Bosch Filming Location Guide

Bosch Season 6

‘Bosch’ is not only known as one of the best noir drama offerings of Amazon Prime video but over the years, it has also garnered a huge following because of its modern-day LA setting. While most LA centric shows are more focused on depicting an iconographic perspective of the sprawling Southern California city, ‘Bosch’ creates an immersive experience for its viewers, which adds a whole new layer to its mysteries and drama.

In one of his interviews, ‘Bosch’ writer and producer, Tom Bernardo, further explained this by claiming that the show does not come with any big signs or tell tales that emphasize its locations. It instead just drops you in its overall atmosphere and allows you to have a personal experience of the city. While watching a show like ‘Bosch’, where the setting itself develops an identity in context with its plot, you can’t help but wonder where its filming took place. So to know more about all the places where it was shot, read on.

Where is Bosch Filmed?

‘Bosch’ is based on Michael Connelly of the same name. Just like the novel, the show creates a whole character out of its filming location—Los Angeles, California. In order to make sure that ‘Bosch’ manages to perfectly encapsulate the whole environment of its source, the creators of the show made sure that all of its filmings took place in real locations. However, since many of these locales mentioned in the book are straight out of the author’s imagination—especially Harry Bosch’s home—the creators of the show had to reimagine and then recreate similar setups in the show; which they have clearly pulled off quite well. So here’s a very detailed guide to the filming locations of ‘Bosch.’

Harry Bosh’s Home

Detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch’s cantilevered hilltop home is one location that gets everyone’s attention from the get-go. His elevated “Pad” perfectly captures the essence of its LA set up and makes you wonder if it’s a real location. In the book, the address of his apartment is mentioned as “7203 Woodrow Wilson” in 2010’s The Reversal and as “8620 Woodrow Wilson” in 2018’s Dark Sacred Night. While the pad in the book was straight out of Connelly’s imagination and was derived from a burnt-out foundation in  7207 Woodrow Wilson Drive, the one featured in the series is at 1870 Blue Heights Drive in Hollywood Hills West

Bars and Restaurants

Millennium Biltmore Hotel bar (Bosch Season 4)

Throughout its runtime, ‘Bosch’ also features several bars and restaurants of the “City of Angels” and the major ones out of these include Little Dom’s (Season 4 Episode 6), Musso & Frank Grill (Season 1 Episode 3), Boardner’s by La Belle (Season 4 Episode 7, Episode 9), El Compadre (Season 3 Episode 4), Formosa Cafe (Season 3 Episode 5), Shake Shake (Season 3 Episode 5), Cactus Taquerias #1 (Season 1 Episode 2), The Smog Cutter (Season 3 Episode 1), Gabriel Golden Soup Restaurant (Season 4 Episode 8), Suzanne Tracht’s Jar, Swingers, Du-Pars Restaurant and Baker (Season 4 Episode 4), Original Tommy’s Hamburgers, Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles (Season 4 Episode 1), Cafe Demitasse (Season 3 Episode 4), Nickel Diner (Season 2 Episode 9), Cole’s (Season 3 Episode 4), and Espresso Yo Self (Season 3 Episode 4, Episode 7).

Other Major Locations

The police station featured in the show is shot in Red Studios, North Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood and all the scenes in the Coroner’s office are filmed in the actual Los Angeles County Department of Coroner. Even the scenes that feature the Glendale Police department have been filmed in Glendale, California itself. And finally, the scenes that depict the Forensics Lab have all been filmed at California State University.

To get a more detailed look at all the filming locations of the show, you can refer to the map below. And to know more about Michael Connelly’s outlook on all the filming locations, you also refer to his official journal notes.

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