Below Deck Season 4: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

Bravo’s super successful reality show ‘Below Deck’ has been keeping fans entertained for decades. The show follows a group of beautiful crew members working on a deluxe yacht while catering to their elite passengers. The fourth season of the show was filmed in the US Virgin Islands and captured the group, which consisted of old and new cast members, as they traversed across the ocean and got into tense situations owing to the challenges of sailing in rough waters or the clashes due to the interpersonal drama generated between the cast members. Since season 4 concluded in 2016, it has been a long time since fans have had any updates about their beloved TV stars.

Lee Rosbach is Working on New Projects Now

Captain Lee was one of the familiar faces on-screen and he focused on doing his job before anything else. His hands were full with the deck crew and their shenanigans but with Kate’s support, he managed to keep things afloat tactically. He continued to appear on the show till the tenth season but had to leave due to health issues.

However, Captain Lee is not going anywhere! Although he will not be returning to Below Deck, he has confirmed that he is working on a couple of new projects with Bravo. He has not yet revealed any specific details, but he has hinted that some familiar faces may be involved. Fans can be assured that they will be seeing Captain Lee charm his way through the screen again very soon.

Ben Robinson is a Private Chef Now

Ben Robinson, the original Below Deck chef, joined the crew with unresolved feelings for Kate. Although their fling had ended badly, Ben hoped to reconcile his feelings for Kate but Ben quickly fell for fellow Emily Warburton-Adams, and the two began dating by the end of the season. This was the last time fans of the show saw Chef Ben on the show but he returned for the ‘Below Deck’ chat show ‘Galley Talk’ and ‘Beachside Brawl’.

After leaving the show. Chef Ben is working as a private chef and is traveling across America and Europe for his fancy clients. His Instagram profile is rife with photos of his delicious food and he made a post in May 2023 through which he announced his engagement to his long-time partner, Kiara Cabral. It seems like the new chapter in Chef Ben’s life will be full of glorious years for both of them!

Kate Chastain is Thriving in Both Personal and Professional Life

The chief stew had a lot of things going for her as she began the new season. She was managing a long-distance relationship with her girlfriend and managed to get into quite a few flare-ups through the course of the show. It was only after the seventh season of the show that she decided she wanted to try out new things in life and consequently left the show. Kate has undertaken numerous successful projects since her departure from the show.

Kate penned a book titled ‘Lucky Charming’ in 2016, a radio show called ‘Unapologetically Kate Chastain’ and a non-profit clothing store Genesis Boutique. She went on to co-host and take up the role of Executive Producer in Bravo’s Chat Room. Kate announced her pregnancy on her social media in December of 2022 and gave birth to a blessed baby boy in May 2023, whom she named Cay Sullivan.

Emily Warburton-Adams is a Digital Editor Now

Emily caught the eye of the audience as the second stewardess and the love interest of Chef Ben. The two had a relationship that lasted beyond the show but they decided to go their separate ways in 2017. Lovingly called, ‘English Rose’ on the show, Emily left a lasting impression on the viewers with an appearance for just a single season.

After quitting the show, Emily also left the yachting industry and she co-founded POWFood, a catering business that focuses on wellness and health services. She is living in London and is a champion of mental health and has openly shared the details of her battle with anorexia. She is also a digital editor and an influencer focusing on supporting campaigns for mental health awareness of young girls and women.

Sierra Storm is Likely Working as a Flight Attendant Today

Sierra’s introduction to the show was not as charming as she would have liked it to be. The then-26-year-old missed her flight to board the sleek superyacht ‘Valor’ and got into some arguments with Kate. This was her second stint in the show but fans were dismayed to know she would not be returning for more seasons. After exiting the show, Sierra went on to become a flight attendant for Vista Jet, where she worked till April 2017.

It has been reported that Sierra is currently working as a flight attendant for private aircrafts and is also catering to CEOs and politicians. Not much else is known about her because she chooses to keep her social media profiles private. However, we believe she has accomplished amazing things for herself and wish her the best in all her future endeavors.

Kelley Johnson Runs a YouTube Channel Now

Kelley Johnson returned to the show as a bosun and was able to redeem himself in the eyes of Captain Lee. His steadfastness in season 2 was not something that the captain liked but in the fourth season, he knew Kelley was a stronger and much more reliable deckhand. After leaving the show, Kelley was working as an advocate for young people suffering from depression or anxiety and it was during the pandemic that he decided to become a captain.

Kelley worked hard and rose up the ranks and found a new passion in photography that he is currently chasing. He also runs a YouTube channel called ‘The Military Guy’ where he shares advice on coping with the stresses of life and delves into his travel adventures. Even though we do not expect to see Kelley come back to another season of ‘Below Deck’, we can expect him to exponentially succeed as a captain and as a photographer.

Trevor Walker is Leading a Private Life Today

Fans remember Trevor Walker as an arrogant and difficult crew member who butted heads with almost everyone on the show, especially Kelley. It was his attitude that made Kelley demote him from senior deckhand and ultimately, Captain Lee fired him before the season could conclude. Following that, Trevor quickly joined a 151-foot yacht that sailed on the South Pacific in the capacity of a bosun. Not much is known about him since his grand career promotion. He was a hair model for Paul Mitchell before he joined the show but it does not seem like he picked up this thread. His absence from social media or any online presence has kept his whereabouts mysterious.

Nico Scholly is Focusing on Spending Time With Loved Ones

Nico Scholly had a huge and epic blowout with Kate at the beginning of the show but he caught the attention of the viewers with a personality that was somber and playful. He went on to feature in the next season of the show as well and he had been promoted to the position of a bosun. After leaving the show, Nico seemed to be a transformed man and he joined his family’s plumbing business in Chicago which serves residential and commercial clients.

Nico’s family also started a foundation called ‘The Tristen Scott Foundation NFP’ in remembrance of Nico’s late brother and it strives to bring awareness about organ donation to people. On a personal front, Nico has seemingly found love in his girlfriend, Briana Boyer, and the two are spending quality time with each other in Chicago. Nico has no longer kept his social media public and it seems he has transformed into a different person than he was on the show.

Lauren Burchell is Thriving in Her Life Today

Lauren was the only female deckhand on the crew and she got on with Kelley on good terms. She had a quiet demeanor and was able to gel well with everyone else on the show; however, she did not come back for another season after the fourth one. Currently, she is working as a personal coach and she is “empowering women to shine”, as her Instagram bio suggests. She is quite active on social media and frequently posts about her food and lifestyle habits. It also looks like her love life with her partner, Oli Seymour, is thriving and better things are in store for Lauren in the coming years.

Kyle Dixon is Focusing on His Personal Growth

Kyle was a traveling bartender before he joined Captain Lee’s team as a deckhand. Impressionable at first, Kyle quickly started being disliked because of his unfaithfulness to his long-term girlfriend and getting into ugly fights with other crew members, He came back to the show in some episodes of the fifth season and had reportedly split from his girlfriend in a messy way. He was trying to reignite his relationship with his girlfriend and the birth mother of his second daughter when he came back to the show.

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