Bad Girls Club Season 9: Where is the Cast Now?

Season 9 of Oxygen’s hit television reality franchise, ‘Bad Girls Club,’ also titled ‘Bad Girls Club: Mexico.’ premiered in 2012 and introduced seven original bad girls who lived together within luxury and strict rules. Set in Cabo San Lucas, the season also saw the arrival of three replacement girls after one voluntarily left and two others were asked to leave by production due to extreme physical violence. As it has been over a decade since the season wrapped up, ardent fans of the show are eager to know a bit about the current whereabouts of the castmates featured.

Ashley Dye is Now Leading a Happy and Content Family Life

Ashley Dye from Bartlett, Illinois, was an original castmate who lasted till the end of the series. She was against bullying from the start due to prior experiences in life and valued loving herself. Seen as quiet and mature, one would have to truly get on her nerves to bring out the bad girl in her. Even though she did get into quite a few ugly brawls, Ashley seems to have matured from her experiences. She married her longtime partner, Matt Olinger, on March 5, 2022. She is the perfect mother to Mackenzie Rae, Matt’s daughter from a previous relationship. The couple’s rainbow baby, Iverson Lee Olinger, was born on April 25, 2021. Their daughter, Emerson Elizabeth Olinger, came into their lives on June 4, 2023. The adorable family of five, with their furry friends, currently reside in Illinois and often share wholesome content on Ashley’s socials.

Christina Salgado is Set to Embrace Motherhood

Jersey City, New Jersey’s Christina Salgado was given the nickname The Sultry Spitfire, and rightfully so. The gorgeous diva of Puerto Rican descent was an absolute fireball in the house and had a few rough fights with her castmates. Not one to mince words, Christina refused to back down in any situation. It eventually led her to get removed from the house in episode 7 after she was caught in a physical conflict with Rima. However, she did return once again during the finale for the cast photoshoot.

This wasn’t the only time Christina was part of the ‘BGC’ franchise. She also starred in both ‘Baddies ATL,’ where she made it to the end, and ‘Baddies South,’ where she voluntarily chose to exit in the first episode. The musician has since then been working on her songs and released “Trippin,” “Options,” and “Hours.” She has also worked on a few covers. All her songs are available on her YouTube channel. On the personal front, Christina is going to embrace motherhood soon. She announced on her social media with an adorable post calling her to-be-born child her “own personal best friend for life.”

Erika Jordan Runs a Flourishing YouTube Review Show

Erika Jordan AKA The Boss Bitch had a thriving career as a rapper in Chicago when she joined the show. Known for being witty and playful, her true passion lay in her music. While Erika could be a great friend to those she wanted, she could just as quickly become their worst enemy if the situation called for it. While she hoped to win the grand prize to further her music career, she was sadly removed in episode 5 after getting into a physical fight with Rima. Despite not getting to the finale, Erika didn’t let the loss dampen her spirits and applied to the first season of ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle.’

Sadly, she withdrew from the show in episode 5 after getting injured. Erika has continued performing her rap and shares snippets on her social media. She has also donned the executive producer’s hat for ‘Bat Bitch Section,’ an original reality series that airs on Tubi. The third season of the show is set to release in 2024. She also has a successful YouTube channel, ‘LucciVee,’ where she posts all sorts of content, from product and episode reviews to family vlogs.

Falen Ghirmai is Now an Entrepreneur of a Thriving Business

Fairfax, Virginia’s Falen Ghirmai, an Eritrea native, is another one of the originals of the series. A fierce fighter who knew how to take a stand for herself, she had garnered quite a fan following despite the fights she would often get into. Since the show’s end, Falen has made quite a turn in her life. Now a mother of one gorgeous mumma’s girl, she works as an area sales and marketing director and is also the founder and CEO of her business venture, Lolana Lashes. A person who believes in spreading hope and positivity, Falen often posts to motivate people to go and enjoy life. She has held onto her glamorous self, and her social media is filled with images and videos of herself, her travels, her work, and adorable snaps of her daughter.

Julie Ofcharsky is a Staunch Advocate For Social Causes Today

Julie Ofcharsky was one of the originals who made it to the end. Belonging to Boston, Massachusetts, the Devious Diva was known for getting into fights and manipulating people to get things her way. While her image on the show wasn’t always great, she has since turned her world around and now does lots of good work. Julie is a domestic violence victim and sex worker advocate. Currently residing in Los Angeles, the now “retired bad girl,” as her social media profile suggests, is actively trying to help the victims of Alex Filho, a former boyfriend of hers.

