When Does The Bachelor Season 25 Come Out?

‘The Bachelor’, ranked among the most-watched reality shows in America, might be one of those titles that have given rise to the maximum numbers of spin-offs, international versions, and even parodies — which have all progressed to develop their own fan-bases. So, no wonder, the show has spanned 24 seasons since its premiere, way back in 2002.

With the 24th season having finally wrapped up with an explosive finale, fans obviously want to know the details of the upcoming installment. Here’s all you need to know about ‘The Bachelor’ season 25.

The Bachelor Season 25 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘The Bachelor’ Season 24 premiered on January 6, 2020, on ABC. After spanning 12 episodes, it ended on March 9, 2020.

Throughout its run, the last season attracted viewerships in the range of 6-7 million, which is at par with its preceding seasons. And this is in spite of the low critic ratings earned by the season. But it is a known fact that the success of reality shows rarely depends on ratings or critical reviews — it is all about how the ongoing drama appeals to fans, and ‘The Bachelor’ is living proof of this trend.

The show manages to stay strong in terms of viewership numbers and has developed its own fan base across the years. Moreover, it is a breakout hit for ABC. And now we also have an official confirmation — ABC has renewed the show for its 25th edition! The series, since its 13th season, has been debuting in the first week of January every year. So, ‘The Bachelor’ season 25 will premiere, in all certainty, in January 2021 (unless its schedule undergoes some unplanned changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic)

The Bachelor Season 25 Cast: Host & Contestants

‘The Bachelor’, since its launch, has been hosted by Chris Harrison, who will undoubtedly make a comeback in season 25 as well.

Each season introduces a new bachelor, who chooses his potential bride from a romantic pool of female participants. Season 24 introduced us to Pilot Peter Weber as the bachelor. His name was announced by Chris Harrison during the reunion episode of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 6, over castmates Tyler Cameron and Mike Johnson. And season 25 will feature another star, whose name is yet to be revealed.

Joining the bachelor is a group of single women, vying for his affection. In season 24, we met 30 such contestants. The last remaining ladies were Hannah Ann and Madison Prewett, with the former making her way to Peter’s heart. However, in the ‘After the Final Rose special’, it was revealed that Peter and Hannah had ended their engagement. Season 25 is expected to announce a fresh set of around 25-30 females, battling it out to win the bachelor’s heart.

What Can The Bachelor Season 25 be About?

Each season of ‘The Bachelor’ is centered around a single bachelor who starts off by getting involved with a group of romantic interests from whom he chooses his potential life partner. As the episodes progress, contestants are eliminated by the bachelor, rounding the ladies harem to the finalist, to whom he pops the question.

Throughout the season, the crew travels to various sites and engages in one-on-one or group dates to get to know one another better. The conflict and drama that ensue among the participants in each season are the main USPs of this reality series. Season 25 will follow the same premise with a fresh set of stars, new destinations, and new challenges — all in the name of love!

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