the scene itself.

Francesca Jacovino Has Found an Interesting New Hobby

Torrington, Connecticut’s Francesca ‘Fran’ Jacovino AKA The Rockin’ Barbie, was known as an absolute rockstar during her reality television stint. After all, she had a quick temper and lacked a filter, meaning she often blurted out more than she intended. However, it appears as if her life has since taken a different turn. Fran now lives in New England and is a proud dog mom to an adorable pup named Peanut and often shares adorable snaps of his. She has also found a new interest in witchcraft and loves to know more about it while visiting places of relevance, such as the Salem Witch Museum. She reportedly even enjoys bartending and has since launched a clothing and lingerie collection under her nickname on the show; The Rockin’ Barbie. In 2021, she got herself a brand-new luxury car and shared the news with her fans. Fran has been enjoying travels with friends and maintaining active social media profiles to update her followers with the latest happenings of her life.

Keyaira Hamilton is Now the Executive Producer of a Reality Show

The Raging Rapper Keyaira ‘Key’ Hamilton was a proud Western Coaster from Compton, California. She was one of the original bad girls of her season and was known for being unapologetically bold. Having grown up in the hood, Key wasn’t going to let anyone mess with her and get off easy. As her season ended, Key started her own reality show, ‘Trap Dollz,’ in 2023. The aspiring musician lives in Atlanta and decided to take her musical interests a step ahead by participating in ‘Hot Girls Atlanta’ on Trend TV.

Her castmate Shay’s death had deeply affected her, and she had put out a post in her honor, remembering Shay for having motivated her to sing and follow her dream. Key’s social media is filled with her musical renditions and funny videos. The year 2022 was extremely hard on her as she ended up losing two important people in her life – her blood brother Alex and her baby sister Hazel. This was followed by the loss of Rico, another blood brother, in 2024, leaving her utterly devastated.

Kiyanna Bygrave is Now an Aesthetic Social Media Influencer

Kiyanna ‘Kiki’ Bygrave was an original bad girl belonging to Brooklyn, New York. Having been bullied during her growing-up years, Kiki had grown a thick skin and didn’t let anything get to her. She studied psychology in college and wanted to use her experience in the loft to her advantage. The gorgeous Jamaican beauty now loves traveling the world and is a social media influencer. The current brands she’s working with are Dolls Kill and Brown Bomb Wigs. Kiki is also an advocate at the Graves’ Disease & Thyroid Foundation. She is quite famous on TikTok too, and is known by fans for living it up in luxury and class.

Sayyora Badalbaeva is Now a Law School Graduate

An Uzbekistan native, Sayyora ‘Say’ Badalbaeva, relocated to the US as a teenager. Choosing to break away from her conservative home, Say found comfort in being a wild party girl. The tattooed and pierced bombshell was enrolled at USC and had an envious GPA to her credit too. She found an insatiable urge to correct people and put them in their place, a trait that one would attribute to her dreams of becoming a lawyer. Say was able to turn her dreams into a reality and eventually became a law school graduate from Pepperdine Caruso School of Law and shared the news with fans in 2022. She has preferred to stay away from the limelight and keep her life private. Despite maintaining a social media presence, she isn’t active there.

Seven Craft is Now a Proud Mother to a Boy

The Fort Washington, Maryland native was given the nickname ‘The Seventh Wonder of the Hood,’ thanks to her forever partying image in D.C. With an extreme out-of-control temper, the natural ring leader had plans to rule the loft. Even though she managed to stay till the end, she was eventually removed in the finale after getting into an altercation with Kiyanna. Seven then went on to feature in ‘Baddies ATL’ too, and this time lasted till the end. The gorgeous diva is now a mother to an equally smart and handsome young boy, Syx Sahmir, and the mother-son duo often post fun and quirky videos together. Seven also has a thriving YouTube channel, ‘Seven Craft,’ where she talks about her life, experiences, and all in between.

Susan Shermann Now Has a Prosperous Career as a Beauty Influencer

Lynnwood, Washington’s Susan Shermann was born in a small town and experienced glamor firsthand when she went to Los Angeles. Then there was no turning back. The alpha female with extreme anger issues didn’t mind getting into ugly fights but hoped to put her wild days behind her. Susan has since then moved on from those bougie days and has been doing a lot of self-care and love. She also has a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle YouTube channel, but the page has been inactive for a while now. Susan is taking things easy, as her social media seems to suggest, and is currently on a journey of self-discovery.

Briana Walker Now Has a Thriving Social Media Presence

Briana ‘Bri’ Walker from Las Vegas, Nevada, was the only replacement girl of the season and had come in place of Susan. She joined the cast in episode 5 and stayed till the end. She also appeared on ‘Baddies South’ in 2022 and stayed up to the season finale. Briana has a booming social media presence thanks to being an OnlyFans star. She is fairly active on her other social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, and posts all sorts of content to keep her fans engaged.

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