Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 20 Recap: I Am The Edge

In ‘Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War The Separation‘ episode 20 or simply ‘Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War’ episode 20 titled ‘I Am The Edge,’ “V” – “The Visionary” shows up at the Squad 4 temporary first-aid station. He attacks Yachiru, who is able to fight for a while. After that Kenpachi Zaraki arrives on the scene and fights the Sternritter as the battle between the two groups reaches a new high. 

V – The Visionary Attacks Yachiru

At the Squad 4 temporary first-aid station, Yachiru and Kotetsu are looking after the wounded not knowing what is about to happen. They are suddenly greeted by Sternritter V, who does not really seem threatening at first. Based entirely on her instincts, Yachiru tries to punch him but he disappears in thin air. He then reveals that he can really manipulate reality and do things that are otherwise impossible. Although the Sternritter is strong, Yachiru still eventually manages to cut his face after which it is revealed that he is just a figment of the imagination of Gremmy, the real “V” – “The Visionary.”

Gremmy soon turns Yachiru’s bones into cookies and she collapses on the ground unable to fight. Before he could do any more damage, Kenpachi arrived on the scene. He seems powerful to Gremmy as he feels that he can now really take out a formidable enemy. Despite his powers, Kenpachi still manages to surprise Gremmy as both begin to show their power. When Zaraki manages to push back the Sternritter, he tells Yachiru to go to Kotetsu and get her wounds healed. 

Is Gremmy Thoumeaux Dead? What Happens to Kenpachi and Yachiru?

During the battle, Kenpachi asks Gremmy if he is the strongest and if he wants to crush the strongest as well. He leaps forward trying to reach “V” – “The Visionary,” while the latter is quite impressed by what he just heard. He thinks that no one so far has ever been able to even lay hands on him but Kenpachi appears confident enough to beat him. This gives Gremmy, a newfound motivation to crush Kenpachi which he has never felt for any of his other enemies. He attacks Zaraki with guns and rockets but is not able to do much damage. But Gremmy remains quite overconfident in his powers and does not perceive Kenpachi as a serious threat.

This turns out to be a huge mistake as Zaraki leaves a deadly blow to him. Even at that moment, “V” – “The Visionary” feels that he is still unharmed and does not need to worry much. But this turns out to be a mistake as Zaraki attacks again and manages to leave Gremmy dumbfounded. Kenpachi realizes that his enemies’ inexplicable powers can even be dangerous for him if he imagines something that is counterproductive. This is exactly what has happened and Gremmy also realizes this. Then he thanks Kenpachi for helping him come to such a realization and then reveals a dangerous attack. 

This time “V” – “The Visionary” imagines a huge meteor heading towards Seiretei which is going to annihilate the entire reason with only one survivor and that is him. He is confident that this should be enough to take out Kenpachi and the rest of his comrades. But instead of fearing the worst, Zaraki instead leaps toward the meteor and cuts it into two halves. This shocks Gremmy, who had thought that the battle was already won by now. Since his move did not work, he imagines outer space and sends Zaraki into it believing that this would mean a definite victory. But Kenpachi uses his weapon to attack Gremmy who has forgotten to harden his skin. Despite his best efforts in the moments after this, “V” – “The Visionary” fails to do much to stop Kenpachi who wins the battle. “V” – “The Visionary” not only loses but also dies in the process. 

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