Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 16 Recap: The Fundamental Virulence

In ‘Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War The Separation‘ episode 1 or simply ‘Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War’ episode 16 titled ‘The Fundamental Virulence,’ Bazz-B and BG9 attack Hitsugaya and Marechiyo respectively. Interestingly, Urahara has managed to figure out a way for the captains to regain their Bankai and helps them fight the enemies. Hitsugaya and Sui Feng use the chance to lend a devastating blow to BG9 and Bazz-B. Yhwach has been watching everything from a distance and eventually decides to make an interesting move.

Urahara Learns How Captains Can Regain Bankai

While Bazz-B decided to take on Hitsugaya, the Captain of the 10th Division, BG9 on the other hand was fighting Marechiyo. Although Bazz-B was more overwhelmingly powerful than Hitsugaya, Matsumoto comes to his aid and creates a vacuum of ice named Shinkou Tasou Hyouheki that cannot be fully melted by the enemy’s flames. The Captain of the 10th Division is smart enough to use the Shinkou no Kouri no Yaiba as soon as he gets the chance to attack Bazz-B and take him by surprise.

BG9 easily overwhelms Marechiyo and is about to take his life when Sui Feng defends him. She is surprisingly powerful and blasts him away, but that is still not enough to defeat it. Hitsugaya becomes a bit more confident and appears to underestimate Bazz-B’s threat. The Sternritter uses the opportunity and easily manages to pierce the thick ice shield in front of the Captain of the 10th Division. Eventually, he uses the Burner Finger 2 technique to critically injure Hitsugaya and almost ends the battle.

Elsewhere, Urahara contacts Kurotsuchi with a piece of important information that could potentially change the tide of the battle. He explains how he noticed a clue that the captains can prevent the stealing of their Bankai thanks to the battle with Quilge Opie. Urahara opines that Opie appeared to struggle after absorbing the Hollow, which points to the fact that he was not really able to control its power.

Urahara found it interesting that the Quincies managed to abduct many Arrancars but never tried to gain control of their Ressurection. This only meant that stealing them was probably disadvantageous to the Quincies for some reason. As soon as the connection to the captains is established, they are informed about pills called Shin’eiyaku that are sent near them. Since Quincies have no natural antibody against Hollows, they are like poison to them.

For this reason, the Quincies wish to literally exterminate the Hollows. So, by absorbing just a small amount of Hollow power through the Shin’eiyaku pills, the Bankais will get hollified as well and they will become poisonous to the Quincies too. By this time, Cang Du is already preparing to take Hitsugaya’s life and that’s when he gets the Shin’eiyaku allowing him to regain his Bankai. He uses the Daiguren Hyōrinmaru to injure Cang Du immediately and defends himself successfully.

Sui Feng also manages to use her Bankai again and manages to lend a devastating attack on BG9. After Hitsugaya fully regains his Bankai, he encases Cang Du in a large cross of ice. Yhwach had already known that the captains will probably regain the power, so he decides to remotely activate multiple Quincy: Vollständig at the same time giving his man a clear advantage.

What is a Vollständig?

Vollständig is a Quincy technique that gives the user the ability to access repeated use of retained power. If the user is proficient enough, it can even be used on multiple occasions on the same day. The technique allows the free-flowing absorption of Reishi which is later used in devastating attacks. At the moment, the user experiences a heightened ability to absorb Reishi. Vollständig is actually the successor of another technique named Quincy: Letzt Stil, which went into decline some 200 years ago due to its fragility.

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