13 Best Sibling Movies on Netflix (Feb 2024)

In the vast landscape of streaming entertainment, Netflix stands as a treasure trove of cinematic gems, and what better way to explore its offerings than by delving into the realm of sibling dynamics? Best Sibling Movies on Netflix is a curated journey through the platform’s diverse collection, celebrating the unique bond between brothers and sisters on the silver screen. From heartwarming tales of familial love to gripping narratives that explore the complexities of sibling relationships, this article navigates through the emotional landscape of these films. Whether it’s the laughter-inducing antics of siblings navigating life together or the poignant exploration of shared histories, these movies encapsulate the essence of siblinghood. Join us as we spotlight compelling stories that capture the essence of familial ties and showcase the best of Netflix’s sibling-centric cinematic offerings.

13. Evelyn (2018)

Directed by Orlando von Einsiedel, ‘Evelyn’ is an immensely personal and emotional film that revolves around Einsiedel’s own family and follows him and his two siblings who go for long walks and visit British landscapes to honor the memory of their brother Evelyn, who loved to do the same but sadly committed suicide at 22 years of age. How the family copes with the suicide of a loved one and the effects the sad event has on the family are what we get to see in this moving film. You can stream ‘Evelyn’ here.

12. Four Sisters Before the Wedding (2020)

Directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, this Filipino family drama follows four female siblings of the Salazar family merging their powers to prevent their parents’ divorce by pulling all the strings required to bring them together before their 20th anniversary. How they do is what the film entails. ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’ is a prequel to ‘Four Sisters and a Wedding’ (2013) and stars Gillian Vicencio, Charlie Dizon, Belle Mariano, and Alexa Ilacad. You can watch the film here.

11. Brothers (2015)

‘Brothers,’ directed by Karan Malhotra, is a gripping Bollywood drama that explores the complexities of sibling relationships. Starring Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, and Jacqueline Fernandez, the plot revolves around the tumultuous bond between two brothers, David and Monty, and the challenges they face in the backdrop of familial duty and military service. The film excels in portraying the emotional turmoil, loyalty, and sacrifices inherent in brotherhood. With powerful performances, intense storytelling, and poignant exploration of themes like redemption and forgiveness, ‘Brothers’ stands out as a compelling cinematic experience, making it a noteworthy addition to the genre of sibling-centric movies. You can watch it here.

10. Yes Day (2021)

‘Yes Day’ is a delightful family comedy film directed by Miguel Arteta. Starring Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez, the story revolves around parents who decide to grant their children one day when they must say “yes” to every request. Chaos ensues as the family embarks on a series of unpredictable adventures, testing the limits of parental patience. The film’s heartwarming message about embracing spontaneity and fostering familial bonds is complemented by the charismatic performances of the cast. With humor, relatable family dynamics, and a positive spirit, ‘Yes Day’ is an entertaining exploration of the joys that come with siblings. You can stream it here.

9. The Willoughbys (2020)

‘The Willoughbys’ is a whimsical animated film that explores the adventures of the eccentric Willoughby siblings. Directed by Kris Pearn, the movie follows the children as they embark on a journey to create a new family dynamic, distancing themselves from their neglectful parents. Fueled by humor and heartwarming moments, the film intricately weaves themes of sibling camaraderie and the importance of familial bonds. Through their misadventures, the Willoughby siblings learn the true meaning of family, showcasing resilience and the strength derived from their shared experiences. ‘The Willoughbys’ serves as an entertaining and poignant exploration of sibling relationships and the power of togetherness. You can watch it here.

8. Dil Dhadakne Do (2015)

Directed by Zoya Akhtar, ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ is a Bollywood family drama that intricately explores the dynamics of sibling relationships. The film revolves around the wealthy Mehra family as they embark on a cruise to celebrate their parents’ anniversary. Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra portray the roles of Kabir and Ayesha, siblings navigating societal expectations and personal aspirations. The narrative delves into the complexities of familial bonds, highlighting the challenges and growth that siblings experience together. Feel free to stream it here.

