Beddley on ‘Shark Tank’: Everything We Know

Business, investors, business models, and charts can seem very dry and dull but not on ‘Shark Tank.’ ABC’s star entrepreneur show, ‘Shark Tank’ follows the journey of aspiring business entrepreneurs who pitch their products and business models to the self-made business tycoons like Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Daymond John who serve as potential investors, provided they are ready to make the leap. The judges are famous for their openness and shrewd business mindedness.

To reason with this fierce competition, Lola Ogden makes an appearance on ‘Shark Tank’ to pitch her business named ‘Beddley.’ The brand aims to change the game with messy bed covers and duvets. It seeks to keep waking up and going to sleep hassle-free.

Beddley: Who Are They?

Lola Ogden started Beddly to find comfortable sleeping solutions. The idea behind the brand is to eliminate all the time we spent in learning and making our bed. She offers an easy way out of learning duvet folding methods like the burrito roll or the California roll. Beddley’s duvet model is quite akin to how a sleeping bag works. As Ogden points out on her website:

Your bedroom should always bring happy thoughts and be a place to release stress. Why continue to struggle with your duvet cover when life can be a lot easier? We decided to do something about it and created Beddley, a guaranteed solution to all duvet cover frustrations. Now you can show your duvet cover who’s boss.” 

‘Beddley’: What Do They Do?

The duvet cover has three zips on each side that helps to keep the sheet in place without wrinkles and falling apart. ‘Beddley is not merely about the technique but also about the quality it guarantees. The duvet covers come in different shades and materials.

The Beddley website is simple and to the point. It doesn’t give much history. However, it briefly talks about why Ogden came up with this idea. It makes sense considering people who work 9-5 jobs around the clock has less time to bother with duvet covers. The product is washing machine friendly and easy to store. Children, too, can have less messy beds when they don’t have to fold their duvet covers continually. The Beddley website offers ‘Shark Tank’ deals already.

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