You Are What You Eat A Twin Experiment: Where Are The Participants Now?

While there’s no denying a healthy diet can be absolutely life-changing for some, Netflix’s ‘You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment’ takes this fact to the next level by showing us precisely how. After all, it revolves around a group of identical twins as they actively change their way of eating for eight weeks straight to really explore the different impacts of different foods on their bodies. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about these four participating twin sets — with a particular focus on their current diets as well as standing — we’ve got the necessary details for you.

Pam and Wendy Drew Have Certainly Adjusted

Although Pam and Wendy grew up in South Africa eating meat every day before establishing a catering business in the US that offers a lot of the same, they’ve actually cut down on it by a lot. In fact, they’ve admitted their diets following the experience are “not fully plant-based” yet, but they definitely “don’t eat meat like before” — they’ve cut their consumption of it by at least half. Moreover, and more importantly, the sisters also don’t gravitate towards cheese anymore as a daily special treat; instead, they’re focusing on absorbing all kinds of produce in adequate quantities.

Coming to Pam and Wendy’s present whereabouts, from what we can tell through their social media presence, they are inseparable to this day — they still live, travel, as well as work together. Their Amawele’s South African Cuisine catering business is thriving at the moment too, and honestly, so is their recently established rooibos-made alcoholic sparkling tea cocktail brand, Red Pearl. The fact they’ve managed to expand their entrepreneurial wings into not just plant-based dish offerings but also beverages in the past year has indeed helped them in terms of stability, but it appears as if what matters more to them is sustainability, which they hope to continue developing as time passes.

Charlie and Michael Kalish Are Still Cheese Experts

While Charlie was a full omnivore before the study required him to get on a plant-based diet, and Michael was a pescatarian asked to turn omnivorous, they’re now both almost entirely vegetarians. In fact, according to Netflix’s Tudum, Charlie’s meat intake is “trending off [his] plate” to such an extent the only time he consumes it these days is if he’s having Chinese or the occasional chicken soup. As for Michael, his lifestyle has utterly changed — nowadays, he’s a complete vegetarian (meat intake is zero), plus he exclusively eats cheese from farms where he knows ethical practices are being followed.

Coming to Michael and Charlie’s current personal as well as professional experiences, it appears as if they’re both proud family men who continue to be active in the food and beverages industry to this day. These San Francisco, California, natives are actually experienced professional chesse consultants today, with the former even offering affinage workshops while the latter holds the title of SAFHER Implementation Manager at the Association of Food and Drug Officials. It’s also imperative to note these brothers, publicly renowned as the Cheese Twins, can often be found surfing the waves off the coast of their city whenever they’re not dedicating every part of their beings to their family or work.

Carolyn Sideco and Rosalyn Moorhouse Are Thriving

Carolyn and Rosalyn honestly weren’t able to sustain drastic shifts in their standard diet following the Stanford study, yet the permanent tweaks they have made are apparently doing wonders for them in terms of their cravings, bloating, plus energy levels. As per reports, these Filipino natives are still omnivores, but they are actively trying to eat more plant-based meals, all the while also paying greater attention to labels, ingredients, and alternate options. The former is actually already following vegan restaurants and food influencers near her, whereas the latter is choosing to be more conscious about her choices every single day until she finds her own perfect balance.

As for Carolyn and Rosalyn’s current standing, these proud family women are still based in their US home state of California, where they’re surrounded by their respective loved ones and thriving in every sense of the term. The former is a spiritual life coach, a Sports Relational Consultant, as well as the Founder-CEO of CoachingKapwa Sports Consultants LLC at the moment, whereas the latter is a Saint Francis High School Religious Studies Educator, focusing on scripture, moral issues, plus Christian vocation.

John and Jevon Whittington Are Both Nurses

Having gone from omnivores to omnivores who consume almost no red meat and still gain muscle for their overall fitness, John and Jevon’s diets are now a lot different than what they once used to be. The truth is the Buffalo, New York natives learned red meat leaves behind a massive carbon footprint, so they simply decided to cut it out of their lives entirely while replacing it with other similar protein sources. Beans, fish, fruit, plant-based sausages, and vegetables are now staples on their plate.

Coming to John and Jevon’s professional experiences, these 24-year-olds recently graduated from D’Youville University with a Bachelor’s in the Science of Nursing (BSN) and are still as close as ever personally. The former currently serves as a Medical or Surgery Registered Nurse at Erie County Medical Center, whereas the latter works as an Operating Room Registered Nurse at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. They both remain based in Buffalo, New York.

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