12 Best Gory Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

When it comes to secrets behind the cult following phenomenon, gory movies always dominate the discussion. Moviegoers are always attracted to bloodshed, gore and horror. Willingly exposing themselves to extreme graphic violence is a chilling experience which attracts them again and again to these movies. Studies hint at the fact that viewers are not attracted to the violent acts in such movies, but to the thrill and suspense given by violent content. Sometimes, it may be the empathy generates towards the victim of violence. Or, those gory sequences may act as a safety valve for the accumulated aggression of the viewers. Another explanation is that unimaginable violence gives an insight into human nature and existence to the viewers.

We’ve always loved to be frightened and terrified. When the inventors of cinema, the Lumiere Brothers, screened one of their first showreels, people were awestruck watching the shot of a train arriving on a railway platform. The fear generated at the sight tempted them to line up in front of the makeshift screening hall to watch it again and again, and gore movies have been writing their history soaked with blood for more than a century. Even though it’s considered a niche genre, which is rather repulsive, slasher flicks rake huge chunks of money from the box office. Whatever be the reasons, the gore is here to stay. And if you are in the mood to watch a slasher flick or a bloody mess, Netflix is your place. The streaming platform has a long list of cinematic gore and graphic violence compiled. So, here’s the list of really good gory movies on Netflix that are available to stream right now.

12. Jason X (2001)

jason x

‘Jason X’ is a sci-fi upgrade of the ‘Friday the 13th‘ franchise. The movie is set in the year 2455 when the notorious bogeyman, Jason Voorhees, played by Kane Hodder for the fourth time, is found dead and brought aboard into a spaceship. An archaeology professor named Lowe, played by Jonathan Potts, and his students try to resuscitate Jason. But the experiment goes wrong and the killer wakes up with his unstoppable blood-lust. With the old Earth now contaminated and abandoned, Jason hunts down all the humans who have returned to research the remnants of the long-gone civilizations. The movie also introduces his futuristic counterpart, Uber Jason.

11. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

from dusk till dawnQuentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez take the viewers into a bloody nightmare with their gory masterpiece ‘From Dusk Till Dawn.’ The movie follows brothers Seth Gecko and Richard, who are on the run after a messy bank robbery in Texas. Their plan is to cross the Mexican border and bargain asylum with the local Mexican don. They have a cold night and a few hundred miles ahead to be free of the U.S. law. But when they pull off and walk into the trucker bar called The Titty Twister, their plans turn upside down. While the night falls outside, they realize that they’re not in a simple-looking bar, but a vampire hangout which turns out to hell during the night. The brothers start a deadly combat with the Makeup artist, Tom Savini and film star, Fred Williamson as allies to fight off the flesh-eating monsters. If they can prevent themselves from getting a bite and turning into a vampire, from dusk till dawn, they will survive.

10. Raw (2016)


‘Raw’ is the shocking portrayal of the cannibalistic family of a young woman, Justine. She grows up in a family known for their ritualistic vegetarian habits. But when the 16-year-old girl joins the vet school as per her family tradition, the school mates help her to realize some horrible facts about herself and her family. Since the family is quite popular in town for their strict vegetarianism, the senior students make Justine eat raw meat as a part of the hazing ritual. Tasting raw meat for the first time triggers unknown desires for exotic tastes buried deep in her mind. ‘Raw’ plunges into the horror of cannibalistic ultimatum as Justine realizes her craving for human flesh. In her quest for human bodies, she finds the true colors of her family, which has a long line of cannibalistic history.

9. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)


All The Boys Love Mandy Lane‘ is a party turned into a bloodbath. When her classmate Dylan invites Mandy Lane, the most beautiful girl in the school, for a party in a remote country house, she is hesitant to go. She isn’t into the parties with friends, but accepts the invitation. The teen couple hitch-hike a ride with a scary driver and reaches the seemingly serene countryside. Mandy becomes the center of attraction at the party while her best friend, Emmet, watches the boys making a play for Mandy. But when two students are found brutally murdered, the party turns out to be a nightmarish hell.

8. Green Room (2016)

green room

When the members of a punk rock band named ‘the Ain’t Rights’ are finishing up an unsuccessful tour, they get an invitation to conduct a stage program. The desperate band takes this as an opportunity to revamp their exhausted souls and grabs the booking. But when the band members witness something brutal at the backstage, they realize the upcoming terror. The man behind the crime, the run-down club’s depraved owner, Darcy Banker, played by Stewart, will go to any extend to erase the evidence of the crime, which includes the band. Trapped in the backstage, the band confronts a cat and mouse game with Darcy who is determined to bury the details of the crime and his nefarious enterprises, a lethal gang of white power skinheads. What follows is an ultimate life or death showdown with full of gore and screams.

7. Train to Busan (2016)

train to busan

‘Train to Busan’ revived Korean cinema and elevated it into the world scene with its edgy narrative and knee-jerking gory scenes. The zombie horror-thriller follows a group of passengers trapped in a bullet train speeding towards the city of Busan. The bullet train traverses through villages and small stations which are invaded by burgeoning Zombieheads. The passengers had to elbow their way through the zombies attacking the train with everything they got. Besides evading the Zombie threats from both sides of the railroad, the passengers start doubting each other. Now, they have to deal with the two deadly enemies – the flesh-eating Zombies and the growing suspicion for each other within them. Their only refuge is the city of Busan, which has somehow prevented the Zombie viral outbreak. The train speeds up as many of the passengers are turning one-by-one into zombies while the remaining ones hold firm onto the train which is their key to Busan.

