Blow the Man Down Ending, Explained

‘Blow the Man Down’ is an atmospheric thriller whose tone matches its idyllic small-town setting. It tells a tale of double-murder, conspiracy and dark secrets. The indie movie stars Sophie Lowe, Morgan Saylor and Margo Martindale. It has received generally positive reviews, with critics praising its atmospheric tone and original plot.

Blow the Man Down Plot Summary

‘Blow the Man Down’ is a suspenseful tale about two murders: that of a man named Gorski and a woman named Dee. Saylor and Lowe star as the sisters Mary and Priscilla Connolly whose mother dies just before the film begins. Mary decides to leave the fishing town, Easter Cove where the sisters reside after her mother’s funeral. Mary meets a man named Gorski at a bar in Easter Cove and the two leave together in the latter’s car.

Mary crashes the car into a road sign after seeing a gun. She runs away from Gorski after seeing blood in the boot of the car. She ends up killing Gorski in defense when he tries to chase her. Then, Mary and Priscilla chop his arms, stuff his body in a cold storage box and throw it in the sea. The next day, Dee’s body washes up on the shore leading the police officers, Colletti and Justin to start an investigation.

Dee is one of Enid’s (Martindale) girls. Enid runs a brothel called Oceanview. A trio of old women, Susie, Gail and Doreen urge Enid to retire and shut the brothel after Dee’s murder since it is bringing shame to the town. The three were Mary and Priscilla’s mother’s best friends. The Connolly sisters’ mother used to run the town and had assisted Enid in setting up the brothel since Easter Cove was becoming increasingly dangerous for women. Now, Susie, Gail and Doreen run the town, but Enid refuses to shut the brothel. Gorski was Oceanview brothel’s manager.

Mary goes back to Gorski’s house to retrieve a knife that the sisters had forgotten. She does not find the knife but finds $50,000. Enid visits Gorski’s house later and finds the knife. She confronts Mary and Priscilla about it. She threatens them to return the money in exchange for their knife.

On the other hand, another one of Enid’s girls, Alexis laments Dee’s death since she was close to her. Enid tells Alexis that Gorski killed Dee. Alexis finds an old voicemail from Dee where the latter informs the former of successfully cracking the code to Enid’s locker. Then, Alexis opens the locker and finds Dee’s gel nail in the locker.

Justin asks the Connolly sisters about their whereabouts on the night of Gorski’s death. Priscilla says both of them were home. Later, Justin finds out that Mary had been at the bar on that night. Mary and Priscilla return the money to Enid and get their knife back. After they leave, Alexis smothers Enid with a pillow and kills her.

Gail goes to speak with Inspector Colletti. Mary and Priscilla are walking when they see Susie cleaning the cold storage box that they stuffed Gorski’s body in.

Blow the Man Down Ending Explained

The ending of ‘Blow the Man Down’ might confuse a few viewers due to the subtlety with which the events are portrayed. What the fish actually happened? Who killed Dee? And what did Susie, Gail and Doreen do?

To begin with, Susie, Gail and Doreen run Easter Cove, taking over from Mary and Priscilla’s mother. Several years ago, Easter Cove had been an unsafe place for women due to the visiting fishermen. To divert their libido away from “somebody’s daughter,” Mary and Priscilla’s mother had assisted Enid in setting up her brothel. The business had been quite profitable for all the parties involved.

However, Easter Cove is much safer now and the need for a brothel has diminished. According to Susie, Gail and Doreen, the establishment is only bringing shame and danger to Easter Cove. Enid accuses the trio of benefitting from Dee and her other girls. However, the trio now wants to do the right thing.

Towards the end, one of the three old women gaze at something that has washed up on the shore. While what washes up on the shore is not revealed, it can be presumed that it is the cold storage box in which Gorski was stuffed. That is how they found out that Mary and Priscilla had killed Gorski. To protect the two, Gail speaks to Inspector Colletti. While their conversation is not shown, it is reasonable to assume that she persuades the police officer to drop the case. The three women looking out for Mary and Priscilla is confirmed when Susan is shown cleaning the cold storage box.

On the other hand, Gorski is the one who killed Dee. Mary had found blood in her boot while Alexis found Dee’s gel nail in Enid’s locker. It can be presumed that Enid ordered Gorski to kill Dee due to some conflict related to money.

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