7 Best Ranbir Kapoor Movies You Must See

Ranbir Kapoor. He is a member of the most famous clan of Bollywood. He has had enormous shoes to fill. But, Ranbir Kapoor has time and again proved, he has what it takes. In his very short career, he has shown impressive variety. He has been able to find a good balance between comedy and drama. Even in the films that have failed, his performance has always been appreciated by the critics and the audience.

The actor has seen some exhilarating highs and some crushing lows. This has not deterred him from becoming a better performer. And with intriguing projects in the offing, it is interesting to see how his career will take off. With that said, here is the list of top Ranbir Kapoor films, carefully selected from his impressive filmography. You can also stream some of these Ranbir Kapoor movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

7. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

The actor’s most recent film produced a performance that is filled with emotions. As Ayan Sanger, the guy who is not able to get the woman he loves, Kapoor makes the audience feel for him. The film beautifully demonstrated the joy as well as the pain associated with unrequited love. It is his performance that holds the film together. His pain becomes our pain, his frustration becomes ours. At the end of the film, we are left feeling like we are the ones who have been rejected. It is this ability of the actor that has always been an impressive factor about him.

6. Tamasha

The combination of Imtiaz Ali and Ranbir Kapoor has produced two different but interesting films. Their second outing, ‘Tamasha’ sees the actor venturing into some uncharted territory. He gets to explore emotions that have been hinted at in earlier films. But here, he lets it all out. The anger, the irritation, everything comes bubbling out from the character. Kapoor is phenomenal in these portions of the film. Apart from being his usual charming self, the way he expresses these emotions is truly a glorious sight. It is not possible to get the nuances of the film the first time you see it. But, the more attention you pay to Kapoor’s character, one can see how relatable the story actually is.

5. Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year

A film that didn’t do too well at the time of its release, it has gone on to develop a small cult following. Much of that is down to the quirky and hilarious performance of Kapoor. This was the first time we got to see the actor showcase his comic skills. Aided by a strong script from Jaideep Sahni, the film finely balances the line between a comedy and a drama. Kapoor manages to be funny and he proves to be quite effective in the more dramatic scenes. While the excessive length of the film does test the audience, it is Kapoor that helps smooth over the rough edges.

4. Raajneeti

Prakash Jha is known for his powerful and hard-hitting films. In 2010 came one of his most acclaimed films, ‘Raajneeti’. Even in a cast filled with some amazing actors, Kapoor managed to stand out. He put in a restrained performance that was unlike what we had seen earlier from the actor. Playing such a character is not an easy task but, the actor was able to bring out some shades of grey hidden in the role. This can be considered as the first serious film for the actor and he definitely made everyone take notice of him.

3. Sanju

It is never easy to play a living person in a biography, especially when the life of that person has been scrutinized over and over again in public. But Ranbir takes up this insurmountable challenge and passes with flying colors. When you see ‘Sanju’ you realize that nobody could have done justice to the role of Sanjay Dutt the way Ranbir does. He completely slides into  the difficult role so much so that you sometimes forget that you are seeing Ranbir and not Sanjay Dutt on the screen.

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2. Barfi!

This is quite possibly the actor’s most challenging role and he manages to ace it effortlessly. In an almost flawless performance, the actor takes you on a ride that leaves you feeling warm inside. This film is a great example of Kapoor’s ability to handle to comedy and drama. He produces some hilarious moments and is genuinely moving in other parts of the film. His chemistry with Priyanka Chopra is also a highlight of the film. Kapoor manages to show that he can steal the show on his own and yet be a perfect foil for his co-stars.

1. Rockstar

The first time Imtiaz and Ranbir worked on a film, it resulted in one of the actor’s most acclaimed performances. Whatever issues you may have with the film, one thing that cannot be faulted is Kapoor’s acting. He dives completely into the role of the singer. His commitment to the role makes you believe that he is an actual singer. That is a real triumph for the actor. Ranbir is an actor that can play this kind of role with great conviction. It results in a spectacular performance that compensates for every drawback in the film. The different emotions that he expresses with utmost sincerity enhance the overall effect of the film. It is not hyperbolic to say that this one the best acting performances in Bollywood, in the past decade or so.

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