After giving her profile a fresh start, Julie, on a post-dated January 17, 2024, spoke out about Alex and the numerous cases of sexual assault abuse allegations that were coming out. She has since then been actively trying to work to get a law passed in California to ensure that the treatment for all sexual assault victims is the same irrespective of whether they’re sexual workers, especially when they haven’t consented to it. On the personal front, she’s been in a happy and content relationship with Dicky since 2016.

Mehgan James is Now a Successful Podcast Host

The Texas Temptation AKA Mehgan James, from Texas City, Texas, is another one of the original bad girls. Before her time on the show, she had been a part of another reality series, ’50 Cent: The Money and the Power.’ Spirited and raw, Mehgan got into several fights throughout the series and eventually decided to voluntarily leave after getting into an altercation with Rima and Falen. However, this wasn’t the end of her ‘BGC’ association as she went on to appear in season 1 of ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle,’ where she got eliminated in episode 1. Not to get deterred, she appeared in the second season too, and this time finished third.

Mehgan also started appearing on ‘Basketball Wives: LA,’ but left after a season in 2015. She once again made a return to the franchise in 2023 with ‘Basketball Wives: Orlando.’ Now an entrepreneur and the podcast host of ‘The Hollywood Groupchat,’ Mehgan is thriving professionally. While her social media presence is quite strong, the diva has been experimenting with singing and has released several singles. Living in Los Angeles, California, Mehgan’s YouTube channel contains everything from her travel vlogs to episode reviews and more. She is currently in a relationship with Dre Gilly and often shares fun snaps of the couple together.

Rimanelli Mellal is Now on a Path to Spiritual and Divine Healing

Rimanelli ‘Rima’ Mellal, a Chicago, Illinois native, was quite the fighter in her season. An original who lasted till the end, she was rightfully given the tag of The Wild Child as she’d managed to get into altercations with almost every cast member despite her authentic and honest self. After Rima’s stint in season 9, she appeared in season 13 as one of the replacement girls. Having left her reality show days behind, Rima focuses on spiritual and divine healing. She has started ‘Wild Child Healing,’ where she shares her journey and provides customized experiences as a life strategist, relationship whisperer, and certified cosmic sexuality instructor. In her personal life, Rima, who now resides in Europe, is in a happy space with her three kids, Ishmael, Hakeem, and Malika Bijou, and her partner Demonte Harper.

Andrea Jones is a Well-Established Singer Today

Bethpage, New York’s Andrea ‘Drea’ Jones, was one of the replacement girls of the season and had joined in episode 5 in place of Erica. Her fights inside the house were just as iconic as herself, leading her to voluntarily exit in episode 11 after things got a little out of hand with Falen, Ashley, Rima, and Julie. Away from all the reality show glitz and glam, Andrea, who now goes by the name Drea Dominique, has made a flourishing career as a singer. Her songs are readily available on all major streaming platforms.

Over the years, she’s performed in music videos with several big names like Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Robin Thicke and even collaborated with Travis Kr8ts. In 2021, she started her company, Heart Space by Drea, and it sells everything from lashes to lipglosses and apparel. That’s not all, as Andrea also runs a weekly podcast, ‘Dos Mucho,’ and is soon set to release ‘Drea’s Diary,’ which will be a vlog on her life. While she doesn’t share much about her personal life, Andrea lost her beloved Nanny in 2019, and Aunty Audrey in 2020, and both losses affected her deeply. She is also the mother of a pretty little girl named Aaliyah.

Zayden Ramos is a Proud Transgender Man Married to His Love

A Tampa, Florida native, Zayden Ramos was titled Caribbean Cassonova and was one of the replacement entries on the show. After the show ended, Zayden came out as a transgender person. He started dating Naiara Pellegrini, a ballerina professional, in 2021, and the two seemingly got married sometime later. Living a wholesome life alongside the love of his life, Zayden now focuses on his fitness and shares inspiring workout videos with his fans.

Zayden also provides personalized classes for those prioritizing their health and physical wellness. He also shares adorable content with his wife on social media, showing the couple’s strong bond. After coming out as a transgender man, Zayden has started a GoFundMe to aid in raising expenses for all the surgeries he intends on taking, hoping fans will come forward to help him live the life he has always wanted.

Natasha Smoot Now Maintains a Low Profile

Monroe, New York’s Natasha Smoot was the last of the replacement girls of the season. She had entered the show after Meghan’s exit. After her short reality show stint, Natasha seems to have gone off the radar a little. Despite having social media profiles on all major platforms, she’s kept her accounts private. As it appears like Natasha is trying to stir clear of all the attention and limelight, we would respect her choice and hope she’s doing well in life, no matter where she is.

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