Bill and Sandra: The Love Never Lies Poland S2 Couple is Now Together

Fans of Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ are well aware that not every participating couple gets a happy ending after following through with the social experiment. However, many find the risk to be worth it in order to overcome the issues plaguing their relationships. In season 2, Bilel “Bill” Gebali and Sandra entered the show with a similar mindset, hoping to put their history of infidelity to rest. It was certainly not easy for them to be confronted with the truth, and now the world can’t help but wonder whether the two are still in a relationship or not.

Bill and Sandra’s Love Never Lies: Poland Journey

Bill Gebali and Sandra’s time on the Netflix show started in quite an unusual manner. Rather than being shocked by any hidden infidelities, Sandra had actually been well aware of just whom Bill had cheated on her with. However, saying out loud that Bill had slept with six different women when he was in a relationship with her did seem to upset Sandra in a way she had not anticipated. While she did seem happy with the confirmation that he did not continue to hide anything from her, she remained conflicted over what to do.

Determined to prove his desire to be loyal, Bill was ready to be a part of the experiment. However, after he was introduced to Alicja, things certainly changed significantly. The two grew closer and closer, with Bill claiming that he sometimes felt restricted in his relationship with Sandra, something that the latter did not understand, given the numerous infidelities that she forgave him for. The fact that he had stated that he did not regret cheating on Sandra only made her more upset. A still determined Sandra hoped to talk to him about it but was then heartbroken when she learned that Bill and Alicja had made out.

For his part, Bill felt highly guilty for what he had done and knew that Sandra would be incredibly hurt by it all. When the time came for the villas to be swapped, Bill was shown Sandra’s reaction and was heartbroken that he had caused this pain. Meanwhile, Sandra was introduced to Olek, whom she did find attractive but also similar to Bill. As such, she made a deal with Paula and started to focus on Mateusz.

Seeing Sandra genuinely enjoying herself in Mateusz’s company made Bill even more saddened as he could not help but wonder why she was not similarly happy with him. Just before the couple reunited, Bill also got to learn some answers. This led him to learn that Sandra had apparently lied about him, which led Bill to wonder if that was why some of her friends gave her weird looks. He also learned that Sandra and Mateusz had been physically intimate. He also learned that Sandra had no sexual contact via the Internet with other men, and the EyeDetect test indicated that this might be true.

Bill and Sandra Broke Up and Then Got Back Together

While talking about their relationship in the season 2 reunion of ‘Love Never Lies: Poland,’ Bill Gebali and Sandra revealed that they had actually broken up right after the show ended. Following this, the couple did not remain in contact with each other for months. During this time, Bill claimed that he had maintained a friendly relationship with Alicja. However, the latter sent a video message that claimed that the two had actually been in a romantic relationship and even took part in another reality series as a couple.

This upset Sandra, who could not understand why Bill had done so. This led him to point out that she, too, had been seeing Dominik during the four months of no contact and should not judge her as they had been in a relationship at the time. So, just how did the couple reunite? Well, it was all thanks to a trip to Tunisia, where Bill and Sandra reconnected and agreed to resume their relationship. As stated by Bill, he had not yet broken up with Alicja at that point but did so as soon as the trip ended. Alicja confirmed that she and Bill were no longer romantically involved and did not talk to each other. Both Bill and Sandra agreed that their current relationship was still tentative as they were trying to figure things out with a fresh start.

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