Bloods Season 1 Ending, Explained

‘Bloods’ follows the South London adventures of mismatched paramedics Wendy and Maleek, who spend their days squabbling and saving lives. The dark comedy series mixes the pertinent work of the emergency response workers with funnier aspects of their lives, making for some truly entertaining situations.

The obstinately self-reliant Maleek and his over-enthusiastic new partner end up in a variety of rib-cracking situations, as do their colleagues. However, there is also a deeper narrative on the show, and we are given hints of long-running mysteries like Wendy’s shadowy past. If you were left with a few questions after watching the show, we’ve got you covered! Here is ‘Bloods’ season 1 ending, explained. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Bloods Season 1 Recap

The show opens with Maleek and his partner Kevin on-site at a traffic accident, trying to revive an injured man. After Maleek gets carried away and accidentally causes his partner to be electrocuted, he is paired up with the overenthusiastic Wendy, who has just moved to London. She mentions a painful separation from her husband but doesn’t go into details, and she and Maleek have a rocky first day as partners.

While Maleek thinks of himself as better and more experienced than most other paramedics, he is constantly irritated by Wendy’s bouncy nature and the fact that she regularly undermines him. Meanwhile, their boss, Jo, has a severe crush on one of the other paramedics. Unfortunately for her, Lawrence still lives with the sorrow of losing his wife and remains blind to her numerous advances.

We are also introduced to Maleek’s father, who has bullied his son from a young age and, according to Wendy, has affected his growth. When she finally confronts the sneering elderly man, however, he collapses from a heart attack. Devastated by his death, Maleek begins to consider leaving being a paramedic, only to be called to urgently attend to a pregnant woman on the underground train.

Bloods Season 1 Ending: Does Maleek Deliver a Baby?

As our hero struggles with nerves and wavering confidence, Wendy encourages him. Eventually, the baby is born, and the new mother is proclaimed safe. Maleek is ecstatic and thanks Wendy for believing in him. Upon returning to the ambulance station, they are accosted by a young man named Spencer, who claims that Wendy is his mother. The paramedic in question pretends to agree with Spencer but then gets back into her ambulance and urges Maleek to quickly drive away, leaving the confused young man standing alone.

So Maleek actually delivers a baby in the season 1 finale, which not only earns him the respect of his colleagues but also reinstates his faith in himself to be a paramedic. After his father’s death, Maleek feels forlorn and begins to blame the tragedy on himself, going so far as to call himself the giver of the “kiss of death.”

However, successfully carrying out a complicated delivery in the middle of an underground train shows him how good he actually is at his job and what a big difference he makes to the people he helps. Thus, despite Maleek being frustrated that the parents choose to name their child after Wendy (instead of him), he is transformed for the better by the experience and will likely remain a paramedic because of it.

What is Wendy’s Real Name? Where is Her Family?

Season 1 closes with some surprising information about Wendy’s past and leaves us with titillating bits of information. The strangely finicky young man standing at the ambulance center turns out to be her son, Spencer. Wendy is surprised to see him, and the young man uses her silence to reveal that she is his mother and that her name is Helen. He also says that Wendy left her family behind and ran away, which Maleek refuses to believe, but his partner doesn’t deny. Eventually, Wendy and Maleek drive away, leaving Spencer alone.

Though her son doesn’t mention where he hails from, we know that Wendy is from the north. However, we are not given much more detail about her origins except for the fact that her family is looking for her. However, it is also clear that Wendy, whose real name seems to be Helen, is not keen to be reunited with her family. She makes it clear enough by blatantly walking away from her son even as he begins to press her for details about her departure.

Do Jo and Lawrence End Up Together?

Possibly one of the most comedic aspects of the show is Jo’s relentless following of her colleague Lawrence. Since the opening episode, she has tried to ask the grieving widower out on a date but is repeatedly thwarted. The fact that Lawrence insists on bringing up his late wife whenever any hint of romance is mentioned makes Jo’s frustration all the funnier.

At the end of season 1, it looks like Jo might have finally succeeded at long last when Lawrence reveals that he might be finally ready to begin dating again. However, much to Jo’s chagrin, he then reveals that he is going on a date with another woman, once again completely ignoring the frustrated paramedic dispatcher’s hints. Thus, Jo and Lawrence are still not together, and though Lawrence might have begun dating, he remains as clueless as ever about Jo’s feelings for him.

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