Are Bianca Belair and Montez Ford Still Married?

During their time in Hulu’s ‘Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez,’ Bianca and Kenneth Crawford, whom the world better knows as Bianca Belair and Montez Ford, showcased a side of their lives that the world had rarely seen. Through the series, fans got to know just how supportive the two were of each other, especially when it came to their professional wrestling careers. Their marriage certainly warmed the hearts of many in the audience, especially those who have admired them for a very long time. As such, one cannot help but be curious about the latest updates on their relationship.

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford’s Journey Together

While Montez Ford had been invested in the WWE universe since he was very young, Bianca Belair had been scouted due to her athletic prowess, having not known much about professional wrestling beforehand. This allowed them both to end up being a part of WWE’s developmental program in 2016. Bianca claimed in the show that she had fallen in love at first sight with Montez. “I saw him, and I was like, ‘That is a beautiful man. Keep him away from me,'” she recalled.

Image Credit: Chris McEniry/Hulu

However, Montez was also in a similar boat, having fallen for Bianca in a similar fashion very quickly. “Obviously, I found her beautiful. I said,  ‘You know what, that’s gonna be my wife, right there,'” Montez confessed. When Bianca tried to argue that he had certainly not thought so and had actually ignored her for about three months, Montez refuted that it was because he did not want to “rush up” on her, in case that might have scared her away.

Bianca had revealed in the past it had been she who made the first move on Montez when she came across him during a night out and started to flirt with him. Apparently, Montez had initially ignored her advances but then looked at her and complimented her makeup, which caught her off-guard. The night did end up with Bianca giving Montez her number, though she had accidentally given him the wrong number.

Nevertheless, Bianca and Montez soon started to talk and began dating. The professional wrestlers announced that they were engaged on June 9, 2017, only after a few months of their time together. Just over a year later, on June 23, 2018, the happy couple got married to each other. At the time, the two were not part of WWE’s list of famous cast members but were still beloved by many fans of the sport. About two years after their wedding, both of them were included in WWE’s main roster.

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford Are Happily Married

We are highly excited to share that, yes, Bianca Belair and Montez Ford are still happily married. The couple’s affection and care for each other could not have been more evident to see during their time on the Hulu show. As such, the fact that they continue to enjoy marital bliss might not be the most surprising news. Of course, a major topic of discussion between them was the possibility of a child. Montez does have two kids, Liam and Morgan, who are much adored by Bianca as well, though the children did not make any appearances in the Hulu show.

Over the years, both Bianca and Montez have risen through the ranks and solidified their names in the history of the WWE universe. Bianca initially won the WWE Raw Women’s Champion on April 2, 2022, after defeating Becky Lynch during WrestleMania 38. While she successfully retained her title after her match in WrestleMania 39, the professional wrestler did have to give the title to Kanako Urai/Asuka after being defeated on May 27, 2023, during Night of Champions, marking her reign of 420 days, the longest till date.

Determined to win the title back, Bianca took part in a triple threat match during SummerSlam on August 5, 2023, and was crowned the new WWE Women’s Championship (WWE Raw Women’s Champion title name was changed to the newer one on June 9, 2023.) However, this only lasted for 1 minute and 35 after Masami Odate/Iyo Sky cashed in her Money in the Bank contract. This means Bianac holds the record for being the longest and the shortest owner of the title as of writing. Currently, she fights under the SmackDown brand.

Meanwhile, Montez is also thriving in his WWE career as a part of Street Profits alongside Gary Gordon/Angelo Dawkins. The duo has since partnered up with Bobby Lashley, and the trio is now called The Pride. The SmackDown wrestler’s impressive performance during WrestleMania 39 has already earned him many fans, and he continues moving forward and hopefully establishing himself more and more as a single player.

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