Below Deck’s Jared Woodin Has a Background in Carpentry

‘Below Deck’ is a television reality series that follows the life of a crew on board a superyacht. Premiered on Bravo in 2013, each season chronicles the struggles, drama, friendships, and more as viewers get to live life on board a yacht and ‘below deck’ in real time. Season 11, which premiered in 2023, was stationed on the luxurious St. David. Jared Woodin, who joined the team as its bosun, soon became a fan favorite, although the episodes suggested that he faced quite a bit of difficulty in trying to correct his unit of measure due to his comfort in working with feet and not meters.

Jared Woodin Gained Experience as a Carpenter in his Hometown

Jared Woodin was born in North Branford, a town in New Haven County in Connecticut, on April 21, 1988, making him a raging Taurus. Having studied at the North Branford High School, he started working as a carpenter with Dakota Builders in 2006. After working there for 5 years, Jared decided to shift gears. His determination to break free from the small town and explore a world beyond carpentry brought him outside Connecticut.

Jared enjoys sports and carpentry when not working on boats. He prides himself on his hard work and helping people get through tough times. He believes his ability to adapt to trying situations comes from his private school learnings. Thereafter, he took up the job of a Deck Hand on board the private Benneti superyacht, the AnnaEva, in 2012 before eventually joining the crew on St. David in 2024. Jared currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jared Woodin Has Previously Worked With Smaller Boats

Jared’s experience of 11 years in the yacht industry, with knowledge of captaining smaller boats in New York and Port Jefferson, as well as in boats of Florida, made him an ideal choice for the bosun on St. David. However, this was the first time that he was working on a boat of such massive capacity, which gave rise to several overwhelming and difficult moments for the fun-loving bosun. Despite the lack of superyacht experience, Jared did have his favorites from his time on sea in place. He loved to charter the South of France and the Mediterranean, and his favorite place to have traveled so far is Croatia.

Jared Woodin Prefers to Keep His Dating Life Private 

Jared Woodin is a through and through-family man. When asked about who he misses the most during his trip, his prompt reply is, “That would be my family for sure – family over everything.” His social media, where he keeps sharing glimpses of his travels, is also proof of how close he is with his mother as in the midst of his work snaps he adds pictures of spending the holidays with her and helping her with work.

While Jared’s profile suggests he is currently single, he doesn’t openly share snaps of nor talk about someone special in his life. This indicates both his will to keep matters of the heart private as well as to remain discrete about private relationships.

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