Bayleigh Dayton From Big Brother: Everything We Know

If there is one example of a person who was already a star even before they got on the show “Big Brother”, it is Bayleigh Amethyst Dayton. Starting from working as a flight attendant to becoming the face of ‘savage x fenty’, a famous lingerie brand by the Pop singer Rihanna, Dayton has truly done it all! But before all of this, her fans will always remember her as an American Television reality star. Here is everything you need to know about her.

Bayleigh Dayton: Age and Education

Turning 27 this year, Dayton was born on May 25, 1993. Raised in Lee Summit, Missouri, Dayton had always aspired to become a print model and she achieved her goal after she moved to Atlanta, Georgia and is now settled with her husband Swaggy C at the fancy town of the US, Los Angeles.   After completing her high school from Notre Dame de Sion High School in Kansas City, Dayton graduated in Business Administration and Management from Baylor University in 2014. She was a good student in college and got awarded scholarships for her sincere academic pursuits. 

Bayleigh Dayton: Family and Husband

The American TV star has remained comparatively ‘lowkey’ about her parents or any other family member. Her family appeared on ‘Family Feud’ during the November 12th, 2018 episode. It was filmed before Dayton’s time on ‘Big Brother‘ Season 20 (2018). 

The event that brought Bayleigh Dayton under the limelight was the spark between her and a fellow Houseguest, Chris “Swaggy C”, that the audience witnessed from the beginning. Their engagement was the official ‘showmance’ of season 20 — and interestingly, they were together in the house for only 23 days. The couple publicly clarified the intensity of their feelings by promising life-long commitment to each other on the season’s finale night. 

An American entrepreneur and TV star, Christopher Jordan Williams, reportedly got married to his fiancé on his 24th birthday, February 17, 2019 and disclosed the news only to their near and dear ones. The public announcement was made only after a year of living with each other around the New Year’s Day (2020), after which they started wearing their wedding rings.   

Abound in intense challenges, secret alliances and a whole lot of romance, the CBS competition show has witnessed various relationships inside and outside the house. But only a handful of them survives after the cameras stop rolling on to them. Dayton and Swaggy C are one of them even after facing their own set of problems.  

It would be unfair to assume that things were nothing but hunky-dory for the couple since the first day. They had their arguments, fights, and some serious setbacks that could have completely ruined their newfound romance yet they survived all of this. The biggest example of this is when Dayton was heard discussing a possible pregnancy but the news was not confirmed while the show was aired. Later, both of them came together to confirm this and shared the unfortunate information that she had miscarried during her time in the jury house.

Despite facing such hardships very early on, the power couple has come out stronger than before and show utmost faith in each other. Dayton’s social media handles are full of their warm pictures in which their fans witness the heaven-sent love.

Bayleigh Dayton’s Profession

At a young age of just above 25, Dayton has achieved quite a lot and that too with her handwork and sheer dedication alone. Starting from a humble profession of a flight attendant. She is the only woman of color (African-American) to ever be crowned Miss Missouri. Not stopping at just that, she went on to win Miss Congeniality at the national level.  

Looking at her abs, it does not come as a surprise that she is a yoga enthusiast and a professional yoga instructor. She has also worked in other famous projects like The Return (2008) and was chosen by MTV, along with her husband, for the 35th season of ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ (2020) which is still ongoing.  

Admittedly unfocused the last time she was on the show, Dayton now commits to have evolved from the mistakes she had committed in the past. Now, she has her eyes set on the prize and vivaciously aims to be the prestigious winner of the CBS’ famous TV reality show.

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