Bill Dunn: The Boston Police Detective is Now Retired

Directed by Jason Hehir, HBO’s ‘Murder in Boston: Roots, Rampage, and Reckoning’ explores the murder case of Carol Stuart, which took place in Boston, Massachusetts. Given the tense atmosphere already prevalent in the city due to race-based issues, increased drug-related violence, and the actions of law enforcement, the murder case became a catalyst in bringing several crucial matters to light. Among the various individuals associated with the investigation of the crime, Detective William “Bill” Dunn’s words provide a unique perspective on the show’s core topic. As such, the world is now curious about where he is these days.

Who is Bill Dunn?

Bill Dunn used to be a part of the Boston police force at a time when the law enforcement relationship with black communities within the city was not at its best. In the late 1980s, when the number of violent incidents as well as drug-related crimes had started to increase in Mission Hill, a predominantly black neighborhood in Boston, certain measures taken by police officers seemed excessive to some, like the “stop and frisk” policy.

“You’re the most powerful people,” Bill explained as a member of the police force and the power that it might give someone in specific contexts. “You can deprive somebody of their freedom. Nobody else can do that. Judges can’t do that. We can stop you from walking down the street and deprive you of your freedom. That’s a lot of power.” Having joined the police force in 1980, Bill was assigned to work in Mission Hill, a posting he stated that nobody wanted.

While certain citizens who had lived in the same area where Bill worked claimed that the police officer was prone to exercising his power even when not exactly necessary, he shared his own perspective about the same. “I like helping the good, and I loved being bad to the bad. Some people deserve to go to jail,” Bill claimed. He shared in the show how he had been at his show when Carol Stuart’s case was reported, and he confessed that while he mourned the tragedy, he was not surprised when it was stated that the case might be linked to Mission Hill. It was Bill and his partner who actually found Alan Swanson and his partner squatting in an apartment and arrested him on the suspicion that he might be linked to the murder case that had gripped the city at the time.

Where is Bill Dunn Now?

On January 22, 2016, Bill Dunn retired from his position as a police officer of the Boston police force. He had become a Detective by the time he left the force. Prior to his retirement in 2015, he had been apparently internally investigated on charges of unbecoming conduct, unreasonable judgment, and untruthfulness, though no actions were taken for the same. Even today, Bill remains proud of his tenure as a police officer for the city of Boston.

Pertaining to the Carol Stuart murder case, while Boston’s law enforcement at the time was heavily criticized for seemingly missing clues that were right there and instead following a race-based narrative, Bill maintains that he finds no fault in how the police went about the case and the suspects that the ended up catching, including Alan Swanson. He also seems dissatisfied with the new turn that the city of Boston has taken in recent years, claiming that he does not even recognize the city that he once served faithfully.

Due to his appearance in the HBO documentary show, Bill is seemingly the only person directly involved in the investigation of the Carol Stuart case from Boston’s police department. His candid responses about what had happened and the events that followed provide a unique perspective to the story told in the series. Many of his thoughts are also shared by those who have lived or still live in Mission Hill, with many recognizing the retired police officer from his time in the neighborhood.

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