Where is Bloods Filmed?

‘Bloods’ is a comedy series that follows Wendy and Maleek, two mismatched paramedic partners, as they make their rounds in the big city. The show delves into the frantic lives and grisly cases that the mobile medical professionals deal with while also adding a layer of well-timed dark humor to put a comedic spin on things. The bustling urban setting of the show gives it a lot of energy and interesting plot points, with the protagonists regularly dealing with quirky citizens in various parts of the city. Are you wondering where ‘Bloods’ is filmed? We’ve got the details!

Bloods Filming Locations

The show is set in the United Kingdom and is mainly filmed on location. Principal photography for season 1 was reportedly undertaken between lockdowns, making the show a much-needed comedic release during the COVID-19 pandemic while also drawing focus towards the tireless efforts of real-life frontline medical workers.

Filming for the inaugural season was reportedly underway in September 2020. Show co-creator and lead actor Samson Kayo announced the wrapping up of the shoot (pictured above) on October 31, 2020. Season 2 reportedly began filming in November 2021 and seemingly used many of the same spots for lensing as the first season. Now let’s take a look at the specific locations used to bring the show to life.

London, England

‘Bloods’ is set in bustling South London, which is the area that Wendy and Maleek cover in their rounds. Since much of the narrative features them driving to various locations or arriving at different parts of the city, much of the filming is carried out on location in South London. The crew spends significant time filming outdoors, on the streets of London, to capture the urban landscape as authentically as possible.

A few local hospitals and emergency rooms are also seemingly used for lensing scenes of patients being brought in and treated. A particular scene from season 1, featuring a massive car pileup, was apparently a concern since it would require large crowds of people during the pandemic. However, the large-scale scene was successfully shot while adhering to health guidelines. As can be expected, the show’s production crew likely closed specific London streets on multiple occasions for filming.

For the production of season 2, the crew reportedly used a studio in North London for shooting multiple scenes, with the rest being carried out around South London. Since the show gets much of its tone from its setting, there is not much that the production team changes from the original urban landscape. South London’s characteristic aesthetics have been regularly used on television and film and have featured in well-known movies like ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,’ ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ and ‘A Clockwork Orange.’

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