Blood Flower Ending, Explained: What Happened with Farah?

‘Blood Flower’ is a horror film that promises to scare you with its gory sequences. The film, helmed by Malaysian director Dain Said, follows a teenager named Iqbal who has the power of exorcism, just like his mother, but wants to live a normal life with the other kids. However, when a bloodthirsty demon goes on a killing spree in his apartment building, the young lad has to conquer his powers to protect his family and friends. The film, starring Idan Aedan, Bront Palarae, Arnie Shasha, Remy Ishak, Nadiya Nissa, Eriza Allya, and others, ends with a gruesome revelation that leaves the audience overwhelmed. If you are curious about the intense ending of ‘Blood Flower,’ we have got you covered!

Blood Flower Plot Synopsis

The story revolves around Iqbal, a teenager gifted with the ability to see otherworldly creatures and perform exorcisms, inherited from his mother. However, he remains skeptical of his powers due to eerie encounters with undead beings and unsettling noises. Tragedy strikes during an exorcism when his mother sacrifices herself to protect him from a demon, intensifying his despise for his abilities. Shortly thereafter, Iqbal’s father, Norman, is asked by his friend Jamil to tend to his greenhouse in their apartment complex while he goes away on an international journey.

Iqbal seizes the opportunity to explore the greenhouse with his friends Bob, Ali, Ah Boy, and his little sister, Yaya. Ah Boy, who disguises herself as a boy, is revealed to be Jamil’s estranged daughter, whom he abandoned years ago along with her mother, Anna, following the disappearance of his elder daughter, Farah. Meanwhile, during their exploration of the greenhouse, the kids find a locked door adorned with a cryptic mantra. Bob and Ali remove the mantra from the door, inadvertently unleashing a powerful demon from the room that begins terrorizing the building’s residents, claiming the life of Jamil’s brother, and eventually, Bob and Ali. In the meantime, Iqbal seeks guidance from his Master to conceal his powers but continues to confront menacing supernatural beings.

The unleashed demon goes on to possess Ah Boy, and attempts to kill Anna, Iqbal, and Norman, while asking them to bring her father to her. While Norman successfully calls Jamil back to town, Iqbal attempts to exorcise Ah Boy but fails, getting possessed himself. He rushes to the greenhouse and finds the skull of a child hidden deep within the wall. As Iqbal somehow manages to get rid of the demon with the help of his father, Jamil arrives at the scene, and what follows is a revelation of dark family secrets that leave everyone shocked.

Blood Flower Ending: What Happened with Farah?

As Jamil enters the greenhouse at the end, the film goes into a flashback revealing what transpired eight years ago. It is disclosed that Jamil sexually assaulted his own daughter, Farah. When the poor girl got pregnant with his child and went into labor, Jamil did not want to take her to the hospital so that the word of his heinous crime did not go out. His mother, Popo, tried to persuade him to save Farah as she continued to lose blood, but he did not budge and asked her to keep mum or else he would ruin Anna and Ah Boy’s life.

Meanwhile, Farah starts making a creepy sound and suddenly gets up from the bed, horrifying Jamil and Popo. The girl is revealed to be possessed by a demon, who chose her as her ‘master.’ The demon warned Jamil that as long as it was inside Farah’s body, it was not going to let her die. Jamil, blinded by his ego and fear, picked up a knife and slashed his daughter multiple times, gruesomely killing her and her unborn baby. He tasked his brother with getting rid of Farah’s body and buried the baby’s skull inside the wall of the greenhouse room.

Jamil then got a mantra from a Shaman in Sumatra and pasted it over the room’s door. Since then, the demon remained locked in the room till the time Iqbal’s friends set it free. And while Anna thought her daughter had disappeared eight years ago, she had, in reality, been assaulted and later killed by her own father, who eventually moved on with a new family without an iota of remorse. In the present day, to avenge Farah and her baby’s death, the demon drags Jamil into its realm and murders him. While the demon returns to the greenhouse, Iqbal utilizes his powers to send it back and close the portal to the other world.

Who was the Demon and How did It Possess Farah?

In ‘Blood Flower,’ the demon is described as a ‘Hantu Raya’, which is a spirit in Malaysian folklore. The term literally translates to ‘great ghost.’ In the film, the creature can take different avatars and can feed on people’s fears and guilt. When it possesses Iqbal and takes him to the other dimension, the teenager starts to see visuals of his dead mother. Only when he finally decides to let go of his mother, and in a way his guilt associated with her death, he is able to overpower the demon and get it expelled from his body. Similarly, in the end, when the demon pulls Jamil into his realm, it appears in front of him as Farah and confronts him before smashing his head and killing him.

The demon originally came from Sumatra and was carried into the greenhouse with the Titan Arum plants that Jamil proudly describes as his favorite, explaining that they bloom for only one day every eight years. As the demon was looking for a master, Farah visited the greenhouse to water the plants and became the obvious choice for possession. Even after the girl died on her delivery bed, the demon did not leave its association with its master and avenged her death from her killers eight years later. In the ending sequences of the film, Titan Arum is seen blooming which seems to represent the conclusion of the demon saga, which had commenced eight years ago, the last time the plant bloomed.

Was Iqbal Able to Master His Powers?

A prominent theme that surfaces throughout the film is Iqbal’s struggles with his own powers. From the very beginning, the boy is a little doubtful about the use of his powers and advises his family not to go for the exorcism that eventually ends up killing his mother. The feeling of accountability for his mother’s demise, coupled with the increasing number of encounters with creepy creatures and noises, makes him even more cynical toward his abilities.

At one point, he wants to get rid of his powers and lead a normal life like other kids. So much so that he asks his Master to read a verse to tie down his abilities. However, the practice takes away his ‘healing’ or exorcism powers only, and he still continues to see the visuals of undead people. But when he sees his friend Ab Boy in trouble, he realizes the true potential of his gift. At the time, with his power concealed, he is not able to perform exorcism on her and save her from the demon. Finally understanding the use of his power, Iqbal asks his father to read a verse to unlock his full capabilities.

In the end, he skillfully masters those powers as he sends the demon to the other realm and closes the portal. In the final sequence of the film, when his family visits his mother’s grave, Iqbal’s actions show that he has completely accepted his gift. When his sister, who seems to have acquired the special abilities herself, sees ghosts rising from graves and nervously asks who these people are, Iqbal replies with a confident smile, “We’ll find soon enough,” demonstrating his acceptance of his powers.

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