9 Best Shark Movies on Hulu (July 2024)

As scary as sharks are, it doesn’t stop us from being awed by them, their beauty, their grandeur, their size, and, last but not least, their attitude. Thanks to their depiction in movies and shows, their reputation as scary has been made more prominent. However, there is also an overwhelming thrill that the mere spotting of the species brings, and this is what makes shark films so popular, even having a dedicated fan base. Here, we bring you the best shark movies on Hulu.

9. The Requin (2022)

The only reason why you would want to watch this shark movie is because it has Alicia Silverstone in it. She plays Jaelyn, who, along with her husband, Kyle (James Tupper), gets stranded in the waters of Vietnam after their overwater retreat is hit by a storm. While waiting for help to arrive, the duo is targeted by sharks, thanks to one of Kyle’s leg that is bleeding due to an injury during the storm. Directed by Le-Van Kiet, ‘The Requin’ is almost entirely made with VFX (especially the scenes in the water) and struggles to be a scary shark movie. If you are looking for a shark movie for fun, you can go for this one right here.

8. Maneater (2022)

A low-budget shark film, ‘Maneater’ is more for a dedicated shark movie fan who wants to watch all shark movies that exist rather than someone looking for a good shark film to watch. Directed by Justin Lee, ‘Maneater’ shows Jesse and her friends partying in the waters of Hawaii, an undertaking to keep her from drowning in the sorrows of her canceled wedding. However, the drowning sorrows seem to resurface after the group is targeted by a huge man-eating Great White shark that seems to be hunting for sport. What follows is the usual set of ways in which the people try to survive while being turned into snacks one by one. ‘Maneater’ stars Nicky Whelan, Shane West, Trace Adkins, Jeff Fahey, Porscha Coleman, and Branscombe Richmond. You can watch the film here.

7. The Reef: Stalked (2022)

This Australian shark movie, directed by Andrew Traucki, is a spiritual sequel to Traucki’s 2010 film ‘The Reef.’ ‘The Reef: Stalked’ follows four women, Nic, Jodie, Lisa, and Annie, who go on a kayaking trip to get over a tragedy. However, they soon find themselves nearing another one after they realize that they are being stalked by a Great White shark. Things take a darker turn after it strikes, and the women have to protect each other and survive on the shark’s home ground until they figure out an escape plan. Starring Teressa Liane, Ann Truong, Saskia Archer, and Kate Lister, ‘The Reef: Stalked’ is a decent shark film with not much thrill, but it doesn’t force-feed you either. You can watch it here.

6. Baby Sharks in the City (2024)

Directed by Nick Stringer, ‘Baby Sharks in the City’ is a special that follows shark biologists Megan Winton and Greg Skomal as they uncover a nursery for Atlantic baby Great White sharks off the coast of New York City. Their investigation into the behavioral patterns of the young predators sheds light on their life cycle, their habitats, and the reason behind their close proximity to an urban area, which can be a threat to them and humans. You can watch ‘Baby Sharks in the City’ here.

5. Supersized Sharks (2024)

This special follows scientists, including Charlie Huveneers, Lauren Meyer, Laurent Vigniola, and Adam Barnett, as they lure Tiger sharks near their boat in Norfolk Island, 800 miles off the Australian coast. Their aim? To look into the possible reasons behind the Tiger sharks’ high number and large size (the largest in the world with an average of two feet longer than the Tiger sharks in the Great Barrier Reef). One of the reasons addressed is discarded beef, along with other unexpected causes that eventually take the researchers to the remote shores of New Caledonia. You can stream ‘Supersized Sharks’ here.

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4. Attack of the Red Sea Sharks (2024)

Directed by Peter Gauvain and Alex Tate, ‘Attack of the Red Sea Sharks’ addresses the death of three people near resorts in the waters of the Red Sea, that too in less than a year. A team of scientists and researchers investigates the attacks, analyzing the possible reasons behind them, including whether human activity is affecting sharks’ lifestyles. In this way, ‘Attack of the Red Sea Sharks’ explores the relationship that sharks share with humans, blending together urgency and care to give us a gripping series that is an eye-opener. You can watch the special here.

3. Shark Vs Ross Edgley (2024)

Presented by ultra-marathon swimmer/shark advocate Ross Edgley, this special follows Edgley as he pits himself against four of the most notorious species of sharks in a 4-part challenge. He will attempt a G-force turn of a hammerhead shark, a Polaris jump like a Great White shark, swim as fast as the Mako shark (the fastest shark species), and eat like a Tiger shark. The challenge also serves as an exploration and analysis of shark behavior, their biology, and, by extension, their safety and conservation, underscored by stunning underwater photography and data collection. You can watch ‘Shark Vs Ross Edgley’ here.

2. Shark Beach with Anthony Mackie (2024)

Directed by Matt Kay, ‘Shark Beach with Anthony Mackie’ follows the New Orleans native actor/avid boater/fisherman as he tries to investigate the rising cases of shark encounters on the shores of Louisiana. The cases of sharks stealing fish caught by the fishermen before they can be retrieved, aka depredation, are rising. Join him in his exploration as he takes a deep dive and comes face-to-face with the ocean’s most fierce predators, including a 7-foot bull shark, to find out the cause for the rise and many other findings. The cast also includes experts, including charter fisherman Brett Ryan and marine researcher Jasmin Graham. You can watch ‘Shark Beach with Anthony Mackie’ here.

1. Most Wanted Sharks (2020)

This special explores the sharks that have garnered a huge fan following due to their traits. Be it for eating its peers, jumping 100 feet out of the water, or being the biggest of its kind, ‘Most Wanted Sharks’ tells the stories of celebrity sharks from the POV of marine biologist/shark-suit inventor Jeremiah Sullivan, who gets up close and personal with the gorgeous and intimidating giants, including Great Whites and Tiger sharks. You can watch ‘Most Wanted Sharks’ here.

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