Bella and Michael: Has the MAFS Australia Pair Separated?

Nine Network’s experimental Australian dating reality series ‘Married at First Sight’ follows a team of experts as they conduct social experiments and pair up absolute strangers who meet at the altar, get married, and are sent on a honeymoon. After they return, they must decide on whether to stay or leave. Bella Frizza and Michael Hughes were two strangers who chose to walk down the aisle with each other in season 3 of the show. They seemed to click right from the moment they met and said “yes” to their final decision, making viewers hopeful for a happily ever after. But were the couple able to stand the tests of time and stick around with each other?

Bella and Michael Had a Tumultuous Journey on MAFS

Gold Coast radio presenter Bella and then-32-year-old Brisbane fashion accessories designer Michael were the perfect match in the third season. Bella, who was 30 years old at the time, had previously been single for five years and was tired of getting her heart broken repeatedly. Meanwhile, Michael, who seemed like an absolute charmer, managed to wow her the moment she saw him. The couple who didn’t hesitate to say, “I love you,” within a few days of their meeting enjoyed a comfortable and stress-free romance, leading everyone to secretly hope for them to make it.

It was their equation and understanding with each other that made viewers root for them right from the get-go. In fact, Bella’s acceptance of Michael’s 6-year-old son from a previous relationship made everyone believe that the relationship was meant to be. The couple enjoyed a nice and cozy honeymoon at Port Douglas, Queensland, and it was all smooth sailing. The pair seemed so into each other that they didn’t for once hesitate to stay together in their final vows.

However, the mature couple, who seemed to have everything going their way soon, discovered they were looking for different things in their relationships. Added to that, their contrasting lifestyles and clashing personalities also began causing a bit of a problem. While Bella was an extrovert, Michael was an introvert, leading to further friction. The couple were quite frank with each other and didn’t mind talking out their problems and making difficult decisions.

Bella is Now a Happy Mother and Michael Maintains a Low Profile

No, Bella and Michael are no longer together. The couple decided to call time on their relationship three months after the show wrapped up. In a conversation with The Fix, Bella said, “It just didn’t work out.” The couple realized that their worlds were quite different once they resumed their everyday lives. She added, “It’s very different when you’re being filmed versus not being filmed.” However, unlike most couples, the two decided to maintain friendly terms with each other and continue to keep in touch, as shared by Michael to Mamamia.

However, luckily for Bella, she found a special someone a month after her break-up. Ironically, this time too, her partner’s name was Michael. While the couple, who were introduced through common friends, seemed smitten by each other, they soon parted ways. The Gold Coast radio host, who had said she didn’t intend on becoming a parent any time soon, embraced motherhood on March 3, 2022. She welcomed an adorable baby boy, Finn Ryder Gibson, with her partner Sam Gibson, whom she’s been dating since March 8, 2020. Bella is a loving pet parent who was left bereaved after her beloved pet dog, Mopsy, passed away in 2020. She now has another pet dog and cat, making the family complete.

Bella enjoys sharing hair care solutions with fans and is quite active on social media. She is often seen sharing snaps with her friends, families, and fur babies. Meanwhile, Michael seems to have maintained a low profile after the show wrapped up. Despite having social media accounts, the charming and shy designer has preferred to remain private there. However, going by the bond he had shared with Bella and based on the occasional banter the two engaged in on social media, we would like to believe the two continue to remain friends and keep each other updated about their lives.

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