Bad Girls Club Season 6: Where is the Cast Now?

‘Bad Girls Club’ is a reality television series that premiered in 2006 on Oxygen. The show follows the fights and physical confrontations experienced by seven unruly women residing in a lavish mansion. The sixth season of the franchise, ‘Bad Girls Club: Hollywood’ premiered in 2011 and was noted for taking the fights and quarrels up by a notch. As it has been quite some time since the season wrapped up, fans of the show can’t help but wonder, where are the castmates of ‘Bad Girls Club’ now?

Charmaine Warren Has Emraced the Duties of a Hands-On Mother

Charmaine ‘Char’ Warren from Chicago, Illinois, was nicknamed The CEB, AKA Chief Executive Bitch, and was one of the original bad girls of the season. She lasted through the series and was an absolute fan favorite for her bold, no-nonsense attitude. Once the season wrapped up, she decided to stir clear from the limelight. She embraced motherhood and welcomed her firstborn, Jay Germany, in 2012. About six years later, Charmaine welcomed another baby boy, Joran Parker, on January 23, 2018.

The former reality television star is now a hands-on soccer mother and is busy hyping her older son during his games and trying to help him live his dream of representing the Chicago Cubs. Charmaine has also become a fitness enthusiast herself and partakes in marathons and healthy eating while sharing her journey with her beloved friends and fans on social media.

Jade Bennett Now Has a Thriving Real Estate Career

Milwaukee, Wisconsin native Jade Bennett had one of the shortest stints on the show. Nicknamed the Party Diva, she voluntarily chose to exit the house in the first episode after getting into a heated exchange with castmate Nicole “Nikki” Giacara-Galladay. Despite her short-lived reality television stint, Jade has turned her life around by moving away from the glamour world and focusing on her career. She now has a booming profile as a realtor in Los Angeles, wherein she helps clients with buying, selling, and leasing gorgeous properties. Jade also has a shopping and retail business called Nahla J. Collection, where she sells exclusive bodysuits, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, sets, and workout wear.

Jessica Rodriguez Has Completely Gone Off the Radar

Jessica Rodriguez, AKA The Mouth, from Chicago, Illinois, was another original bad girl of the series. Her charming looks and confident attitude earned her the fans’ love and loyalty within no time. Even though Jessica stayed till the end, after the show wrapped up, she went completely off the radar. Since she hasn’t maintained any social media profiles, it is safe to assume that Jessica has wanted to stay clear of any unwarranted attention after her stint on reality television ended. However, it is rumored that she is now a mother and possibly works as a receptionist in Chicago, where she continues to reside.

Kori Koether is Now Studying to Be a Nurse

Kori Koether from Phoenix, Arizona, was given the tag of Botox Barbie on the show. She was one of the originals of the season and lasted till the penultimate episode. Once her stint in ‘Bad Girls Club’ ended, she participated in the third season of ‘Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too,’ and was the runner-up. After her experience with reality shows ended, Kori seems to have embraced a life away from the limelight and in the company of loved ones. She got married to Jacques Brose and has a daughter named Rylei.

Kori is also studying to be a nurse and has been working hard to achieve her dreams. The fitness enthusiast had a massive health scare in October 2023 when she fainted at home, and tests revealed a ruptured gallbladder. Since then, she has completely recovered and even got herself a stylish new luxury car in 2023. The resilient diva and travel enthusiast often shares snaps of her getaways with her friends and husband.

Lauren Spears is Now a Casting Associate Producer

Lexington, Kentucky native Lauren Spears was an original bad girl and had quite a memorable stint on the show. Despite the occasional bickering and indifferences, she managed to stay till the last episode. However, her time in reality television eventually saw her venture into the entertainment world, albeit in a different sphere.

Lauren, currently based in Los Angeles, now works as a Casting Associate Producer & Talent Recruiter for various networks like MTV, Bravo, FOX, and CBS and the streaming giants Netflix, Peacock, and the like. On the personal front, she’s in a happy and committed relationship with Matt Papa. Lauren also seems to harbor a travel bug as she enjoys traveling the world and often shares delightful snaps of her getaways.

Nicole Giacara-Galladay is Now a Successful Female Bodybuilder

Nicole “Nikki” Giacara-Galladay, AKA The Prankster from Annandale, New Jersey, was quite the bad girl. She got into several nasty fights on the show, which made her a fan favorite for obvious reasons. As of now, it seems that Nikki has held onto her fitness ambitions as she and her husband, Nick Giacara, now run FiT2NiK, which they started in 2012. The couple provides fitness training focusing on one’s entire lifestyle and beyond instead of just the temporary looks. Nikki is a female bodybuilder and often partakes in contests, several of which she has proudly won as well.

Sydney Steinfeldt Now Works as a Nurse

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Sydney Steinfeldt had quite a memorable stay on the show. While she voluntarily exited in episode 3 owing to a family emergency, she returned soon after, only to quit in episode 4 following an argument with Char. However, she made one final appearance on the show during the season finale for a network photoshoot. Sydney, who now resides in Fort Smith, Arkansas, works as a nurse and seems to have left her world on reality television far behind. In her personal life, Syndey was tragically left bereaved when she lost the love of her life, Christian Patterson, to cancer, and her social media bio remains a testament to how much she misses him.

Ashley King is Now a Mother to a Baby Girl

Ashley King, AKA The Bombshell, came as one of the replacement girls as she entered the show in place of Jade in episode 3. The Norfolk, Virginia native was nevertheless removed from the house in episode 8 after she got into a dirty physical fight with Kori. Ashley seems to have left her wild girl days behind, as she is now a stunning influencer and an equally gorgeous mother to Aliya, born in 2013. However, when a fan suggested the possibility of her participating in Baddies again, she was quick to say that she had “outgrown that lifestyle.”

Jennifer Buonagurio is Now a Fitness Enthusiast

Jennifer Buonagurio, also known as The Jersey Princess, is a Bergen County, New Jersey native who had entered the show as a replacement for Sydney. A fan of all the finer things in life and not used to hearing the word “No,” Jennifer chose to leave the house when an altercation with Wilmarie and Nikki got a little out of hand. After her reality show stint ended, she started focusing on her fitness and travels. Her social media seems as a picture book of her gorgeous outings and an equally inspiring fitness journey that she keeps her fans updated with.

Wilmarie Sena is Now Happily Engaged

Wilmarie ‘Wilma’ Sena, AKA Rough Rider, a Passaic County, New Jersey native, was another one of the replacement girls who joined the show in place of Ashley. However, after she got into an ugly spat with Nikki, she was asked to leave the house. Wilmarie now uses her social media to raise her voice for just causes happening all across the world. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts reaction videos, but the page has been dormant for a while now. Wilmarie got engaged to her longtime boyfriend in September 2022 and shared videos of the happy moment on her social media profile.

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