Roksana and Marek: Love Never Lies Poland S2 Couple Are Not Together

Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ is a show that makes of advanced lie detection technology to test just how much trust and truth exists between the participating couples. While the cast members enter the show with hopes of bettering their connection, not all of them are able to achieve this dream. Consider Roksana and Marek, whose time on the show kept the world wondering whether or not the two would remain in a relationship. With the season 2 finale out now, the world remains curious about the answers to the same.

Roksana and Marek’s Love Never Lies: Poland Journey

When Roksana and Marek entered the show, their main reason behind taking part in the social experiment was to address their feelings of insecurity between them. However, they got off to a shaky start when it was revealed that Marek talks to girls on dating apps and has apparently even met them in person. However, Marek claimed that the only reason he did so was to have someone to converse with, as he did not think that Roksana was giving him the support he needed. he remained adamant that he had never physically cheated on Roksana.

When Roksana and Marek parted ways to live in different villas, they did not do so on a good note. Initially, it was Roksana’s turn to be tempted, and she was introduced to Piotrek. The dynamic between the two made Roksana feel quite appreciated, with her admitting that this was something she felt was missing in her relationship with Marek. When he learned about it, Marek claimed that Roksana was also not emotionally reciprocating, and her professions of love were rare if they ever even happened.

Soon, Roksana and Marek swapped places. This time, Marek was introduced to Patrycja, whom he found easy to connect with. He told her that he felt his gestures were often unappreciated, and while he understood that it was not ideal, he truly felt more supported by the women he met on dating apps when compared to Roksana. It was also revealed that Marek had once hidden one of his dates from Roksana when the lady in question was visiting his sister’s salon. Upon reuniting, the two did seem receptive to the idea of possibly rebuilding their relationship, but the fact that both of them had confessed to having been unhappy in their relationship made many wonder just how long the two would last.

Roksana and Marek Did Not Have a Clean Break Up

In the season 2 reunion of ‘Love Never Lies: Poland,’ Roksana and Marek disclosed just how badly things went for them after their on-screen journey was over. Apparently, Roksana had blocked him immediately, which meant that he was not able to reach her despite wanting to rebuild their connection. Marek claimed that this left him devastated as he was not able to grasp just why things had happened the way they did. Roksana did not refute how things happened but did state that she had thought that to be the best course of action.

It was revealed that Marek had even attended Roksana’s birthday party but had only arrived towards the end so as not to create a big scene. He, along with many other cast members, claimed that Roksana had been taken aback by his presence. Marek insinuated that this might be because of the presence of Roksana’s potential romantic partners. Other cast members also seemed majorly on Marek’s side and insisted that he had made many attempts to contact Roksana but was rebuffed.

Perhaps the most bold statement of them all, Marek accused Roksana of using him to gain fame through the show and furthering her career as a photo model. This was denied by Roksana, who claimed that she had been a model even before the two appeared on the show. Presently, neither party follows the other on social media. Marek’s feed is also devoid of Roksana’s presence, though the latter does still have some pictures of her former partner on her social media.

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