Is Wrestlers Based on a True Story? Is it Scripted?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Netflix’s ‘Wrestlers’ breaks every bound of the sports documentary genre by shining a light upon the sport in a way unlike any other. After all, it revolves around the ups and downs of the stories Ohio Valley Wrestling organization in a way that really explores the reality behind the industry as well as its operations from every angle imaginable. Thus, of course, there are several storylines that are followed at every step of the way, and now, if you’re simply curious to learn more about this matter, we’ve got the details for you.

Is Wrestlers a True Story?

Considering the fact Wrestlers is a documentary series through and through, it is based on the real-life of those who are dedicating all their time to OVW to success, whether it be its CEO, co-owners, athletes, or support staff. However, the question of it being scripted is a little more complicated because the whole sport of wrestling is kind of a gimmick wherein everything has been decided before, all the while driving inspiration from real life. In other words, ‘wrestlers’ is not fake, yet some of the situations depicted within it – that is, those in the ring – are carefully planned out by pros as well as experts for audience entertainment.

The prime example of this is the storyline between wrestler HollyHood Haley J and her mother Maria that played out on OVW’s stage – there were feelings of betrayal, anger, and arguments, which culminated in a death match where everything goes. Now, while the feelings are derived from real life because Haley did essentially grow up without a mother and carries a lot of trauma from that, their being in a bad position wasn’t entirely true. But then again, it was the reality of their history that made their death match so special in the end. There’s a reason there were tears in everyone’s eyes.

Then there’s the way Mahabali Shera’s journey was chronicled; he was at the topic but one fight made him lose his championship to pro athlete James Storm- as previously decided by showrunner/CEO Al Snow. This particular duo wasn’t really friends despite their connection on stage being one of the friends to enemies with betrayal and backtalk, yet they made things work. The truth is the storyline was to have Shera earn his title back soon with a re-match but he’d ended up dislocating his shoulder so it all had to be scrapped; in other words, despite the planning, injuries, and associations outside the ring, are all real.

Therefore, there’s a bit of scripting sprinkled throughout the reality of ‘Wrestlers’ as it really navigates the way co-owners do their best to keep OVW afloat. That’s why it features Al Snow, Matt Jones, Craig Robinson, alongside Haley J, Maria, Shera, Freya the Slaya, Cash Flo, amongst many more.

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