10 Best Movies on Sharks on Disney+ (July 2024)

Disney has a wide range of shark material that might feel like an extension of its ‘Finding Nemo’ film, and pleasantly so. After meeting the three sharks, a Great White, a Hammerhead, and a Mako, whom Marlin and Dory befriend, it makes sense to know more about these gorgeous creatures. Moreover, you might want to show your kids the real versions of the characters, but of course, after showing them the film, which, by the way, is one of Walt Disney Pictures’ greatest creations. So, be it out of excitement or interest, you can opt from our list of the 10 best shark movies on Disney+ and get a closer look at the real “jaws.”

10. 50 Shades of Sharks (2020)

A shark-version of, yes, you guessed it right, ’50 Shades of Gray,’ this special explores the sex lives of ocean’s apex predators. Directed by Alexis Barbier-Bouvet and Didier Noirot, ‘50 Shades of Sharks’ chronicles the mating season and the competition that males face while trying to mate with a female, a process that itself is hardcore, including “bites,” rather than passionate. Nat Geo offers a kinky angle at sharks in this one, although it is recommended not to try this at home (pun intended or otherwise). You can watch the special here.

9. Rogue Shark? (2021)

Directed by Mar Woodard and narrated by Mocean Melvin, ‘Rogue Shark?’ investigates a series of attacks on humans by the “jaws” in the same small patch of water in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia, in 2018. We follow shark experts Adam Barnett and Richard Fitzpatrick as they try to find out the reason behind these attacks, whether a rogue shark is responsible, and the cause of this conflict between sharks and humans. You can join them on their investigation right here.

8. Shark Queens (2022)

In this special, directed by Ben Wylson and Jack Wylson, scientists try to figure out if the female sharks are the real rules of the ocean as opposed to the males. From the tiger sharks in the Maldives to the Great White sharks in South Africa, we are taken on an adventure that aims to reassess the presumed notion that male sharks are dominant and analyze what makes the females the real deal. You can watch it here.

7. Baby Sharks (2022)

While it isn’t a baby that comes to mind when we see a shark, we forget that they begin their lives as babies, too. The world is home to more than 500 species of sharks, but none of them stay with their kids for long, and the young ones are left to thrive on their own. In ‘Baby Sharks,’ we see how these beautiful creatures have evolved to ensure the safety of their eggs and the hatchlings for as long as they can and how the baby sharks thrive in their new environment that they will have to make their home out of. You can watch the special, directed by Adam Geiger, here.

6. Shark Gangs (2021)

Directed by Pete Berg, this documentary follows scientists as they look into the curious case of sharks, including Hammerheads and Great Whites, who opt to go about the ocean in gangs despite their reputation as solitary predators. The reason can be better chances of hunting, protection, greater jurisdiction in terms of territory, or any other reason, or some or all of these. You can watch ‘Shark Gang’ here to find the answer.

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5. Man VS. Shark (2019)

Marine biologist/shark-suit inventor Jeremiah Sullivan joins the ocean’s predators in their home ground to measure their bite force, strength, and speed. The data collected will help him make a new suit of armor which he will then test by putting on and becoming bait for a 14-footer Tiger shark. In other words, Sullivan gets bitten by sharks only to get bitten by a bigger shark. Why? To test the new suit that will protect divers against the bigger jaws. If his suit is not fully protected, his encounter with the Tiger shark might be his last. To join Sullivan in his scary but apparently necessary venture, you can watch ‘Man VS. Shark’ here.

4. United Sharks of America (2015)

This special explores shark hotspots all across the American coasts, including Florida, Hawaii, South Carolina, and California, which rank among the top places with the most shark attacks in the last decade. Filled with shark facts, the special is essentially a shark guide to help you know more about shark activity in the coastal areas and how you can avoid an encounter with the sea beasts. With archival footage, principal photography, and interviews of shark attack survivors, ‘United Sharks of America’ is an informative watch. You can stream it here.

3. Mega Hammerhead (2016)

In this hammerhead-dedicated special, Shark expert Dr. Neil Hammerschlag joins a crew of researchers as they dive into the Caribbean to find out more about Hammerhead sharks, one of the most magnificent species of sharks. However, they are also looking for a particular hammerhead that has garnered an elusive reputation. They have to be careful because the hammerheads can grow up to 20 feet in length. Directed by Brandon Hill and Marc Ostrick, ‘Mega Hammerhead’ can be streamed here.

2. Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth (2021)

Follow actor/environmentalist/surfer Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor from the ‘Avengers’ movies) as he addresses his lifelong fascination for sharks and joins local biologists to find out how we, as humans, can live alongside sharks in harmony. Join him as he dives at Byron Bay, near his home in New South Wales, which is considered one of the world’s shark capitals. From understanding shark behavior, including attacks, to uncovering breakthroughs in shark research designed to help sharks and humans, ‘Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth’ brings the God of Thunder face to face with the Gods of the oceans. You can watch the special here.

1. Playing With Sharks (2021)

This brilliant documentary film explores sharks and their significance in the underwater ecosystem and the planet as a whole from the POV of underwater icon/filmmaking pioneer/conservationist Valerie Taylor. The film, directed by Sally Aitken (Emmy-nominated), explores the misunderstood creatures and Taylor’s attempts to understand and protect them better. Currently 85, Taylor makes it clear that she will dive even when she is in her wheelchair, a testament to her will and urge to save one of the most beautiful species on Earth. You can watch ‘Playing With Sharks’ here.

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