9 Best Father Daughter Movies on Netflix (Feb 2024)

There are two basic divisions of a father-daughter relationship: strained and loving. From these two, the rest of the aspects grow. However, filmmakers never fail to give us different angles to look at this relationship. And while we are bombarded with the numerous POVs, the underlying message of the bond keeps peeking here and there, whether it be via gestures, words, or both. In this article, we bring you the most worthy father-daughter movies that are available on Netflix.

9. Dad Wanted (2020)

A Mexican comedy-drama, ‘Dad Wanted’ is exactly what it sounds like. This Javier Colinas directorial is about a girl named Biana (Natalia Coronado) whose intention to take part in an upcoming BMX contest faces a compromise, thanks to her mother Fernanda (Silvia Navarro), who won’t let her as her father died in an accident. So, Bianca comes up with a solution, i.e., to hire an actor who shall pretend to be her father and sign her in for the contest. Her quest for a dad brings her face to face with Alberto (Juan Pablo Medina), a washed-up actor who now works as a cab driver. How that turns out is what we get to see in ‘Dad Wanted.’ You can stream it here.

8. Double Dad (2021)

This Brazilian comedy-drama follows Vicenza (Maisa Silva) as she sets off to look for her father between the two potential candidates. Yes, her mother is alive, well, and hearty, and she is whom Vicenza lives with, but knowing that she has a father is encouragement enough to look for him. So she arrives in Rio de Janeiro and even finds the two men, Paco (Eduardo Moscovis) and Giovanne (Marcelo Médici), who are completely taken aback when they come to know that they have a daughter they didn’t know existed. However, as Vicenza starts spending time with the two men, both of whom are very sweet and unique in their own fun-loving ways, she realizes that opting for one father is going to be tough. Is having “double dad” wrong? To find out, you can watch this cute film right here.

7. First Match (2018)

Ousted by her Brownsville (Brooklyn) foster family, teenager Monique reaches out to his estranged ex-con father Darrel by joining an all-boys wrestling team. While her father’s doesn’t seem to be interested at first, he slowly starts to accept her as his own after seeing her wrestle. He even takes her to an underground fighting ring and trains her to be better. However, these two different worlds, one above and one below, along with the differences between the two, start taking a toll on her. Will she be able to keep herself together? ‘First Match’ is directed by Olivia Newman and stars Elvire Emanuelle as Monique and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as her father Darrel. You can watch the film here.

6. My Name is Vendetta (2022)

The only father-daughter action flick in this list, ‘My Name is Vendetta’ is an Italian film that revolves around a father-daughter duo, Santo (Alessandro Gassman) and Sofia (Ginevra Francesconi), going up against the Milanese mafia after they kill Santo’s wife and Sofia’s mother Ingrid as well as her brother. This is an act of revenge by Don Angelo, whose son was killed by Santo when he was a part of the Mafia himself. Now, Santo decides to train Sofia as a part of the plan to get back at Angelo and his gang. Vendetta takes the wheel in this gripping flick propelled by the beautiful and fierce father-daughter bond. You can stream the film here.

5. Dick Johnson Is Dead (2020)

Directed by Kirsten Johnson, this is a documentary that shows Kirsten trying out different imaginative ways of her dementia-struck father Richard ‘Dick’ Johnson’s death, an endeavor in which he too gladly takes part. As the father-daughter duo pulls off different ways to die, we get a sense of attachment that transcends death. And the humor, despite the pain that underlines it, is something we take pleasure in because death is inevitable, but to accept it and smile through the time we have left is what we all want. You can watch the film here.

4. Fatherhood (2021)

With this film, Kevin Hart proved that there’s more to him than straightforward comedy. Directed by Paul Weitz, this film is based on American author Matthew Logelin’s 2011 memoir ‘Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love.’ It explores the relationship of a widowed father, Matthew, and his little daughter, Maddy. The guy’s wife dies a day after delivery, and thus, the responsibility of bringing up their daughter falls on him alone. The hardships of a single parent bringing up an infant are addressed, as well as the pure love that exists between the two. You can stream the film here.

3. Like Father (2018)

‘Like Father’ is a dramedy directed by Lauren Miller and stars Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer, Seth Rogen, and Lauren Miller Rogen. It revolves around Rachel, whose obsession with her job costs her her wedding, and her estranged father, Harry, who left Rachel’s mum when Rachel was only five years old because he wanted to build his career. Now, Harry takes up the job of making his daughter realize what she is missing out on by going on the pre-booked Caribbean honeymoon cruise together. What follows is how the duo come closer in an adventurous and indulging journey. You can watch the film here.

2. The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021)

An animated flick directed by Michael Rianda, this movie tells the story of young Katie Mitchell, who, accompanied by her family including her mother, father, brother, and pet dog, is on her way (a road trip) to film school, where she has finally made it. But when machines start taking over everything and capturing humans across the globe, the Mitchells search for a way to bring the uprising to an end. While this is the main plot, it is underscored by Katie’s relationship with her father, Rick, and how the invasion is what brings a tech-savvy daughter and her technophobic dad closer. By pinning the relationship against a robot apocalypse, the movie seems to showcase the intensity that the bond holds. An entertaining watch with deep meaning, you can watch ‘The Mitchells vs. the Machines’ here.

1. Cargo (2017)

Starring Martin Freeman, Simone Landers, and Susie Porter, ‘Cargo’ is a post-apocalyptic horror flick directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke. It centers on Andy who has to find a way to keep his one-year-old daughter Rosie amid a worldwide virus outbreak that transforms the affected into zombies. He has already lost his wife to the virus and had to kill her with his own hands. While the father-daughter duo seem to be somewhat safe while looking for safety, the catch is that time is running out. Why? Because Kay has bitten Andy, and he, too, is infected. It is only a matter of time before he converts and turns on his daughter. A moving film with the titular pair at its heart, ‘Cargo’ is a must-watch. You can do so here.

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