10 Best Bryan Cranston Movies and TV Shows

5. All the Way (2016)

After John F. Kennedy is tragically assassinated, Lyndon B. Johnson must take charge and try to lead the United States of America from a tumultuous time. Films about dead presidents always entice and enthrall. ‘All the Way’ is no different and proves to be a treat for Cranston fans. A strong script and mindful production ensure that the film sustains its energy and a profound and ambivalent sense of sorrow and opportunity.


4. Last Flag Flying (2017)

Three former Marines re-unite as one of their sons is killed in action. They retrieve his body and accord him a proper burial, in the process reliving their old days together. Linklater’s mediocre effort is pretty different from what he has previously attempted. Bolstered by a star-cast, ‘Lst Flying FLag’ falls bland in the middle but redeems itself with the emotional ending and virtuoso performances by its veteran cast.


3. Malcolm in the Middle (2003-06)

Malcolm is a genius, adolescent who contrives daily life in his erratic household. He somehow negates everyday life and deals with the rigors of being an adolescent and enduring the eccentricities of his life. ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ was extremely well-received by critics and remains a classic even today. The cast has now attained statuses of stars but still cunt their days as a part of the cast to be the golden ones.


2. Trumbo

The film is a biopic on the life of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. He was accused of spreading communist propaganda through his scripts and was subsequently blacklisted by writing associations. Even though he went to jail for these accusations, Trumbo came back strong and reinstated himself as a prolific writer of his generation. The sparsely humor-filled narrative is a motley of emotions. The viewer experiences what Trumbo does: love, frustration, outrage, and a gnawing sense of melancholy in life. Cranston yet again delivers a resounding performance and was rewarded with a well-deserved Academy nomination.


1. Breaking Bad (2008-15)

Whatever I say about this show will fall short of describing what it means to me and a million others who wept and cried like babies when the show ended. A chemistry professor is diagnosed with cancer. Worried about his family’s future, he associates himself in a partnership with a former student and drug dealer, Jesse Pinkman, His assertive nature soon comes to fore and the two rule the roster, the former as Heisenberg. Simply the greatest show of all time.

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