12 Best Benedict Cumberbatch Movies and TV Shows

Benedict Cumberbatch has been one of the greatest revelations of recent times. A methodical actor with a suave personality and immaculate speech, he has taken Hollywood by the storm. He started with humble beginnings, from a theatre artist to a character in TV show to become the most-sought after actor. Importantly, his name has become synonymous to the iconic Sherlock Holmes. His versatility and panache makes him stand apart from the rest. In a career spanning very few ventures, here is the list of top Benedict Cumberbatch movies and TV shows. This is a list spanning tv shows and miniseries to the films that he has enacted in for it would to be travesty to the man who forayed into Hollywood, if the television shows go unmentioned. Again, the list of top 12 Benedict Cumberbatch movies and TV shows.


12. Hawking (2005)

A television film, produced by BBC, explored the early journey of the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. The man casted to depict the on-screen persona was a Britisher, Benedict Cumberbatch. It was a critically acclaimed performance, lauded and appreciated by the audience. The innate arrogance, the frailty of a fallen man and the love for his companion was succinctly performed by the lead actor. It took a genius to enact in another genius’ biopic.


11. Parade’s End (2012)

An adaptation of the novels of the name written by Ford Madox Ford, it was televised by BBC in 2012 as a series of five episodes. Bendict Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall were casted in the lead roles and it indeed was a wise choice. The series was met with widespread acclaim and boosted the rise of Cumberbatch into stardom. As one reviewer put “Perhaps no other actor of this generation is quite so capable of suggesting the tumult beneath a crusty, seemingly inert surface”.


10. Amazing Grace (2006)

The early beginnings of Benedict Cumberbatch’s stellar career involved a biographical film about the intense campaign against slave trade by few politicians. Although Cumberbatch occupied a supporting role in the movie, the preparation and the dedication was not missed by critics and general viewers alike. A loyal friend to the lead character and later becoming the prime minister who was instrumental in bringing the legislation to abolish trading of slaves, Cumberbatch brought sincerity to the role.


9. Stuart: A Life Backwards (2007)

The unheralded movie of this generation. However, it starred two actors who have become household names. One was Benedict Cumberbatch and the other Tom Hardy. Cumberbatch plays the role of a writer who looks back at the life of his chronic alcoholic friend (Hardy) in flashbacks. This is interspersed with animated sequences that adds further value to the movie. Cumberbatch has lived the part with every emotion parted in its purest form. A movie that flew below the radar and deserves much wider audience. A classic in its own right.


8. Third Star (2010)

While Benedict Cumberbatch has portrayed character of various shades, this movie posed a greater challenge to the actor. He had to act as a 29 year terminally ill man who requires help in moving around. A journey of the protagonist with his 3 other friends with an unpredictable end should have been more successful than it actually became. It was an absorbing performance and still continues to haunt this writer to the very day. A life-lesson and philosophical, it must be watched and savoured.


7. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

This movie came at a time when Cumberbatch was becoming a legend in TV series, yet was in his infancy in Hollywood. A brilliant ensemble cast where Benedict Cumberbatch is an able, efficient lieutenant to Gary Oldman’s lead character. The movie was a critical hit, but more importantly in the context of Cumberbatch’s career, it made sure that he was recognised for his role and helped to be casted in larger roles in the near future.

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