Are Nicole and Craig From MAFS Australia Still Together?

Season 3 of Nine Network’s ‘Married at First Sight’ saw multiple strangers paired together by experts to see whether they might click. Nicole Heir and Craig Keller, two interesting personalities, were also among the individuals who took part in the experiment. Both had strong personalities, leading them to navigate several ups and downs throughout the season. However, despite it all, the couple chose to leave the Australian show together, intent on committing to their relationship. But was their bond able to stand the test of time after the show concluded? As fans continue to wonder about their favorite pair, let’s have a look at the current status of Nicole and Craig’s relationship.

Nicole and Craig’s MAFS Journey was Frought With Hiccups

Nicole was introduced on the show as a 28-year-old teacher from Gold Coast, Queensland. The experts paired her with then-26-year-old Craig, a former Navy engineer from Brisbane. The pair shared an instant connection and went on a honeymoon to the Cook Islands. While Craig was smitten by Nicole and became a changed man in love, she found his fun-loving attitude and desire to start a family endearing.

Nicole struggled to handle his conflict resolution. It was what eventually led to a wedge between the couple. Though Craig tried to remain optimistic about resolving their differences, Nicole seemed to be reaching her boiling point. Another thing that kept bothering her was his lack of independence. Being an independent woman with a stable income, she realized that Craig hadn’t reached that point in his life yet. Their on-and-off relationship began to take a toll on the couple. However, the two decided to try and navigate through the initial hiccups, leaving viewers pleased to see them choose to work on it.

Nicole and Craig Split Up and Found Love Elsewhere

No, Nicole and Craig parted ways soon after the show’s filming ended. Trouble in paradise for the two began to break out while on the show after a drunk Craig arrived home after a crazy night out with his friends. Despite her choosing to give them another chance, it seemed that the relationship had run its course. While he claimed to love Nicole still and hoped for a reconciliation, she was far less optimistic. Even though they did get together on and off after the filming ended, the couple never fully resumed their relationship, eventually ending it for good.

Around a year after the divorce, Nicole claimed that Craig had had an abusive outburst due to the alleged consumption of alcohol and pain medications on the production crew of ‘Married at First Sight,’ leading her to feel unsafe with him. However, Craig, on his part, had insisted in a now-deleted Instagram post that all this was fake speculation and that the real reason was because the couple’s friends failed to get along. After their messy divorce, Craig decided to change his life for good. He quit drinking and got engaged to his girlfriend in 2017. Katie Martin, a single mother of two, was a friend of his from primary school.

While Craig was going through a low phase on the professional front, on the personal front, he had a silver lining when he became a proud father of a baby girl named Penny Lane on December 21, 2019. However, the couple separated, leading Craig to face restrictions in meeting up with his daughter. However, the former Navy man has decided not to let his bad experiences with love get in the way of finding someone special. As of 2023, he’s dating Chantelle Barnes, a single mother. The couple has an adorable Frenchie together as well.

Craig leads a quieter and more peaceful life now and has chosen to work on himself, healing and growing in the company of family and loved ones. He’s pretty active on social media and enjoys sharing snippets of his life with his friends and fans. Meanwhile, Nicole has preferred to stay away from the spotlight and enjoy her single life in the company of friends and family. However, she has found love again too, with Dane. The couple are going quite strong and celebrated their anniversary on July 7th. They were blessed with a baby boy named Harry James Harrland on May 24, 2021.

The much-in-love pair are also the proud owners of an adorable labradoodle named Lilly. Nicole now enjoys being a full-time mother to her toddler and likes sharing snaps of him on her social media for fans to see. Despite not clicking with each other, we are happy to see them find love and happiness in their respective lives and wish them the best in all their future endeavors.

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