Boy Kills World Post-Credits Scene, Explained: What’s Ahead for Boy and Mina?

Moritz Mohr’s action comedy film ‘Boy Kills World’ revolves around Bill Skarsgård’s titular character as he sets out to exact revenge on those responsible for killing his family. The final act reveals that Boy is actually a member of the Van Der Koy family and his mother—whom he thought had been killed—is none other than Hilda, his target. In the end, Boy reunites with his sister Mina, AKA Hilda’s ruthless guard, June27 (Jessica Rothe), who turns against the Van Der Koy family, especially by killing Hilda.

It is also revealed that Boy has been manipulated by his trainer, the Shaman, to seek vengeance against Hilda and the others, using the former as a mere pawn. After an action-packed showdown against the enigmatic trainer, the siblings manage to break free from all their manipulators, presumably riding back to Boy’s training center. The ending is followed by a post-credits scene that sheds light on the characters’ future! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Does the Post-Credits Scene Add to Boy Kills World?

In the post-credits scene of ‘Boy Kills World,’ siblings Boy and Mina/June27 are seen eating cereal with milk. Initially, they appear content, smiling at each other, but their happiness quickly fades away and is replaced by immense seriousness. Though the scene may appear to be a bonus clip with little to no connection to the original plot—a way to get audiences to familiarize themselves with the hardworking production crew by sitting through the credits—it is significant. For starters, the sequence—clocking in at just under a minute—embodies the role of an epilogue, briefly clarifying the what-if ambiguities viewers may have in their minds.

Boy and Mina’s unity hints at their roles in future conflicts. With the City now without the Van Der Koys’ reign, the brother and sister duo may seize power. The power vacuum can also be filled by someone even worse, setting up a new challenge for the pair. The ending scene may as well be relevant to the siblings’ attempt to bond, making it clear that they are going ahead with the actual ending of the action-adventure movie with no betrayals awaiting either of them from the other.

The scene also doesn’t feature the helmet June27 wears throughout the movie, seemingly teasing she is returning to her true identity—Mina—and embracing her roots. The swift change in Boy and Mina’s faces likely indicates their uncertainty about the future, especially now that their familial background has been exposed and they may face challenges from fellow resistance fighters too, in addition to the existing threat from the remaining members of the Van Der Koy family. On the other hand, their growing concern also signals an imminent ambush they must prepare for.

Another interesting case arises while likening the transformation of the siblings’ smiles to worry with that of the final scene of ‘The Graduate,’ in which Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) and Elaine (Katharine Ross) also escape their families but face an uncertain fate, as teased by similar solemn faces. Like the runaway couple from the 1967 classic film, Boy and Mina must be feeling discontent with one another. Despite welcoming her long-lost sister, Boy must also deal with the reality that she has been reconstructed into a killing machine, having caused several deaths of civilians. Mina’s humorless expressions indicate her curiosity regarding her brother’s forgotten memories, a potential conflict she should not ignore.

Even if the post-credits scene might only be a simple trick to treat viewers for sitting until the end and an attempt at offering further insight into Boy and Mina’s lives after their final battle, the scene holds significance when it comes to the movie’s future as a franchise. Despite the lack of an official announcement, the sequence subtly hints at the possibility of a sequel to the dystopian action comedy. Writer-director Moritz Mohr, along with the screenwriters Tyler Burton Smith and Arend Remmers, retains the freedom to give such hopes at any future point, depending on the audiences’ and their own interests. Despite multiple loose ends, core storylines and character arcs in ‘Boy Kills World’ do reach a definite conclusion, but the post-credits scene reinforces there is always room for more.

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