Where is Bethany Stout from My 600-lb Life Now?

The superhit docu-reality series ‘My 600-lb Life’ by TLC has always raised a whirlpool of emotions amongst its viewers. With fans following the clinically obese patients’ weight-loss journey, they’re often found emotional about the patients’ heartbreaking past traumas but still hold on to optimism, hoping and pining for their victory. The story of Bethany Stout that featured in season 8 of the show was one such case that aroused mixed feelings.

Bethany: My 600-lb Life Journey

A 40-year-old woman from Oklahoma, Bethany, is a family-person. A wife to a loving husband and a proud mother to four beautiful daughters, she has a picture-perfect life. But, it hadn’t always been easy for her. And now, with her weight spiraling out of control, she risks losing all that she loves.


Bethany had always been overweight. Since her childhood, she had always turned to food for comfort. Her parents were never around, and her mother especially neglected her. Unable to keep Bethany safe and secure, her mother suffered from an addiction to painkillers. She even tried to commit suicide once and blamed her unwillingness to live on Bethany’s existence. That is how Bethany’s food addiction reared its ugly head and she distracted herself with unhealthy diet choices.

Bethany had also suffered a toxic and abusive relationship in high school. Her ex-boyfriend not only mentally harassed her but also sexually assaulted her. This led her to experience extreme anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. Things got so bad that she even attempted to kill herself. As a result, she had to be admitted to a treatment facility for a short while. After getting out of there, Bethany’s grandmother took her in and raised her.

By the time Bethany hit her 20s, she was already 500 pounds. While her grandmother encouraged her to go off to college, Bethany’s mental trauma led her to quit school. She started waitressing in a pizza restaurant and such easy access to junk food made her case worse. There she met her husband, Sheldon, and they got married shortly after.


The couple welcomed their first child, Isabella, and Bethany managed to keep her weight stable. Finally happy and motivated, Bethany decided to complete her education and got a master’s degree in psychology. Ironically, Bethany became a counselor who used to deal with patients battling various kinds of addictions. Although she didn’t gain any weight during that time, things took an unfortunate turn when she got pregnant again. The birth of her second daughter caused Bethany to suffer from post-partum depression, and she returned to finding solace in food again.

Once she and her family realized the dire consequences of her weight, they decided to seek medical help from Dr. Now. Bethany did extremely well in the first few months and shed a lot of weight. That even got her approved for gastric sleeve surgery. But post-surgery, Bethany struggled with further weight loss. While Dr. Now suggested her to go for psychotherapy, Bethany wasn’t too keen on it. After 11 months of journey, Bethany quit the program. Bethany, who was 604.7 lbs, managed to lose around 100 lbs and came down to 504 lbs.


Where is Bethany Now?

Bethany is back home and she is doing better. After leaving Dr. Now’s program, she tried to lose weight on her own and succeeded. She remembered Dr. Now’s advice and diet plans and stuck to them. If rumors are to be believed, Bethany might have shed an extra 150 pounds. She definitely seems healthier and happier as per her Instagram posts.


Bethany also has two Facebook accounts, where she uploads pictures of her family. She has also been running a Facebook Page called Parenting In Progress that endorses and promotes products for mothers and children. She also runs a blog called Bariatric Mama that tracks her weight-loss progress.


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