Who is Bo Dukes? Where is He Now?

Tara Faye Grinstead disappeared from her house in 2005, and for twelve years, no one had an inkling of what might have happened to her. Just when it looked like it would become yet another cold case, nagging the detective minds with its mystery forever, a breakthrough arrived and everything fell into place briskly. It turns out that, all along, there was one person who had known exactly what happened to Grinstead and who killed her. His name is Bo Dukes. Who is he and where is he now? Let’s find out.

Who is Bo Dukes?

A resident of Ocilla, Bo Dukes graduated from the same school where Grinstead had served as a teacher, before her disappearance in 2005. In 2006, Dukes enlisted in the US Army and served in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009 and 2012, respectively. In 2013, it was discovered that Dukes had been stealing from the Army over the years, the amount piling up to at least $150,000. For this, he served 27 months in federal prison and had to repay more than $134,000 to the federal government. He was released in 2015 and had to continue three years in supervision.

He was arrested again in 2017 regarding the Grinstead case after his girlfriend, Brooke Sheridan, came forward about his confession regarding the disposal of Grinstead’s body. In his confession to the police, he confirmed that Ryan Duke had told him about breaking into Grinstead’s house and strangling her to death, then using Bo’s car to move her body to the pecan orchard. A couple of days later, Ryan took him to the place where Grinstead still was. He claimed that she was unclothed and discolored and had marks on her neck. They, then, burned the body in the next two days.

While Dukes was arrested after he poured out everything to Sheridan, this wasn’t the first time he had confessed to his crime. A man named James McCullough, whom he had met during Army training at Fort Sill, testified during the case, saying that Bo Dukes had told him about his involvement in Grinstead’s case. However, in an interview with the GBI in 2016, Dukes had denied talking to McCullough at all. When asked later about why he had lied, he claimed that he did not remember the conversation with his colleague as he must have been drinking a lot that night.

Where is Bo Dukes Now?

The trial for Bo Dukes in the Grinstead case began in Ben Hill County Superior Court in 2017. He pleaded not guilty to the counts that included lying to the GBI and concealing Grinstead’s death, among other things. At the end of it, he was convicted on all counts and was sentenced to serve a sentence of 25 years. He was released on a bond of $16,700. But that didn’t keep him out of prison for long.

In November 2018, he was found violating the parole in his federal case and was sentenced to an additional six months in federal prison. He also came under the scrutiny of the law after charges of rape and false imprisonment were levied on him, by the women whom he had held at a gunpoint at his home. He was arrested after a four-day manhunt and was indicted for several charges that include one count of rape, two counts of kidnapping, and two counts of aggravated assault, among other things.
Following the capture, he was sent to prison. He is currently serving time in the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Butts County.

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