Carolyn and Rosalyn: The Twins Are Still Based in California Today

With Netflix’s ‘You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment’ living up to its title in every way imaginable, we get a deep insight into the way different foods can affect even those with nearly identical genes. That’s because it delves deep into not just the history of our food and our consumption habits but also precisely what our body needs, how much, and why, making it as educational as it was experimental. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about Carolyn Sideco and Rosalyn Moorhouse, one such pair of identical twins to have willingly participated as guinea pigs in this experiment, we’ve got the details for you.

Who Are Carolyn and Rosalyn?

Although born in the Philippines, Carolyn and Rosalyn were primarily raised in the US after their family immigrated in the hopes of providing them with better opportunities and a more stable upbringing. It thus comes as no surprise they had a bit of trouble adjusting, only for food and sports to be the aspects that helped them connect with others while maintaining a part of their culture. And since the twins have always been close, their interests have always aligned as well, even if at different levels – for example, while Rosalyn is a sports fan, Carolyn ended up building an entire career out of it.

“I was 9 years old, trying to make friends at a new school when I was invited to play on the school’s volleyball team,” Carolyn once said. “In high school, I wrote a column for the school newspaper’s sports page titled ‘Off The Bench’ and was the school’s first 4-year softball catcher/captain. I coached youth and high school sports. I claim that I am the shortest person to officiate a California state basketball championship game (2006) and I believe I was a part of the first all-women basketball officiating crew to work a CA state championship game.” And from there, she has only moved forward.

As for Rosalyn, upon graduating from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Theology (1986-1990) and from Santa Clara University with a Master’s in Pastoral/Catechetical Ministry, she evolved into an educator. She did focus on ministry for a while by serving as a Coordinator of Youth Ministry at St. Joseph of Cupertino Church from 1991-2001, but then she evolved into a high school teacher in the religious departments itself. In other words, while one sister has focused more on the academic side of things, the other has been more involved in the co-curricular, all the while maintaining their value of helping others build a world for themselves and others.

Where Are Carolyn and Rosalyn Now?

From what we can tell, Carolyn and Rosalyn are still based in their US home state of California, where they’re not only surrounded by their loved ones but also thriving in their professional lives. In fact, while the latter still serves as a Saint Francis High School Religious Studies Educator, focusing on scripture, moral issues as well as Christian vocations, her sister is a spiritual life coach and a Sports Relational Consultant. They’re both proud family women too, with the former actually running CoachingKapwa Sports Consultants LLC too – “Kapwa is a Filipino language word that expresses the collectivist worldview of the sentiment ‘I am you and you are me.'”

Coming to CoachingKapwa’s motive, since it “emerged as the continued expression of my integrated personal and professional journeywork,” it’s values, promotes, and prioritizes sports wellness. “A few years ago I was a veteran athletic director struggling to compartmentalize my professional duties and my wellness needs,” Carolyn said. “…My own wellness practices originated from deep identity dives. I am still evolving as I collect and recollect all fragments of myself… This new journey of CoachingKapwa conveys my love for educational sports and for the people who align to it. It is my offering of healing and wholeness to a culture that’s raised me.”

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