7. All the Places (2023)

Upon their father’s demise, the estranged brother and sister find solace in an unexpected reunion. Fueled by a shared desire, they impulsively decide to breathe life into their childhood dream of traversing Mexico on their vintage motorbikes. The dusty roads become a backdrop for rekindling familial bonds as they navigate not only the diverse landscapes but also the intricate terrain of their own relationship. In this impromptu odyssey, the siblings discover that the journey to self-discovery often mirrors the unpredictable twists of the open road. Feel free to stream it here.

6. Don’t Blame Karma! (2022)

Directed by Elisa Miller, ‘Don’t Blame Karma!’ navigates the complexities of sibling relationships. The film, starring Gil Cerezo, Miriam Chi Chim, and Aislinn Derbez, centers around Sara. When her younger sister’s engagement intertwines with her past crush, Sara questions the influence of her perceived bad luck on her life. As the plot unfolds, the movie delves into the intricacies of familial ties, exploring the dynamics between the sisters and how fate shapes their individual journeys, creating a narrative that intertwines romance, self-discovery, and the enduring bonds of sisterhood. Feel free to stream the movie here.

5. Spoiled Brats (2021)

‘Spoiled Brats’ is a satirical drama directed by Emma Rosa Went. Set against the backdrop of societal privilege, the film follows the tumultuous relationship between two affluent siblings, played by Charlie Stewart and Alex Jarmon. The narrative explores the consequences of their entitled lifestyles and the impact on their interpersonal dynamics. Through sharp wit and social commentary, the movie scrutinizes the excesses of wealth and privilege while unraveling a tale of self-discovery. You can watch it here.

4. Brotherly Love (2015)

In the dynamic tapestry of ‘Brotherly Love,’ director Jamal Hill paints a vivid portrait of sibling relationships that pulsates with raw energy and authenticity. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Philadelphia, the Mercer siblings, brought to life by the stellar performances of Keke Palmer, Quincy Brown, and Cory Hardrict, embark on a riveting journey through love, betrayal, and the gritty streets of their hometown. The film weaves a narrative that transcends the conventional, capturing the nuances of familial ties with an unflinching lens. ‘Brotherly Love’ is a cinematic rollercoaster that not only explores the complexity of sibling bonds but also invites the audience to buckle up for a powerful and emotionally charged ride. You can watch the movie here.

3. My Brother, My Sister (2021)

In the Italian film ‘My Brother, My Sister,’ directed and written by Roberto Capucci and featuring Alessandro Preziosi and Claudia Pandolfi, the plot revolves around siblings Nik (Alessandro Preziosi) and Tesla (Claudia Pandolfi). Following their father’s passing, they find themselves compelled to cohabit in his home as stipulated by his will. Struggling to bridge their differences, the siblings embark on a journey to forge a familial bond in the face of adversity, navigating the complexities of their relationship and striving to build a united front in their shared familial space. You can watch the movie here.

2. Brother (2022)

Stitching together childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, ‘Brother’ explores the relationship of brothers Francis (Aaron Pierre) and Michael (Lamar Johnson), sons of an immigrant single mother, Ruth (Marsha Stephanie Blake), in Scarborough, Canada. The two brothers maneuver their lives hand-in-hand through identity, masculinity, ambitions, and family in a world that is bent on pulling them down, if not going against them. Directed by Clement Virgo, this must-watch Canadian film, which won most of the awards at the Canadian Screen Awards, has been adapted from David Chariandy’s award-winning novel of the same name. You can stream it here.

1. Frybread Face and Me (2023)

‘Frybread Face and Me’ is a poignant coming-of-age drama penned and directed by Billy Luther; the cast features Keir Tallman, Charley Hogan, Sarah H. Natani, Martin Sensmeier, and Kahara Hodges. Executive producer Taika Waititi lends his creative touch to the film’s narrative. The story unfolds as a young boy hailing from San Diego embarks on a transformative journey, sent to spend his summer with his Navajo grandmother on the reservation in Arizona. Against the backdrop of this scenic setting, the protagonist forges a meaningful connection with his cousin, unraveling a tale that dives deep into identity, family bonds, and the profound impact of cultural heritage. You can stream the movie here.

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