Brandan and Mary: Is the 90 Day Fiancé Couple Still Married?

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ is a ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ spinoff that takes the concept of the original series and flips it on its head. Instead of seeing non-USA residents trying to become comfortable in the country, we get to see citizens of the USA moving to a different country and creating a new home. Consider Brandan De Nucciõ and Mary Demasu-ay from season 5 of the series, who overcame several hardships to make their relationship work in the show, making the world wonder if their efforts have continued to yield results.

Brandan and Mary’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Journey

Brandan De Nucciõ and Mary Demasu-ay’s relationship started via the Internet when the two met about two years before the production of the TLC show’s fifth season. However, the couple’s foundation for their relationship might not have been the healthiest. Given the fact that they were both cheated on in the past, Brandan and Mary seemed to be overly cautious about each other’s movement, especially the latter, which did create some problems for the two.

In fact, Mary even had an objection to Brandan visiting his mother, Angela Stiggins, owing to the fact that she had female roommates. This did make the man in question quite upset as he felt like he was stuck between his family and his partner. Angela, whose frank nature has earned her many fans, was more than open about her skepticism in regards to how the couple’s relationship would fare given the paranoia showcased by Mary, though Brandan claimed that things would soon become better.

When Brandan finally visited the Philippines to meet Mary, he had to contend with impressing his grandfather, who was already unhappy about the fact that the couple had shared a kiss. That said, Mary’s grandfather soon turned around and gave his blessings to the couple on the condition that they would get married in the future. The two did have some other issues to contend with, including Mary’s insistence that Brandan become a Catholic.

There was also the fact that Angela did not like Mary, owing to her tendency to get jealous. However, following a candid conversation between the two women, Brandan’s mother became much more supportive of Mary. After only three months of meeting each other for the first time, Mary learned that she was pregnant. The couple decided to make things official and get married, following which Brandan planned on remaining in the Philippines.

Brandan and Mary Are Together and Became Parents

We are happy to share that Brandan De Nucciõ and Mary Demasu-ay are still happily married. In fact, the latter has now changed her name to Mary De Nucci. Both of them seem to be doing quite well and have recently welcomed their daughter, Midnight, into their lives. The couple has shared that the birthing process was quite complicated for Mary, but both the mother and daughter seem to be doing quite well, much to the joy of their loved ones.

In the Tell All episode of season 5 of the TLC show, Brandan and Mary did open up about certain aspects of their relationship that most did not get to see in the show. Mary confessed how she was always afraid of disturbing Brandan while he was playing video games, even when she needed him to take care of their daughter, owing to the fact that she did not want him to get angry at him. This was apparently because her husband’s temper was a strong one, with Brandan himself admitting that he had called his wife a “scammer” and a “b—h” in the past.

However, Brandan claimed that a large reason why he calls his wife such words is because he wants her to fight back and break her “submissive” habits. This was something that many of the cast members did not agree with. Even Angela Stiggins, Brandan’s mother, told Mary not to accept this kind of behavior. On the flip side, the new mother was accused of being controlling and having double standards. Sarper Güven especially claimed that Mary’s videos on social media were “provocative” in nature, which seemed wrong considering how much she hated her husband inviting any form of female attention.

However, Brandan claimed that he was fully supportive of Mary’s actions, claiming that making such videos filled Mary with acceptance and confidence, something he was happy to get behind. The couple also admitted to having some financial troubles, with Brandan stating that he has borrowed money from his mother, though Mary was not entirely happy about it. That said, they have reopened their business and are hopeful to become more financially stable, especially with a baby in the mix.

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