6. The Witch (2016)

the witch

Being hailed as one of the scariest movies of our times, ‘The Witch‘ takes us straight to the adobe of the evil. Set in the ’30s, the movie follows a couple, William and Katherine, and their five children. The devoted English Christian family is known for its strict ritualistic religious practices. When they are banned by the local church for being too religious, they move on to a secluded cottage in the woods. But their serene life is disturbed when the newborn baby in the family goes missing and their crops mysteriously fail. The horror lurching beneath the family unleashes when the members turn to each other for answers to the horrible incidents. Eventually, the family descends into sheer madness which is followed by a terrific culmination of gore, violence and horror in the end.

5. Se7en (1995)


David Fincher’s ‘Se7en‘ made history as one of the most terrifying serial killer movies of all time, and for featuring one of the trickiest twist endings. The thriller follows detectives, played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, and their cat and mouse game with a deadly homicidal psychopath who murders his victims inspired by the seven deadly sins. Fincher takes us along with the desperate detectives from one mutilated remains one victim to another. Detective Sommerset digs deep into the complex mindscape of the killer, played by an enigmatic Kevin Spacey, by dissecting the seven deadly sins.

But his partner and new recruit, Mills negates the veteran’s crucial findings. As the killer goes on with his murder series, the case, Somerset’s last and Mill’s first, turns out to be a paradox for the detective duo. When they confirm the relationship between the murders and the seven deadly sins, they start inching close to the killer. They assume there will be five more killings based on lust, sloth, pride, wrath, and envy in the coming days as he had already finished his first two acts. The movie culminates in an unexpected and bloody climax with a deadly triangle is formed between the detective duo and the killer.

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4. Final Destination (2000)

final destination

When Alex Browning, a teenager on-board the plane to Paris with his classmates, has a premonition of an upcoming plane crash, the movie ‘Final Destination‘ starts its tryst with death. Alex makes a fuss in the plane’s cabin and warns the other passengers about his vision of plane crash. He is then forced to disembark from the plane along with six other people. He is thrown out along with his buddies Billy and Tod, a young woman named Clear, Carter and his girlfriend Terry Chaney, and Ms. Lewton, the teacher who volunteers to stay with the students. To the horror of those who’ve stayed behind, the plane explodes soon after it takes off. Even though he saved himself and six other lives, Alex’s life after the incident becomes under the scanner of the authorities. Moreover, Alex intuitively assumes that the incident was a mere coincident and he, along with the 6 persons, cannot cheat death next time. One by one, death conquers the seven survivors in the most horrible ways.

3. Cult of Chucky (2017)


‘Cult of Chucky’ is the seventh installment of the ‘‘Child’s Play’ franchise.’ The movie begins four years after the events of ‘Curse of Chucky,’ with Nica Pierce being confined to an asylum for four long years. Nica believes it is she, not Chucky, who brutally murdered her entire family. When Tiffany Valentine, the legal guardian of Alice, visits Nica to inform her that Alice is dead and gifts her a Good Guys doll. Chucky returns that night and a string of bloody murders happen in the asylum. With a shudder, Nica realizes Chucky is behind the deaths and that she is real. Chucky announces that she is back to prey on Nica. But Chucky’s old enemy from the first three Child’s Plays, comes to Nica’s rescue. When Tiffany joins hands with Chucky, ‘The Cult of Chuckie’ turns out to be a fun-filled comedy horror.

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2. Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

Velvet Buzzsaw

‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ is an enthralling thriller set in the backdrop of the contemporary art scene. From the director of ‘Nightcrawler’, Dan Gilroy, the movie has Jake Gyllenhaal playing an art critic. When he finds some mysterious paintings with supernatural powers created by an unknown artist, he is thrown into the underworld when art shakes hands with commerce. A group of elite art collectors smell the value of the paintings by an anonymous painter. But the force hiding underneath the paintings takes its toll on them in the bloodiest way.

Velvet Buzzsaw‘ exposes the venomous network of critics and art-collectors that reigns the art scene, invalidating the true value and purpose of a work of art. The movie chronicles the gruesome death of each man who tries to move or trade the paintings. When art critics realize it’s the paintings that are responsible for the killings, it’s too late for them to escape the wrath of art. The end credits appear over visuals of an artist who is immersed in the ecstasy of the creation over its monetary value after a narrow escape from the lethal revenge of the paintings.

1. XX (2017)


‘XX’ is an all-female anthology feature directed by four women directors, Jovanka Vuckovic, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin, and Karyn Kusama. The foursome delivers four shockingly dark tales of gore. In the first short ‘The Birthday Party,’ Annie Clark debuts as a filmmaker using unexpected twists and turn to unleash horror. In Karyn Kusama’s ‘Her Only Living Son,’ exorcism finds new dimensions of fear. Roxanne Benjamin makes the viewers hold their chairs all through her short, ‘Don’t Fall.’ Jovanka Vuckovic’s ‘The Box’ opens and sets free an evil force that hunts down its victims. ‘XX’ is a special entry in the lineup of gory movies as it throws us into the mouth of unimaginable horror unleashed by four fierce women. ‘XX’ is not for the faint-hearted because of the terror, blood and mayhem it radiates around. The four shorts also feature female cast in the lead.

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