Below Deck Season 3: Where Are They Now?

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’ is an American reality show that gives viewers an inside look at the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a luxurious yacht during charter season. The third season of the show premiered on August 25, 2015, and was filmed in the Bahamas on a 161-foot superyacht named Eros. The show featured five new crew members and their relationship with each other expectedly took center stage. It has been a long time since fans have seen their favorite TV stars, and if you are curious to know more about them, we have got you covered. Let’s dig into it, shall we?

Where is Lee Rosbach Now?

Lee was the only original cast member on the show for the season and was working as the yacht captain. He continued to be a beloved participant in the show till season 10, which aired in 2022, but health issues made him take a break in the middle of the season. He was able to come back and conclude the show in his style but it was revealed that he will not be coming back for the next season.

However, fans need not worry about missing their good old captain; in an interview, he exclaimed that he is “nowhere close to retired.” Leaving out specific details about upcoming projects, he did make it clear that there are a couple of projects with Bravo in the works, and he may be joined by cast members that the fans are familiar with. It seems like we will get to see Captain Lee charming his way through the screen very soon.

Where is Leon Walker Now?

Chef Ben was replaced by Chef Leon in the third season, and the time the latter spent on the show was rife with tension and drama. He took a quick dislike to Chief Stew Kate Chastain, ignored a guest’s special request, and ultimately a dirty oven caught fire under his supervision. He was let go from the crew by the Captain and even though there were rumors that he would be coming back to the production in a spin-off, he did not make an appearance. After the show ended, he has kept away from the public eye and is reportedly living in Bromley, London, and is “looking for the new challenge”.

Where is Ben Robinson Now?

Chef Ben came to the show after Chef Leon’s departure and reappeared on the show till Season 4 and in another spin-off. However, he had made it clear that he would not be returning to the franchise and plans to pursue different paths in life. Ben made an appearance in the chat show ‘Galley Talk’ and on US Food Network’s Beachside Brawl, so there is a chance that we might occasionally see him being a part of the entertainment industry.

The chef is currently living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and keeps updating his Instagram page with delicious-looking food. He works as a private chef with innumerable clients spread across the US and Europe. On the personal front, Ben proposed to Kiara Cabral, his lovely girlfriend of four years, in May 2023. Well, she happily said “yes,” making him feel “like the luckiest man alive!”

Where is Kate Chastain Now?

Kate Chastain had been an intrinsic member of the show since Season 2 and she continued to be a fan-favorite till Season 7 when she announced her retirement. She said that she was feeling fulfilled in the rule and wanted to scope out new things for herself. She published her book ‘Lucky Charming’ in 2016 and moved to New York. Chastain has accomplished a lot since her retirement, which includes her radio show called ‘Unapologetically Kate Chastain’ and a production company called Remotely Possible Productions.

Chastain runs a non-profit resale clothing store for homeless women and children called Genesis Boutique and participated in ‘The Traitors’. In May 2023, Chastain gave birth to a beautiful baby boy whom she named Sullivan Cay. With the beginning of this new chapter in her life, it seems like Chastain has a lot of flourishing years ahead of her.

Where is Don Abenante Now?

Don joined the show in the capacity of a second engineer/deckhand but he was more interested in the engineering side of the work. He had quite a lot of friction with Eddie Lucas and his boss. The day he decided to jump into the water for some fun without taking permission, he was called by Captain Leon to be admonished but Don ended up quitting the show in an instant. He is currently the owner of Retro Fabworks, a metal fabrication company, and runs a YouTube channel called ‘Hobby Shop Garage’, which is a collaborative endeavor of a group of automotive enthusiasts.

Where is Amy Johnson Now?

Amy joined the show in Season 2 but she had her full just after Season 3. She had a very sweet and likeable personality on the show but Kate Chastain did not approve of her a lot. Amy was working as a stewardess and seemed to rub ‘Below Deck’ alum Kate the wrong way many times. She was even joined by her brother, Kelley Johnson, on the show. After quitting the show, she continued to work in the yachting industry but has reportedly left the job after marrying her long-time boyfriend Ellis in October of 2020 and has moved to North Carolina. She has a huge following on her Instagram and seems to be thriving in love and life.

Where is Raquel “Rocky” Dakota Now?

Rocky had a tumultuous relationship with Eddie on the show and she got a chance to showcase her culinary skills also after Chef Leon unexpectedly quit. However, the yachting industry did not hold as much interest for her after Season 3 aired. She quit the show and the industry and moved to Hawaii. She is now working as a surfer, competitive national diver as well as a cook, and is living the life of dreams. She has found love in Mark and the couple have been together for more than four years now. She lost her sister to a car accident in 2017 and has been vocal about her grief and her coping mechanisms. It is very refreshing to see her lead an honest, unfiltered, and joyful life and we are sure life has big things in store for her.

Where is Eddie Lucas Now?

Eddie had been a part of the show since the first season and fans saw him growing up, professionally and personally, over the years. He continued to work in ‘Below Deck’ till Season 9 but he has confirmed he will not be returning to the show because of unresolvable differences with the production house. He joined as a deckhand and worked his way to the position of a bosun and consequently, first officer.

After leaving the show, Eddie joined a tugboat as its captain in Baltimore Harbor and described how it is just one of the three tugs he is in charge of. The new role required long hours but he has found some stability and has bought a house with his girlfriend, Natalie Inada, in Hampden. It seems like Eddie has made some big changes in life over time and his future ahead looks as bright and wonderful as it did on his first day on the show.

Where is Connie Arias Now?

Connie Arias won over the audience with her funny and quirky presence on the show in season 3 even though she did not return for further seasons. She developed a very good working relationship with Captain Lee while working as a deckhand and got close to almost all other crew members Her agreeable disposition made her a favorite amongst fans and show members alike. After leaving the show, Connie moved to Florida and started her boat company even though it is unclear if she owns the company. She has taken a strong liking to fishing and has also gotten engaged in October 2020 and even though the date of the wedding is not final, we expect to see her getting all the things she wants in life as she deserves all of it.

Where is Emile Kotze Now?

Emile Kotze’s dimpled face and chiseled body were a recipe for success right from the moment he appeared on the show as a deckhand. A family boy from South Africa, Emile came to the yachting industry with nothing but dreams which he proceeded to fulfill. He did not return to the show for more seasons but he has been very accessible to the public through his social media accounts. He found a new passion as a travel agent at TRN Global and is also pursuing acting as a career option. It seems like promising things lay in this promising young man’s future and he will continue to soar.

Where is Dane Jackson Now?

After the untimely departure of Don Abenendo from the show, Captain Lee brought on Dane as a permanent replacement but things did not go as expected. He was asked to leave after just featuring in four episodes of the season. Explaining the situation, Captain said, “Dane had some serious social issues, his drinking and complete unwillingness to get along with the rest of the crew, and his total entitlement attitude and insubordination was more than enough to dismiss for cause.”

Dane is a professional whitewater kayaker. In 2017, he appeared on the extreme sports show called ‘Ultimate Rush’. Presently, he is pursuing his passion for kayaking and got engaged to Chloe Beeler in April 2023. He has a large social media following and is set to excel in all the endeavors he undertakes.

Where is David Bradberry Now?

David Bradberry joined the show as a deckhand and made an appearance on the show for only one season. He had a cool and composed outlook on the show and did not get into a lot of controversies or trouble. After leaving the show, he decided to be a full-time actor and writer and is living in Washington, DC. He seems to be in a very successful relationship and does not display much of his personal life in the public eye.

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