Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Maxing Defense and Tentacles

In the fifth episode of ‘BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense’ season 2 titled ‘Maxing Defense and Tentacles,’ Maple and her friends end up on Level 7, where they learn that they can now tame and keep certain monsters. Since one cannot get multiple monster companions, Maple decides to take responsibility to help others. Meanwhile, Kasumi visits level 4 for a quest.

Maple and Her Friends Make Progress

After arriving on Level 7, Maple and her friends are surprised to see how mesmerizing the views there are. Then they are summoned and told an exciting secret. On Level 7, they are allowed tame certain monsters. But they must remember that these monsters have a mark above them that separates them from others. Now there are multiple routes one can take to tame monsters and some of them include winning a direct battle, gifting a special item, or completing quests.

One must also carry the Bridge of Bonds at all times when trying to tame a monster since it can’t be done without it. The item also ensures that each player has no more than one monster as an ally. Now that Maple and Sally already have their companions, they don’t need to participate in the efforts for their advancement. But they volunteer to help their friends instead. Level 7 has several beautiful biomes, which means that one can find all kinds of monsters there.

Since the eighth event is just around the corner, the monster that they tame will eventually be extremely critical in each player’s success as they can be used as potential allies. Maple accompanies Yui and May in their quest to find allies and the trio eventually stumble upon a pair of bear companions. Unfortunately, they are too quick, so the three of them return to Iz to get an item that can help them. While she does manage to help Yui and May, Maple has to go in search of an ingredient to improve her gear.

In Maple’s absence, Yui and May continue to look for their companions and accidentally end up finding the the two bears again. When they try to run away, the duo are quick to chase them. However, they eventually stop when they find a huge tree monster that makes the two bears its captive. Yui and May decide to fight against it but lose over and over again. Meanwhile, Kasumi embarks on a quest at the end of which she faces a white snake that manages to defeat her.

When she goes back to fight it one more time, Kasumi manages to tame it and gets Haku the snake as her new companion. Yui and May are also relentless, so her efforts eventually bear fruit as they get the Tsukimi and Yukimi the bears as their companion. Things go not really go so well for Maple initially. While looking for the ingredient she accidentally comes across a Tentacle Monster, who devours her whole. For a moment it seems that Maple’s situation is hopless but she soon finds inner strength to continue fighting.

Does Maple Kill the Tentacle Monster? What New Abilities Does She Gain?

After getting swallowed whole by the Tentacle Monster, Maple finds herself inside it. She pokes the monster with her weapon and immediately gets vomited out. Maple mocks him by mentioning that he should not be such a picky eater. Since the Tentacle monster continues to avoid ingesting her again, Maple warns him that she would eat him instead if he won’t eat her. Soon afterward she does the unthinkable by biting and then consuming some parts of the tentacle monster.

Maple is surprised to accidentally figure out that the monster tastes good. She then starts eating his tentacles and the monster realizes that he is in danger. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do much to defend himself as Maple continues to eat him. The Tentacle monster’s last-ditch effort to protect itself fails when Maple gives him an electric shock following which he becomes defenseless. Soon the monster gets eliminated and Maple reunites with her friends. In the aftermath of the battle, Maple gains the ability to produce her tentacles.

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