Are Garrett and Becca From The Bachelorette Still Together?

Garrett and Becca

Since its premiere in January 2003, ‘The Bachelorette’ has undoubtedly been one of the top-rated shows on ABC. The dating game show is a gender-reversed off-shoot of ABC’s reality juggernaut ‘The Bachelor.’ The show revolves around a bachelorette, mostly a former contestant from the parent show, who sets out to find the perfect life partner, among 25-30 potential suitors.

Over 15 seasons, the show has seen several heartbreaks and a few lasting unions. Garrett and Becca’s heartwarming journey was praised by fans and the finale opened the floodgates when Becca chose Garrett to be her future husband. Curious to know the current status of their relationship? Let’s find out!

Garrett and Becca: The Bachelorette Journey

Rebecca Kufrin AKA Becca is an American publicist who was born in Benson, Minnesota. Becca has seen a lot in life as she lost her father Steve Kufrin when she was just 19 years old, and her mother, Jill, survived a battle with breast cancer. The reality star had her heart broken before her appearance on the spin-off when she appeared on the 22nd season of ‘The Bachelor.’ Although Arie Luyendyk Jr. chose Becca as his partner, he broke off the engagement and went ahead to marry runner-up Lauren Burnham.

She decided to give love another chance when she appeared on the fourteenth season of ‘The Bachelorette.’ On their very first date, Garrett and Becca went fishing in the pool where she got nostalgic about her childhood, reminiscing how her father used to take her fishing. Sparks flew between the two and Garrett ended up receiving the first impression rose. During their one-on-one date in Park City, Garrett opened up about his divorce with his abusive ex-wife. Garrett received a rose for his honesty and they went on to attend a concert by Granger Smith. During the show, Garrett came under the radar for liking homophobic and sexist memes on Instagram but he later apologized for the same.

On their second one-on-one, the duo flew a seaplane over the Bahamas. She met Garrett’s family in Manteca, California, and Garrett confessed how they loved her. In the finale, Garrett and Becca enjoyed a boat ride in the center of the Indian Ocean and dived underwater with the dolphins. Becca then proceeded to turn down Blake Horstmann and chose Garrett. On the beach, Garrett went down on his knees and popped the question to Becca, who obviously, said Yes!

Are Garrett and Becca Still Together?

Yes, the lovely couple is still engaged. The two have had a smooth sailing relationship after cementing their romance on the show. The fan-favorite couple went on several trips together and their Instagram accounts are packed with photos of the two, enjoying their romantic bliss.

In May 2020, the couple completed their second engagement anniversary. Check out the picture Becca shared on her account, along with the caption that read: “Hey @gy_yrigoyen, remember when you opened the ring box backwards? That’s when I knew I was in for the time of my life. Two years down, hopefully 68 more to go. I love you G.”

Later that month, Becca shared another picture of the two while fishing, addressing him as “the catch of my life.”

However, things have changed between the couple after Garrett shared a pro-police post in the wake of the still-ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. In the caption, Garrett wrote, “It’s important for me to recognize the ones who stand in the gap and put their lives on the line each and every single day for humans of different race and ethnicity, including those who hate them.”

Amid all the slamming from fans, his comments were branded as “tone-deaf” by Rachel Lindsay, during the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with Becca. On the podcast, Becca announced that she is torn over the controversy and is not sure what the future holds for her and Garrett. She said, “Garrett is my fiancé and I love him and, to his core, I believe that he is a good person. I don’t align with and I don’t agree with [his post].”

Elaborating on that, Becca said in another podcast, “For those who are curious about my relationship with Garrett at this point, all I can say right now is I don’t know. I can’t give anything more than that. It’s something that we are trying to work through and discuss and do work on at home at this time and that’s where the work will remain and that’s really the best I can give you at this point.”

Garrett seems to be reflecting on his controversial post, as he recently shared a post with the caption, “Being corrected is better than remaining in self-deceit.”

So, as of today, although the couple is still together, they are going through a rough patch in their relationship. But just like all their previous issues, we believe they will sort this one too, with maturity and mutual understanding and come out of it, better and stronger.–_KifBviC/

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