Belinda and Patrick: Has the MAFS Australia Couple Split?

Nine Network’s Australian reality television series ‘Married at First Sight’ features several individuals hoping to find their perfect match. Melbourne, Victoria natives Belinda Vickers and Patrick Hayes Dwyer, joined the eighth season, with the aim to be matched with a partner they would be most compatible with. While Patrick had previously been unlucky in love and was expecting the arranged marriage route would suit him, Belinda had never been in a relationship before and wished the experts would help her find her husband. With similar requirements, both fans and experts hoped that the two would instantly click, which they did. But did personal trainer Patrick and door-to-door sales Belinda manage to make their relationship last against all odds? Are they still together?

Belinda and Patrick Were One Of The Most Adorable Pairs On the Show

Belinda, then 29, was an open-minded and ambitious woman whose definition of an ideal partner would be someone positive, honest, humble, and comfortable in his own skin. Meanwhile, Patrick, then 27, with a bubbly and upbeat personality, wanted a wife who would share his love for traveling and would be dedicated, loving, and sociable. With both belonging to tight-knit families, it took them no time to warm up to each other. Patrick’s ability to see the positive in every situation and his warm smile won over Belinda in no time. After having enjoyed a glorious wedding day, the couple jetted off for their honeymoon to Caves Beach in New South Wales.

Hoping to take advantage of the romantic setting, Patrick decided to set up a lovely bath for himself and his pretty wife. However, the gesture came across as a bit too much for his new bride, who thought the situation was “a bit of an overload.” The couple tried to make the situation as normal as possible but were unable to, leading Belinda to leave the tub. After their awkward bath, their honeymoon went a little downhill, with Patrick getting withdrawn and acting indifferent and chilly towards Belinda.

In conversation with 9Enterntainment, Patrick shared, “I was just overwhelmed by the whole thing.” This was just the start, as the couple’s struggle with intimacy continued throughout the experiment. Since he was Belinda’s first boyfriend, she needed time to get comfortable with the idea of being close to him. Meanwhile, Patrick had already started falling in love with her much faster than either had anticipated.

In their Final Vows, while Patrick was eager to see her after a long gap, their time apart had also helped him reflect on the lack of reassurance she’d given him about her feelings. Meanwhile, Belinda arrived, intent on sharing her true emotions with him. Despite having struggled to articulate what was in her heart throughout the experiment, distance had played its role in making her realize the extent she’d begun feeling for him. The moment the two met after being apart was adorable, to say the least, with both giving each other a warm smile. Soon after, they shared their heartfelt vows and reaffirmed their love for each other before choosing to walk away together, looking forward to their life ahead.

Belinda Has Found Love Elsewhere, While Patrick Now Maintains a Low-Profile

Nine months after their reality show wedding, Belinda and Patrick decided to call it quits, leaving their beloved fans absolutely heartbroken. The pair shared the message on their respective social media together. Belinda, who did accept that the pair was always a “team,” told Who Magazine, “We tried to work through it and talk about what we could do about our differences, but it gets to a point when you realize you have to cut your losses.” Belinda and Patrick’s primary reason for their split was their different goals. The couple couldn’t agree on matters of love, life, and family, and the timings of certain events in their lives.

After the split, Patrick unfollowed Belinda from his social media, and both of them removed all posts of the former couple together. Belinda, however, continues to follow him as of writing. After their split, Belinda found love with Hayden Burbank in May 2022. The couple often share loved-up pictures together. Being active on social media, Belinda, who colored her gorgeous hair red, now enjoys working on herself and her fitness. She keeps fans updated with all the happenings of her life.

Belinda is often seen sharing glimpses into her travels with friends and family. Meanwhile, Patrick had a massive glow-up and got himself new Porcelain Veneers after getting trolled for them on the show. Post his time on the reality series, he was seen spending time in the company of friends and family, away from all the limelight. In December 2021, Patrick announced his decision to go on an unexplained and indefinite social media hiatus.

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