Bodkin: Is Fagan’s Bar Real? Where is it Located?

Under the creative direction of Jez Scharf, ‘Bodkin’ follows the adventures of an eclectic trio of journalists who are making a podcast about the disappearances in the small Irish town of Bodkin. Dove, an Irish investigative journalist, takes the group to an authentic local pub, Fagan’s Bar. Many of the show’s recurring characters are first introduced at the establishment, including the silvery-voiced Teddy and the enigmatic Seamus Gallagher.

The owner bartends at the establishment herself and is one of the few locals who isn’t immediately cold to the outsiders. The characters repeatedly visit the bar throughout the show, making new contacts, learning about the town, and, more often than not, drowning their sorrows. The establishment has a bare-bones exterior but has a cheerful environment inside, with closely huddled patrons downing pints of Guinness and making merry.

Fagan’s Bar was Created for Bodkin

Unfortunately, Fagan’s Bar is a fictional creation of ‘Bodkin,’ much like the titular town. And while Bodkin is actually using backdrops of the Union Hall village in Ireland, the location of Fagan’s Bar is harder to determine. The filming for the show takes place across various counties in Ireland, including Cork, Wicklow, and Dublin. In West Cork, where much of the series is shot, none of the bars have interiors or exteriors similar to the ones seen in Fagan’s Bar.

The establishment seen in the show is most likely created by the production team. Prior to the commencement of filming, some of the crew members gathered in Dinty’s Pub in Union Hall to select some cast members. Situated at 43 Main St, Listarkin, the pub facilitated the recruitment of extras for ‘Bodkin’ in early June 2022. The establishment can be seen in the backdrop of a few scenes as the journalists walk the town’s streets when their driver repeatedly ditches them. Much like Fagan’s Bar, Dinty’s Pub is known for its creamy pints of Guinness and quaint ambiance. However, the staff and customers at Dinty’s appear to be friendlier and open as compared to the former’s.

“The imaginary town of Bodkin is situated in West Cork, and it’s a wild and fabulous landscape. Union Hall really appealed to us as a location, and so did its connection to the ocean,” said executive producer Alex Metcalf in a statement. “The fact that there’s a working harbor there, and it’s incredibly beautiful. The locals in Union Hall have been incredibly welcoming, helpful, and receptive to our work in the town.” The projected maritime culture of the Bodkin is also reflected in Fagan’s Bar through its posters and characters. Seamus Gallagher frequents the watering hole and declares himself a fisherman while earning his keep through a less-than-legal maritime trade.

While one may not be able to visit Fagan’s Bar, the small-town ambiance of Bodkin can be experienced in Union Hall. To maintain the tone of the series, the production team did repaint some of the structures they put to use there. Upon visiting the coastal village, tourists can relieve their weariness with a frothy pint of Guinness at Dinty’s Pub.

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