Are MAFS Australia Stars Jules and Cam Still Romantically Involved?

Nine Network’s social experiment Australian reality television series ‘Married at First Sight’ brings together individuals unknown to each other to see whether they are compatible as a pair. Season 6 saw two very promising individuals, Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant, sign up to try their luck. The pair showed commitment and compatibility from the start, turning them into fan favorites within no time.

Considered to be one of the least dramatic couples of the season, viewers of the show couldn’t help but hold on to hopes that the pair would find love with each other and find something permanent. While it has been some time since the 2019 season aired, fans have been wondering about the current status of their favorite couple. So, are the gorgeous pair of Jules and Cam still together?

Jules and Cam Clicked For All the Right Reasons

Sydney-based business owner Jules, then 36 years old, had been on dating apps quite a bit. Tired, she was looking for something more real and permanent. On ‘MAFS,’ she was introduced to fellow Sydney native Cameron Merchant, a then 34-year-old former professional cricketer who had put his career ahead of his love life all along and was now looking to find lasting love. The two almost instantly hit it off, with Cam being absolutely taken aback by how stunning his bride-to-be was. After their initial meeting and subsequent marriage, they began warming up to each other.

Though Jules felt a little skeptical about his height, Cam was able to win her over through his personality and warm nature. Considered to be one of the strongest matches of the show, their vows left everyone feeling all sorts of positive and content emotions. As they set off for a romantic honeymoon in New Zealand to celebrate their newfound pairing, the couple chose to renew their wedding vows as a sign of reaffirming their relationship. It was here that a completely smitten Cam told Jules that she would make an amazing mother, and like her, he loved kids just as much. Viewers couldn’t help but notice the telling signs that the charming cricketer and vivacious businesswoman were in this for the long haul.

Throughout the filming of the season, Jules and Cameron stuck with each other. When Cam said, “I love you” first, Jules couldn’t contain her tears cause she knew she’d finally found her special someone. The pair who brought two plants called “Gemma” and “Harrison” during the experiment decided to move in together. Despite being surrounded by couples choosing to separate due to cheating, scandals, and drama, their faith in each other remained unwavering. As they headed for their final vows, the enamored pair capped their fairytale romance on the show with a grand finale. Cam went down on one and asked a dumbstruck Jules to marry him.

Jules and Cam Are Still Together and Proud Parents to a Boy

The pair who had chosen to commit to each other the first time they’d laid eyes on each other decided to see their promise through. Jules and Cam became one of ‘MAFS’s’ rare pairs to continue to stick around after the show wrapped up. They embarked on a romantic European trip soon after and culminated it with a celebration of their ‘almost first anniversary’ in Thailand. As their marriage on the show wasn’t legally binding, the pair decided to get their marriage legalized through a beautiful ceremony on November 18, 2019, in Sydney, which was aired on the Australian news show ‘A Current Affair.’

Six months after their grand wedding, which the couple shared on their social media, they announced that they were expecting. On September 30, 2020, their baby boy Oliver Chase Merchant was born. The family of three soon settled in a grand £1 million Sydney address, located on the Northern Beaches in 2020, after Cam decided to sell his Kirribilli apartment. In an interview with The Times, Jules shared about how neither she nor Cam was each other’s first choice. While Cam agreed, he was quick to add, “It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was a vibe at first sight.”

Over the years, the couple have invested quite a bit in real estate and continue to flourish in various aspects of their lives. In September 2023, they celebrated five years of knowing each other. In 2022, Jules signed a lucrative book deal with Simon and Schuster Australia. She’s also the current co-host of ‘The Juggling Act’ podcast with Melissa Wilson. Meanwhile, Cam is a mental health and wellness presenter working with ‘cuppa. tv’ and the NPO ‘Gotcha4life Foundation’ and a performance coach. The couple is quite active on social media and keeps sharing updates about themselves, the work they do, friends, family, and their adorable baby boy.

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