Blood Sweat and Heels Cast: Where Are They Now?

There’s no doubt that navigating the world with friends is a blessing. What adds to the fun and thrill is when this experience gets elevated through shared memories. And with the growing trend of reality shows, we witness such bonds in real time. Bravo’s much-loved reality television series, ‘Blood Sweat & Heels’ takes viewers through a similar journey when they get to witness the personal, professional, and social lives of eight of New York’s finest women, all of whom are at the top of their game in fashion, media, and real estate. The series premiered in 2014 and concluded in 2015 with the end of the second season. If you are a fan of the show and wish to know about the current whereabouts of the eight powerful divas, we’ve got you covered.

Melyssa Ford is Currently the Co-Host of a Podcast

After documenting her struggles in becoming a realtor in New York City, Melyssa Ford also had to deal with an ugly brawl and lawsuit with co-contestant Geneva S. Thomas. However, moving on from the bittersweet memories, she went on to co-host the Los Angeles hip-hop and pop culture radio show titled Hollywood Unlocked in 2016. In June 2018, she suffered serious injuries in a massive accident, due to which she took a break from the show before returning in 2019. She eventually quit in 2020 and launched her own YouTube podcast, ‘I’m Here for the Food,’ in 2019, where a host of guests would be featured, dealing with an array of topics such as human trafficking, healing, and forgiveness.

Melyssa lost her mother in May 2020 due to colon cancer and continues to deal with the pain and grief of that loss. While there were rumors of her dating Canadian rapper Drake, the starlet chose to remain tightlipped on the same. Having lived for years in Los Angeles, she decided to move back to New York in 2023, where she became the co-host of The Joe Budden Podcast. 2023 also saw her feature in the television movie ‘Sworn Justice: Taken Before Christmas,’ which was released in November in the USA. She is an active mental health advocate and talks about self-growth and healing through interviews and podcasts. She currently prefers to focus on spending time with family and friends, her adorable pet chihuahua Daisy, and work on herself.

Demetria Lucas is Busy Working On Herself After Her Divorce

After getting married in 2014, Demetria and her husband Greg D’Oyley decided to part ways amicably in 2016. The starlet announced the split on her social media and said how the step left her liberated. While she worked on healing herself, the split left her broken. She kept shifting base and moved to Los Angeles for a while in 2019 too. Demetria spends most of her time travelling which she documents on her social media through the hashtag ‘seesomeworld.’


She currently hosts a podcast called ‘Ratchet and Respectable,’ which she started in 2019. The podcast talks about all things dating, relationships, and funny and mischievous pop culture references. The relationship expert also authored ‘Don’t Worry Your Pretty,’ a book that helps with making smart life and love choices. In December 2023, the forty-three-year-old chose to give herself a Christmas gift in the form of a comfortable abode in Accra, Ghana, her homeland.

Mica Hughes Enjoys Travelling Around the World

Having shut down her modeling agency during COVID-19, Mica chose to embark on endless travels. The former model who now works as an esthetician, has lived quite a few years in Europe owing to her modeling assignments and now enjoys doing touristy things. She is the proud owner of an adorable pooch named Lucy. Mica lost her mother on the first of January 2019, when she was killed in a hit-and-run caused by a drunk driver. The loss impacted her deeply.

While it was known that she was dating Terry Lyon, it isn’t known whether the couple are still together or have broken up. Mica now mostly prefers to spend her time with family and friends. Her latest trip was to Australia and going by the pictures she shared on her social media, she had a really good time there.

Geneva S. Thomas is Now an Award-Winning Global Media Executive

After her stint on ‘Blood Sweat & Heels,’ Geneva decided to shift her entire focus on her professional life. After a publicized brawl with fellow contestant Melyssa Ford made headlines and led to lawsuits, the cultural critic from Detroit chose to gracefully move on. Having worked with big brands such as Conde Nast, Time Inc. and Entertainment Weekly, the longtime essayist also rendered services to Teen Vogue and Vogue Italia.

She also runs a podcast called ‘Inside the Culture’ which she started in 2020. Geneva divides most of her time in Los Angeles and New York City owning to her entrepreneurial venture ‘GST Advisory,’ which she started in 2022. She is a very vocal advocate for the rights of black women and actively writes about it too. She is also quite active on social media and keeps her fans well-updated on her professional life while seldom sharing glimpses into her personal world.

Daisy Lewellyn Lost Her Battle to Cancer

While on the show, Daisy got diagnosed with stage three of a very rare form of cancer, Bile Duct Cancer, which had affected her liver. The bubbly and jovial author and the star of ‘Blood Sweat & Heels’ decided to take on the unforeseen challenge head-on. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to overcome the diagnosis and passed away at the young age of 36 in 2016.

Her death left a huge void, not only on the show but also in the lives of her fans and fellow contestants, who fondly recalled memories with the ever-smiling and positive star. It is believed that Daisy’s tragic passing was one of the reasons behind Bravo choosing to discontinue the show. After her passing, a scholarship called the ‘Daisy Lewellyn Scholarship Fund’ was started and the proceeds of it were to be given to her alma mater, Howard University.

Brie Bythewood Now Maintains a Low Profile

Brie was one of the quieter members of ‘Blood Sweat & Heels.’ She left after the first season and has since then chosen to maintain a low profile. Despite being on social media, she’s kept her life, both personal and professional, under wraps. She is the proud mother of a baby girl named Arya, whom she was expecting while on the show. As fans, we respect her desire to stay away from the limelight to focus on raising her daughter.

Chantelle Fraser is Now Happily Married

London-born Chantelle entered the show in the second season after Brie left. The entrepreneur had a very strong screen presence and made her mark from the word go. However, after the show wrapped up, the vegan starlet shifted focus to her personal life. Chantelle also maintained a healthy professional life and is proud to have worked with MAC. She lost her beloved dog Milkshake, in March 2020, and that left a gaping ache in her heart as he was quite close to her heart. Chantelle travels quite actively and is often seen posting pictures from her travels on her social media. She had a dreamy Italian wedding in July 2023 with Peter Keegans, an entrepreneurial business leader from England.


Arzo Anwar is a Well Established Celebrity Stylist And Business Owner

Arzo was another second-season entrant. The brand builder was known for her outspoken nature and her chick fashion statement on the show. After the show wrapped up, Arzo shifted her focus to her podcast ‘So Chic With Arzo Anwar’, which was known for serving weekly doses of pop culture references with an array of guests. She also actively handled her contemporary showroom called ‘Blend Showroom,’ which she closed in 2022. The New York City-based fashion wiz now focuses completely on her e-commerce shopping and retail business. Arzo is quite active on social media and keeps her fans well-updated on her whereabouts and ensures they keep themselves abreast with the happenings of her life.


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