Blood: Where Was the TV Show Filmed?

Blood‘ is a whodunnit that has managed to keep viewers on the edge. The title refers not just to the blood spilled due to crimes but also to the blood ties between the family members at the center of the show. We see Cat Hogan going to her family house, where her mother has died. Soon after she arrives, she believes her father might be involved in her death. With each passing day, this suspicion grows, but other family members are unwilling to acknowledge the possibility, as Cat remains the black sheep of the family.

As is the case of thrillers, the location helps in building the atmosphere, which must make you wonder about where ‘Blood’ has been shot. We have got you covered in that regard.

Blood Filming Locations

The series itself is set in a fictional town in Westmeath, which is in Ireland. However, Kilcock serves as a stand-in for the fictional place. Although the entire show is filmed very close to Dublin, the choice of location helps in the creation of the atmosphere.

Sophie Petzal, the show’s creator, has commented on this, saying, “You’re very close to Dublin. But the landscape is so different. The Midlands has this frontier town element. It’s very evocative…”. Thus, while the show puts the small town on the international stage, you might be wondering about some of the more specific filming locations. Read on to find out.

Meath, Kildare, and Dublin

Since ‘Blood’ is filmed entirely on location, in Ireland, it makes smart use of the various places. We see Cat driving up from Dublin when she goes to her family home. Since most of the series takes place from Cat’s point of view, we see plenty of scenes playing out at the Hogan family home. The rambling abode is actually located at the Larchill Arcadian Gardens. It is in Phepotstown, in County Meath.

Luckily, the production office for the series is located at Weston Airport, which is close to Lucan in Dublin and Leixlip in County Kildare. This helped the crew pick some locations, that have gone on to play an integral part in the series. Jonathan Fisher, the producer, commented that “We had our production office at Weston Airport and we shot in a few houses and locations around there.” In fact, Barry, Cat’s friend in the show, has a house that is actually located on the land of Weston Airport, at 5 N4, Backwestonpark, Backweston.

Fisher commented on this, saying it was a happy coincidence for the crew to discover. Obviously, Kilcock, in County Kildare, serves as Hogan’s hometown in the show. Notably, once Cat returns, she attends her brother’s gig at a pub where their mother, Mary, used to work. It is one of the more important moments that reinforce Cat’s suspicions about her father. This bar is actually Kilteel Inn in County Kildare. It is located on Main Street.

It is evident that most of ‘Blood’ has been filmed in and around the Meath-Kildare area. The people involved in the show have commented that this has made for a refreshing change since these are lesser-known areas in Ireland and have not usually been portrayed extensively in film or television. Although Kilcock is the main town where the events play out, the cast and crew have been careful not to mention it by name anywhere in the series.

In conclusion, it is evident that although ‘Blood’ is set in a fictional place, it has been filmed in real-life locations. Moreover, unlike most recent shows, ‘Blood’ does not rely on a studio system, opting to film the scenes on location itself.

[Location Information Credits: The Sun, The Irish Examiner]

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